The Mists of Pantea

July 10, 2017

The Red Knot Lives! For Now...

While the party is wondering whether their alive or dead, they are treated to a vision of Gery Diggly running through a dark corridor that drips with strange black ooze (tentacles also come out of the wall). As the vision ends, Gery is seen jumping into a pool of mysterious black liquid.

Taman wakes up, and finds that time around him has stopped; the world is completely still and silent. The only person currently around him is Walton, who looks unharmed. As he rises to look for his friends, he discovers that two of his fingers broke in the crash. He sets them, painfully, and looks for his companions. He first finds Andraste pinned under one of the masts with a nasty looking head wound.

Just like before, he is able to rewind time, and rewinds back far enough to where the mast is no longer pinning Andraste. He pulls her to safety, and catches time up back to normal since he can’t find any of his other companions. He heals Andraste a bit before lying down next to her. Walton finds them, and like the kind soul he is, heals them.

The two decide to look for the others while Andraste dozes off. They’re able to find Dawn hanging dangerously from a tree not too far from the ship. They use the power of teamwork to free her, and Taman heals her and wakes her up. However, she’s not completely unscathed; a few of her ribs broke in the fall.

The three set off, and find a gravely injured Captain Hamas, who’s been impaled by one of the ship’s handrails. After a few attempts, Taman is able to free Hamas from the handrail Hamas and the Handrail sounds like an awesome band name btw. After some medical attention, he is able to tell the others where he last saw Alex and Loghren.

They leave Walton with Hamas, and continue walking until they come upon a ravine. About halfway down the ravine, the bow of the ship rests. Taman uses his rope and rappels down to the remains of the ship. He is able to find an unconscious Alex and Loghren half buried underneath crate and barrels bromance is exhausting work.

Alex wakes up to a headache and a skull fracture; he heals himself and Loghren, who wakes up soon after. Alex frees himself with little difficulty, but freeing Loghren proves to be a greater challenge. With some hard work and dedication and emptying one or two barrels Loghren is finally freed. As their gathering their stuff and preparing to leave, the ship shifts and shakes, signalling that it’s about to fall deeper into the ravine.

They all barely make it out before the ship falls and being to climb back up the ravine with Dawn’s help. While this is happening, Andraste wakes up and wanders toward where she last saw Taman. She stumbles upon Walton, who heals her one last time. She gives him her medkit to heal Hamas, and he points her in the direction of the rest of the party.

She finds Dawn in the midst of pulling the others up, and helps her out and gives her a potion or two. Taman unties himself from the rope and begins to climb on his own, while Dawn and Andraste awaken their secret Amazonian powers and pull up Loghren and Alex almost effortlessly. Taman, on the other hand, fails to climb.

Once the other two are safely on the ground, Andraste and Dawn toss the rope down to Taman, and display their amazing Amazon powers once again by pulling him up to safety. Alex and Taman immediately fall asleep, and the others soon follow once Walton and Hamas approach them.



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