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  • Pelor

    Known Info

    Pelor is the god of light, and the father to[[Selune | Selune]]. Pelor was once well-worshipped, but his influence has waned over time as Selune became the most worshipped deity.

    Relevance to Characters

    [[:alex …

  • The Royal Charter

    Known Info

    The Royal Charter, issued by [[King Graewyn | King Graewin]], calls for all able-bodied adventurers with [[Lunarglyphs | lunarglyphs]] to report to [[Alton | Alton]], although his reasons for doing so are unknown. [[Nils | Nils]] …

  • Trithereon

    Known Info

    Tithereon is the marital god of individuality, liberty, and retribution. He appears as a young man with red-gold hair, chain mail, clothes of blue and violet, and a spear. His love of freedom often leads to conflict, but he is …

  • Charmgrass

    A pollen that causes either positive or negative hallucinations, depending on the mindset of the afflicted person.

    The spell is broken once one of the afflicted parties realises that they are charmed [[File:681775 | class=media-item-align- …

  • Erathis

    Known Info

    Erathis is the Gnomish goddess of creation and and invention.

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  • The Festival of the Hunt

    Known Info

    The Festival of the Hunt is held every year in [[Alton | Alton]]. During the festival, monsters are released into controlled areas of the city and contenders from across the realm vie to slay the most and be named 'Master Hunter'. …

  • The Shards

    Known Info

    The Shards act as Selune's guardians, and watch over Selune's followers. There are four known shards.

    Relevance to Characters

    [[Aedin | Aedin's]] sword, [[Liberator | Liberator]], has been described as a " …

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