Captain Hamas

Known Info

Captain Hamas led a scouting party into the Graewood, by order of King Graewyn, in order to investigate the strange mist and other phenomena that is occurring in the region. He and his party were traveling to Southwatch Tower in order to set up camp when they were attacked by a wyvern. Hamas lost most of his men in the fight, and feels guilty for their deaths.

Relevance to Characters

The party saved Captain Hamas from the wyvern that had attacked his unit in the Graewood. At the Sapphire Flask, Taman asks Hamas about the royal charter, but Hamas doesn’t know why the king needs people with lunarglyphs.


Hamas saved the party from the prison in Alton, and accompanied them on the Moon Maiden’s virgin voyage to the monastery. However, he was badly injured when the Moon Maiden crash landed. Despite his injuries, he insists on accompanying the party.



Captain Hamas

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