Taman Amastacia

Half-Elf Ranger


The Half-Elf Ranger Taman stands 6ft tall, with broad shoulders and thick forearms. His long tousled hair is usually scrapped back into a top knot which highlights his brooding elvin fetures. Wrapped in a dark green tunic with leather armour, two handaxes hang on his belt, with a quiver full of long green shafted arrows strapped across his back. The darkwood longbow he inherited is always in his hand.


Tamen is the bastard offspring of a powerful high-elf and a lowly human woman who he believes died in childbirth. For shame of raising a child of mixed blood, a servant was instructed by the high-elf to leave Tamen for the wolves. However the servant who was tasked with this deplorable act, took pity and left him with a young forester and his wife. The human couple raised Tamen as their own and taught him the ways of the forest and woodland beasts, leading him to become skilled at tracking and hunting. He also learned from an early age about his Half-Elf heritage. Against the backdrop of a happy childhood Tamen often thought about his birth mother and as a result of his father’s treatment, Taman is deeply distrustful of Elves and prefers the company of other outcasts.

To the north of Taman’s family home, the Blackstalker Tribe, a group of Goblins and Orcs inhabited the border between the forest and the mountains. One day while out hunting, Taman saw black smoke rising above the forest canopy, towards the direction of home. Sprinting through the forest and into the clearing he discovered burnt ruins and the executed bodies of his parents, surrounded by a score of dead Goblins and Orcs. His parents had fought back. Over the next three years Taman devoted all his efforts on hunting Golbins and Orcs. He even learnt their languages to better understand and destroy them. By the age of 23 Taman had killed enough Goblins and Orcs to become a serious inconvenience for the Blackstalkers. This became a tiresome and lonely task. Realising it not would bring his parents back, he decided to leave the forest to seek new adventure, including the possibility to uncover the identity of his birth parents.

Taman Amastacia

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