The Festival of the Hunt

Known Info

The Festival of the Hunt is held every year in Alton. During the festival, monsters are released into controlled areas of the city and contenders from across the realm vie to slay the most and be named ‘Master Hunter’.
Participants fight independently to score the highest amount of points before the end of the time period (2 hours). To enter the hunt, all participants must have a sponsor (usually a local business) vouch for their entry and cover the 250GP entry fee.
Along with the title of Master Hunter, the prize money for winning the Festival of the Hunt is 3000GP and an audience with King Graewyn himself.

Relevance to Characters

Alex, Andraste, Loghren, and Taman decided to participate in the festival; each gaining the backing of the following sponsors:

Alex Harlgen sponsored by the Hall of the Silver Lady.
Andraste Na├»lo sponsored by Genma of Braa’den.
Loghren Valance sponsored by The Frothy Mug.
Taman Amastacia sponsored by Tokens of my Confection.

While Alex fared well in the festival, finishing in third place, Paito Maito the halfling claimed the title of Master Hunter.
The final ranking was as follows:

The party lost several hundred gold pieces betting on themselves and the favourite according the Kallor.

The Festival of the Hunt

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