Known Info

Alton is the capital city if Aldor. Alton is about an eight day walk from Smuggler’s Bay. According to local legend, there is a dungeon located somewhere in Alton that allows for direct access to the palace.


Alton is divided into three sections by class. This divide is represented by changed in elevation, with the richest class (and King Graewyn’s palace) the highest, while the poorest section, the Squeeze, is the lowest.

The Squeeze

Loghren was born in the Squeeze, which is home to a number of criminals and general lowlifes. Among the most notorious is Rot, who had personal strife with Loghren (at least, before Loghren put an end to him).

Miscellaneous Locations

  • The Favored Forge
  • Tokens of my Confection We. Don’t. Talk. About. Tokens. Of my. Confection
  • Wish You Wash Here
  • The Blood Sands
  • Crate Expectations
  • Brewed Awakening
  • Hall of the Silver Lady
  • Screwem, Goode, & Hardt
  • T’ekaluk’s Tapestries & Carpets

Relevance to Characters

The party (excluding Alex because he’s a goody two shoes) was offered a job to search for the secret dungeon entrance. They also have reason to report to King Graewyn and answer his summons for those with lunarglyphs.


While in Alton, the party participated in the Festival of the Hunt, although none of them won (Alex however, came very close to winning). During the Festival, Taman was kidnapped by Rot and his criminal gang. They wanted to use him to lure Loghren into a trap, but friendship is stronger than blackmail, apparently, and the party helps Loghren end Rot once and for all.

While in Alton, the party is attacked in the streets by a Drow mage, who they capture (though he later escapes, and dies during interrogation carried out by the Watchers).

When the party finally meets up with King Graewyn, he tasks them with investigating the monastery in the Graewood, and sends them with Captain Hamas on the Moon Maiden.


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