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  • Vera

    Known Info

    Vera is an elf paladin, who follows [[Selune | Selune]]. She is a red head with green eyes. She is kind but serious, and it's best not to get on her bad side.

    Relevance to Characters

    Vera is a approached by ( …

  • Falondin

    Known Info

    Envoy Falondin La'Thorn works with [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman's]] father, who was last seen assisting with ceasefire talks between the halflings of Orphan and the Orcish hoarde currently annexing southern Fryst.

  • Andraste Naïlo

    Syllin Naïlo was born in the small elven village Anareithel, along with her twin sister, Lia. Both children were born with Lunarglyphs, and would've been considered Lunarblessed... had they been born in a different village. The people of Anareithel …

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