The Black Falcons

Known Info

The Black Falcons were a group of mercenaries, roughly containing three dozen members. They disbanded after taking heavy losses while escorting a caravan of merchants.

The Black Falcons were contracted by a member of the Convokers – accompanied by Dawn Fireheart to deliver unknown items to Alton. Passing through foothills north of Alton the group was set upon by barbarians and giants. The ambush destroyed most of the group; the remaining few fled in all directions. Kallor and Loghren escaped with their lives. Odain did not run. It is unknown how he survived.

Of the three known survivors, Odain forced Loghren and the Red Knot into a confrontation where Odain laid out his hatred at Loghren’s perceived betrayel. The Red Knot overcame the gang, and when Odain tried to get away Loghren leapt onto the boat. There they said their piece and came to blows. Loghren slew Odain, putting an end to the time of the Black Falcons.

Relevance to Characters

Loghren was a part of the Black Falcons before they disbanded.



The Black Falcons

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