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  • Twobo

    Known Info

    Twobo was found on the island of [[Bibiki | Bibiki]], where [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] (with a bit of help from [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]]) traded two bows for her. She is a small tawny owl -and is absolutely adorable-.

  • The Red Knot

    Known Info

    The party has begun to call themselves the Red Knot, hoping that it will catch on. Unfortunately, it hasn't. At least, not yet.

    Relevance to Characters

    All of the party members in the Red Knot are associated …

  • Falondin

    Known Info

    Envoy Falondin La'Thorn works with [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman's]] father, who was last seen assisting with ceasefire talks between the halflings of Orphan and the Orcish hoarde currently annexing southern Fryst.

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