Liberator is a magical longsword carried by Prince Aedin. It is an important heirloom of King Graewyn’s royal bloodline, said to have been gifted to his forebears in the years following the Great Scorching, when the race of men fought back the wicked races of the world.

Blessed with the light of Selune, Liberator is said to contain a Shard (a blue-haired female Planetar servant of Selune). Legend goes that all of the Shards were imprisoned by Shar in the Tarterian Depths of Carceri except for one, who evaded capture by hiding within the blade.

Physical Description
A beautiful female figure decorates the hilt and a series of ornately engraved moon runes extend along the 43 inch, double-edged blade. The guard is inlaid with large polished moonstones and the long, two-handed grip tapers to an elegant pommel in the shape of the full moon.


Liberator is currently in the hands of Captain Hamas, as it’s owner is currently…preoccupied.


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