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  • Pelor

    Known Info

    Pelor is the god of light, and the father to[[Selune | Selune]]. Pelor was once well-worshipped, but his influence has waned over time as Selune became the most worshipped deity.

    Relevance to Characters

    [[:alex …

  • Trithereon

    Known Info

    Tithereon is the marital god of individuality, liberty, and retribution. He appears as a young man with red-gold hair, chain mail, clothes of blue and violet, and a spear. His love of freedom often leads to conflict, but he is …

  • The Udying Light

    Alex has said his name multiple times, but you haven’t heard it in a while. Until the recent battle a top the Silverpeak mountains near the moon alter, where something about Alex was a little off.

    Relevance To Characters

    Alex briefly asked …

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