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  • Lingering Injuries

    A creature might sustain a lingering injury under the following conditions: * When it drops to 0 hit points but isn't killed outright * When it fails a death saving throw by 5 or more The DM rolls on the expanded lingering injuries table (d100) to …

  • System Shock

    When a creature takes damage from a single source equal to or greater than half its HP maximum, it must succeed a DC15 constitution saving throw or suffer the following: * The creature can't take reactions until the end of its next turn.

  • Homebrew combat rules

    h4. Flanking A player or creature can gain a tactical advantage in melee combat by flanking a target. When you make a melee attack roll against a target, you can do so with a +1 bonus if have an ally who is also in melee combat with the same target, …

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