The Mists of Pantea

February 20 + March 13, 2017

The Red Knot is Defeated by Paito-Fuckin-Maito

At the start of the second round of the Festival of the Hunt, Loghren encounters a demonic ape creature, along with an unconscious Festival participant. The creature flees through the city, but Loghren chases after it. As he fights it, the other members of the Red Knot have various other encounters throughout the city, including : an endless horde of goblins, giant wasps, several cockatrices, an owlbear or two, an ogre, and a gnoll that gnoll was EVIL. Alex is saved from a life as a statue by Cathna, who agrees to team up with him Alex and Cathna sittin in tree…. At one point, Andraste attempts to teleport to Alex for some much needed healing, but instead winds up on a cliff side.

Towards the end of the Hunt, Taman is stopped by a man wearing a strange wooden mask and his partner. They demand to know where Loghren is. When Taman doesn’t tell them anything, they decide to send Loghren a message, and chase Taman down. Despite a casting of Spike Growth, the strange men eventually catch up to Taman, at knock him out _rest in pieces Taman it was nice knowing you-.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Andraste sees the man who sold her the Burning Bow in the crowd – I honestly can’t, for the life of me, remember this guy’s name-. He doesn’t say anything to her, but he gives her a look that says “I totally know you stole my stuff” _ITS FINE GUYS I HAVE AN ALIBI- before disappearing into the crowd.

Taman eventually wakes up, and realizes he’s being dragged through the city.He’s left tied up alone(?) in a dark room, until a dwarf with super-gross teeth enters. He introduces himself as Rot somehow I don’t think that’s the name his mom gave him, and offers Taman a deal: he’ll set Taman free if he lures Loghren to Rot. Taman “agrees” and is set free, minus his fancy new handaxe, and all his ammunition.

In the last round of the Hunt, Andraste is murdered by evil emus, and Alex and Cathna run into a giant wolf (as well as a dying Q’yantee). Alex saves Q’yantee, and after an epic, long, and totally amazing battle that I was definitely there for, Alex kills the wolf thing, marking the end of the Hunt.

Everyone is gathered up in a backstage kind of area, and Loghren, Alex, and Taman reunite. They find Andraste in the infirmary, nursing her wounds. As Loghren tells the party, about the strange gorilla demon monstrosity, Andraste is able to recognize it as a creature summoned from another world. She tells Loghren she’ll tell him more about them later on, when they aren’t surrounded by strangers.

They’re then led to a stage and the winners are announced. To everyone’s eternal disappointment, Paito Maito takes first place, followed by Bruga of Tarth that’s totally her name, then the Red Knot’s very own Alex. Before they head off to drink away their sorrows, the party is informed of a party being held for all participants of the Hunt. You know, we may not have won. but the important thing is that at least one of us placed higher than Clovis!


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