The Mists of Pantea

September 25, 2017

Echoes of the Past

The party prepares to rest before following the Drow tracks that Taman finds. Loghren and Andraste decide to tidy the place up and, um, dispose of the Drow woman (they toss her off the ledge). Before rejoining the rest of the group, Loghren pops the question (no, not that question), asking about the tattoo of the black rose on Andraste’s back. She agrees to tell him and him alone once everyone has gone to sleep okay i know i agreed that Loghren would have seen the tattoo during all their time travelling but it’s funnier think he’s a peeping tom.

Back at the makeshift camp, Dawn sets an alarm around the party, and Loghren and Andraste take first watch. Once everyone has fallen asleep, Andraste tells Loghren about her history with the Black Rose, and a bit about how she joined them in the first place Loghren obviously didn’t read her obsidian portal page. For shame, Loghren!. When Andraste asks about his past, he’s reluctant to share (Andraste doesn’t mind though).

They talk until Loghren’s watch is over, and Hamas joins Andraste. Nothing really happens, except Andraste feels kinda warm THAT SCARED THE HELL OUTTA ME BTW THANKS FOR THAT. Alex and Dawn take next watch, and Dawn immediately falls asleep on the job. Alex lets her sleep, and eventually he hears a… fluidy sound coming from the ledge. He discovers that the oozes have gotten to the dead Drow, and may or may not be eating it (can oozes eat??). He keeps an eye on the oozes until Taman’s watch come around.

In the morning, to the party’s horror, Walton is almost completely unresponsive. Alex is able to heal him in time, and he wakes up WELCOME TO HELL, WALTON!. Still unable to walk, Alex is forced to carry him. The party then uses the communication stone, given to them by the dreamy Prince Aedin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), to relay their current position and status to him. Alex, the big meanie, doesn’t let Andraste or Dawn anywhere near the stone :(.

When that’s done, they start to follow the Drow, with Andraste and Taman leading the way. In a typical Andraste fashion, she trips a hidden wire and is instantly knocked out by Drow poison at this point i’m not even surprised anymore. I’ve accepted my fate as the Person Who Triggers All The Traps And Gets Insta-Killed™. Alex cures the poison, and Loghren wakes her up, making it the shortest time Andraste’s been unconscious.

The party presses on, eventually returning to the outside world. A dense mist hangs in the air. Before following the tracks, and stumbling into an ambush, Andraste and Loghren disguise themselves as Drow, while Andraste casts invisibility on Taman, and the three scout ahead. Instead of finding Drow, they run into a pair of snarling beasts with elf-like features. Loghren drops one down the side of the cliff immediately. When the other appears, Andraste drops her Drow disguise hoping that the creature is a High Elf, like her. HOWEVER, IT’S A DROW. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT IS! Lucky for her, Taman kills it.

Before they can press on, they hear a roar echo throughout the mountain. Recognizing it to be a dragon, the get the hell outta there, returning to the rest of the party. The warn the others, and everyone starts running; Alex and Dawn lead, Loghren, Walton, and Hamas take up the middle, and Andraste ad Taman bring up the rear.

As they run, a giant fireball slams into Alex and Dawn, almost instantly killing Alex. Two figures appear in the sky, a massive red dragon and a smaller yellow wyvern. Both of which had assaulted the Moon Maiden (at least I think they both were?). Dawn forces the red dragon to fight her WHAT A MADWOMAN before rushing in to heal Alex. The red dragon attacks Dawn while Alex is healing himself back to life, but it misses so badly, it chips a tooth off.

Taman and Andraste attack the wyvern, heavily wounding it. The wyvern attacks Andraste tearing into her (but missing with it’s tail CUZ IT SUCKS!). As it pulls away, she casts hideous laughter on it (she didn’t want the fight to drag-on), causing it to laugh so hard, it falls down the cliff my jokes are so funny, they kill wyverns. The wyvern taken care of, the others are free to attack the hell out of the dragon. Which they do, with reckless abandon.

As the wyvern begins to fly away(?), a giant owl swoops in, attacking it. Oddly, it appears that Dawn recognizes the owl… I hereby dub the owl: THOUSANDBOW! (I definitely did NOT steal that joke I never do that).

Ending EXP: 36,600


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