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  • The Red Knot

    Known Info

    The party has begun to call themselves the Red Knot, hoping that it will catch on. Unfortunately, it hasn't. At least, not yet.

    Relevance to Characters

    All of the party members in the Red Knot are associated …

  • Everan

    Known Info

    -FINALLY- Everan had made some sort of promise to [[:andraste-nailo | Syllin/Andraste]] and [[Anderis | Anderis]], possibly to save them if the job they were on went sour. However, he never showed, and Andreris died.

    [[File: …

  • Anderis

    Known Info

    Anderis was [[:andraste-nailo | Syllin/Andraste's]] fiancee, and partner in the [[The Black Rose | Black Rose]]. He and Andraste were on a job to retrieve a large chunk of Selunium from one of the noble estate, but both were caught …

  • Andraste Naïlo

    Andraste was born as Syllin Naïlo in the poorest area of her village, along with her fraternal twin sister Lia. Abandoned at a young age, the two were left to their own devices in order to survive. Together, Syllin and Lia learned unsavory skills, …

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