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  • Pantea

    Known Info

    Pantea is a continent steeped in mystery. The residents of Pantea don't rely heavily on magic, as Pantea is a place where magic is uncommon. The people of Pantea trust more in steel and weapons than in magic. As rare as magic-users …

  • Aldor

    Known Info

    Little is known about Aldor. Aldor is a predominately human kingdom set in [[Pantea | Pantea]].

    Relevance to Characters

    After fleeing [[Bibiki | Bibiki]], [[Gert | Gert]] sets sail for [[Smuggler's Bay | …

  • Smuggler's Bay

    Known Info

    Smuggler's Bay is located in [[Aldor | Aldor]]. It is a shanty style town built into the edge of The Graewood. The buildings are built around the large trees, and are built with different, distinct building styles.

  • Gert

    Known Info

    Gert is a smuggler who smuggles good from [[Pantea | Pantea]] to [[Itana | Itana]]. He frequently makes stops at [[Bibiki | Bibiki]], where he trades with the locals. He is trusted by the people of Bibiki, and even taught the Chief …

  • Eastwater

    Known Info

    Eastwater is a town located in[[Aldor | Aldor]], about a three days walk from [[Smuggler's Bay | Smuggler's Bay]]. The town is wealthier than Smuggler's Bay, but its people stay indoors due to a string of disappearances in town. …

  • Alton

    Known Info

    Alton is the capital city if [[Aldor | Aldor]]. Alton is about an eight day walk from[[Smuggler's Bay | Smuggler's Bay]]. According to local legend, there is a dungeon located somewhere in Alton that allows for direct access to …

  • The Red Thicket

    Known Info

    A strange thicket that lies on the way to [[Alton | Alton]]. It's trees are covered in white bark, and all of the foliage is a crimson color. There are dire warnings concerning the Red Thicket, and the warnings even come with a …

  • The Festival of the Hunt

    Known Info

    The Festival of the Hunt is held every year in [[Alton | Alton]]. During the festival, monsters are released into controlled areas of the city and contenders from across the realm vie to slay the most and be named 'Master Hunter'. …

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