The Mists of Pantea

April 17, 2017

Bad Jokes Conquer All

Taman and Andraste take first watch of the Drow. Since he doesn’t seem to be moving or doing anything, really the two take the time to examine the ring, rapier, and wand they pulled off his body i refuse to reword that. Taman then leaves to wake Dawn for the next shift. As Dawn and Andraste watch over the Drow, the room suddenly goes dark. Andraste tries to cast Light on Dawn, but the spell doesn’t work properly .

The two make their way to the door, and as Andraste moves into the hall, Dawn is yanked backward into the room. Andraste goes back for her and Dawn manages to free herself. They make it out into the hall, and out of the darkness. Dawn goes to wake Loghren and Alex, while Andraste heads for Taman.

Almost immediately, Alex wakes up and casts Sunlight, dispelling the darkness. The room now lit, the party is able to see that what appeared to be a spider escaping out the window. Andraste, Taman, and Alex follow it through the window and onto the roof while Dawn and Loghren make their way to street level.


The party chases the spider/drow across several rooftops as it tears its way through the city. Taman takes several shots at it, but it doesn’t seem fazed. At one point Dawn attempts to climb onto the roof and join the other three, but fails miserably. As the spider tightropes over a canal, Andraste scream the worst joke ever at it, and it collapses laughing.

As the party catches up to it, they discover that the spider/drow is actually one horrible monstrosity. So Taman and Andraste push it off roof. As the party fights it, two Watchers appear, but they don’t intervene. During the fight, Dawn severs several of the Drider’s spider legs i feel so grossed out just writing it, and eventually the spider half seems to melt away. The drow, near death, casts Circle of Death and tries to limp away, only to get smacked by Alex’s battleaxe yeah i don’t think i can word that any better.

They carry the unconscious Drow to the Watcher’s base of operation, where he is subsequently locked into a holding cell. Taman tries to bribe Captain Parre to let them go and avoid questioning, but the Captain doesn’t take too kindly to it Taman plz. The party is allowed to rest, but they will be held for questioning.


robertgrew37 robertgrew37

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