The Whispering Ward

Known Info

The Whispering Ward is the powerful arcane prison created to seal the great wyrms within the Abyss and prevent their return to the material plane. Its creation brought about the end of The Great Scorching, and the dawn of the Third Age, 819 years ago.

The Convoker chaplaincy maintains a constant focus on renewing the seal, however despite this, it has been known within the Convocation for many decades that the ward is weakening. The Prime Chaplain himself has already felt several temporal collapses of the lower wards in recent moons. During one such collapse, he saw a vision. It is said that, as he peered into the Abyss, a single crimson eye grew from the blackness, leering back at him. He witnessed the abhorrent form of a great serpentine body flash into existence behind the eye’s foul gaze; scaleless and terrible beyond imagining.

The Convocation believe this to signify the return of Rasdralith.

Relevance to Characters

The Convocation believes the return of Rasdralith and the strange seismic and meteorological happenings in the south of Aldor to be linked. At the behest of King Graewyn and the council of Dawn Fireheart, the players decided to assist Prince Aedin’s expedition to uncover the truth and if necessary rid Aldor of whatever threat lies in wait.

The Whispering Ward

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