The Mists of Pantea

July 25, 2017

Loghren Gets a Waifu

The following morning, Alex is the first among the group to wake up. As he wakes up, he takes a quick head count and discovers that Walton in missing. Alex is unable to find any tracks Walton may have left, but as he scans the forest, he spots a humanoid figure off in the distance. He decides to follow it why why would you do this into the forest, and it leads him deeper and deeper into the Graewood. As he moves into the trees, he notices these odd purple lights that glow and hang in the air like dust motes.

The figure is now close enough for Alex to distinguish it’s features, and it appears to be an elven woman… who oddly reminds him of his dead wife yeah no thanks can we just go?? why are we still in this forest. The creepy dead-wife-look-alike attempts to charm Alex, but he proves to be too wise THE POWER OF PELOR COMPELS YOU! He raises his voice, screaming at the creature how it’s not his wife.

Back at camp, Andraste is able to hear the massive racket Alex is making, and wakes up. Noticing that both Alex and Walton are missing, she wakes up Taman, Loghren, and Dawn, and they follow Alex’s trail into the forest. Meanwhile, the dryad is still attempting to charm Alex, but he’s able to see through her. Her appearance suddenly changes to that of a hideous combination of undead and tree woman… thing. Plant life and vegetation rapidly grow under Alex’s feet, attempting to snare him, but he is, once again, able to escape the dryad’s tricks.

AS the others begin to catch up, Loghren and Taman are the next to spot the beautiful elven woman. Taman is unaffected, and recognizes the creature as a dryad, but Loghren, however, falls for her feminine wiles. He is drawn to the dryad, and starts walking toward it. Andraste tries to stop him by giving him a sharp backhand, but it doesn’t seem to affect him Andraste attempted: backhand! it wasn’t very effective…. He reacts angrily, and Andraste gets caught in the vines Alex had escaped earlier.

Loghren attempts to shove Andraste, but she doesn’t… really move Loghren attempted: shove! It wasn’t very effective…. Taman, meanwhile, looses an arrow at the dryad, and Loghren directs his rage to him. Dawn helps out Andraste a bit before rushing the dryad. As Loghren walks away from Andraste, she is able to hit him with the Cursed Rapier i never thought I’d be able to land a hit on Loghren to be honest, but luckily he doesn’t seem to care. Andraste then, having a genius idea, tries to override the dryad’s charm spell by charming Loghren herself. It doesn’t work.

The dryad then tries to influence Dawn, but fails this dryad isn’t having the best of luck is it?. Dawn attacks it, and Loghren attempts to retaliate, but can’t pierce her armor. Although Taman does a lot of damage to the dryad, Alex is the one who finishes it off, killing it and freeing Loghren from its influence.

As they think the battle ends, Andraste is able to sense more enemies, and spots a glowing purple light behind Taman. She looses an arrow at it, and the light dissolves, only to reappear some distance away. Taman and Andraste investigate the lights, and together, they are able to determine that the lights are Dancing Lights.

While the party debates following the lights, a wounded and exhausted Hamas stumbles toward the party. He asks to accompany them in finding Walton. Despite the numerous and completely legitimate protests, Hamas accompanies the group as hey follow the lights. As the trail leads further and further into the forest, the trail suddenly dies, and Taman is pushed down a ravine. Andraste catches him, but he lets himself drop anyway, as the slope isn’t that severe.

However, while this is happening, another dryad appears, and Loghren, Dawn, and Andraste all fall under its influence…


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