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  • Alton

    Known Info

    Alton is the capital city if [[Aldor | Aldor]]. Alton is about an eight day walk from[[Smuggler's Bay | Smuggler's Bay]]. According to local legend, there is a dungeon located somewhere in Alton that allows for direct access to …

  • Gylas's Forge

    Known Info

    Gylas's forge is located in [[Alton | Alton]]. The owner, Gylas, is a friend of [[Tiff Mirrel | Tiff's]]

    Relevance to Characters

    Tiff is sending some of the things the party requested to Gylas once she's …

  • The Festival of the Hunt

    Known Info

    The Festival of the Hunt is held every year in [[Alton | Alton]]. During the festival, monsters are released into controlled areas of the city and contenders from across the realm vie to slay the most and be named 'Master Hunter'. …

  • House Rothsburn

    Known Info

    House Rothsburn is one of the noble houses of [[Alton | Alton]]. The sigil of House Rothsburn is a constellation of stars on an open tome.

    Relevance to CHaracters

    None at the moment

  • House Valegencia

    Known Information

    House Valegencia is one of the noble houses of [[Alton | Alton]]. Their sigil is a soaring albatross.

    Known Information

    [[Captain Hamas | Captain Hamas]] had the symbol of House Valegencia emblazoned onto …

  • Kallor

    Known Info

    Kallor is one of Loghren's old friends. He is an ex monster/bounty hunter who now runs the [[The Frothy Mug | Frothy Mug]].

    He, along with Loghren, were members of the Black Falcons who fled during the ambush that led to the …

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