Weapon and Armour Condition

When rolling a natural 1 on a weapon attack roll, the DM rolls an additional d6. The result of which determines the following:

4-6: Describe the critical miss as normal
1-3: The weapon loses one level of item condition as described below. These conditions stack.

  • Functional – Weapon operates as normal
  • Worn – Weapon operates as normal, but shows visible signs of wear
  • Broken – Attacks using this weapon are made with disadvantage
  • Unusable – The weapon’s damage die becomes that on an improvised weapon (1d4+attack modifier) of a damage type determined by the DM.

Bows/Crossbows1-2: The string breaks and go immediately from functional to unusable. Although they only have a one part breaking process they are by far the cheapest to repair, a replacement string for a bow or cross-bow of any size is only a silver piece, and, as an action, requires a successful DC15 Dex check to restring the weapon.

Armour that suffers a critical hit 20(d20) against it, must succeed with a 4-6 on a d6 to remain undamaged or gain -1 to AC. This effect is permanent unless repaired by a craftsman of relevant skill.

Weapon and Armour Condition

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