The Red Thicket

Known Info

A strange thicket that lies on the way to Alton. It’s trees are covered in white bark, and all of the foliage is a crimson color. There are dire warnings concerning the Red Thicket, and the warnings even come with a poem.

“Pray for those maddened souls
who lie beneath the crimson knolls
On tangled paths those fools were led
where trees have pled and shed and bled
Within those boughs they lay their head
Beware the thicket, russet and red
lest you join their shaded bed”


Relevance to Characters

The party rushes into the thicket in pursuit of Gery Diggly after he was carried off by the drow I’m only rescuing him cause he owes me that inheritance of his.

The Red Thicket

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