Known Info

Lunarglyphs appear as white, scar-like tattoos on bodies of people born on nights where Selune’s gaze is strongest, also known as nights where the moon is at its largest and fullest. These nights only occur once or twice a year, so children born with lunarglyphs are rare. It is unknown if lunarglyphs bless those marked by them with powers, and if they do, what those powers might entail.

People who have them can be regarded in one or two ways. They can be seen as those who have the blessing of Selune, or they can be seen as cursed, and are shunned.

Relevance to Characters

While in the Netherena, the lunarglyphs were not visible due to unknown reasons. Upon leaving the Netherena, they became visible.

Alex Harlgen

Alex’s lunarglyph appears in the center of his chest.


Andraste Naïlo

Andraste’s lunarglyph appears on her stomach, around her belly button.


Loghren Valance

Loghren’s lunarglyph appears on the center of his throat, and is semi-visible.


Taman Amastacia

Taman’s lunarglyph appears on his hip.



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