Wyrm String

Known Info

A seven foot longspear crafted from the sharpened stinger of a Wyvern encountered in the Graewood, socketed into the well honed shaft of Loghren’s faithful glaive. The blade is rugged and crude looking, despite it’s supreme sharpness, as a consequence of it’s chitenous composition. A narrow hollow runs through the weapon, into the shaft, wherein a store of venom is kept.

The weapon possesses a fearsome hunger for battle, matched by it’s wielder, that borders on the demonic. Through the dealing of death, the spear seems to be drawing in the strength of it’s victims.

The draconic heritage of the weapon has formed some kind of psychic link between Loghren and the prison in which the true Dragons are held. This has proven, so far, to be a limited and one way connection, manifesting as nightmares.

Relevance to Characters

Wyrm Sting appears to whispers things to Loghren, and has an insatiable bloodlust.


Wyrm Sting has also exerted its influence over Andraste, making her relecuant to return the spear to Loghren. Afterward, it whispers lies into Loghren’s ear.

Wyrm String

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