Gery Diggly

Known Info

Gery is the sole member of the Smuggler’s Bay Town Watch. He is a stout halfling who appears to be in his forties. Gery often neglects his duties, as he feels like the townspeople see him as a joke (the party also sees him a joke). He’s a daydreamer, and hopes to go on adventures and see the world, as well as solve all the strange things happening in Smuggler’s Bay.

Relevance to Characters

After speaking with Taman, he asked to join the party on their adventures and even suggested forming an adventuring guild with them. He also tells Taman of the strange occurrences in Smuggler’s Bay. However, it is likely that he will be ditched by the party.

In a twist of events, Gery accompanies the party as Loghren’s apprentice of sorts. He tries to help the party out as best he can, but he’s not the best the whole fighting thing.


On the way to Alton, Gery is kidnapped by the Drow, and despite the party’s best efforts to locate and save him, they are unable to find him. His current whereabouts are unknown,
and it is unknown if he is even alive.



Gery Diggly

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