Sir Clovis fon Steenrich

Known Info

Once known as Sir Jerk Face, (real name: Sir Clovis fon Steenrich) he is an important figure in the Watchers. He is tall and wears a golden-coloured suit of full plate armour, decorated with an ornate depiction of a rampant stag; the sigil of house Steenrich. He fights using a bastard sword. He was the commanding officer of the legion of Alton soldiers dispatched alongside the Red Knot to deal with the threat of the dragons. He, along with Prince Aedin, went on foot to catch up with the Moonmaiden later in the journey.

He and his men fought their way up the mountain, fighting through Drow and encountering the dragon on the way, much the same as the Red Knot. They were stalled by a stronghold of Drow holding the opposite side of a bridge. Once the Red Knot reached Sir Clovis and his men, they charged the bridge and overwhelmed the Drow within. He and Loghren Vallance fought side by side for much of the battle, it is presumed he felt great respect for the low-born adventurer due to this.

Clovis was brought down in the Battle of the Moon Alter, atop the Silverpeak Mountain, by one of the few remaining Drow veterans. He was brought back to consciousness briefly, striking at the Orb with Liberator, before being consumed by the fires of Rathoriax.


Relevance to Characters

Sir CLovis was super rude. He also competed in The Festival of the Hunt where he left Andraste Naïlo to die. He placed 8th.

He joined the group in the two great battles of in the Silverpeak Mountains. He and Loghren seemed to develop a strong, if one-sided friendship.



Sir Clovis fon Steenrich

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