Known Info

Walton was sent with the party on the Moon Maiden to travel and investigate the monastery. He is one of the only crew members that survived the resulting crash.

Relevance to Characters

Walton traveled with the party, and even healed them when they needed it. However, he later goes missing in the Graewood, prompting the other party members to attempt to find him.


They find him in the corpse of the giant tree, and are able to save him.

Walton followed the Red Knot up through the caverns leading to the peaks of the Silverpeak Mountains. He aided the party in their many trials up, proving to be a capable, if reluctant ally. Due to a magical twist of fate, the Ring of Teleportation dropped him leg deep into a cavern wall. Andraste managed to get him out, whilst Alex, Dawn and Taman used their various magics to return life to his stone limb. HE THEN PROCEEDED TO STEAL ANDRASTE’S CLOAK

He fought in the Battle for the Moon Alter, several times using his fire and healing magics to aid the Alton forces. He attempted to counterspell Sutrinos’s magic when the Drow sought to take Prince Aedin, but failed in his attempt. He survived the battle.




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