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  • September 26, 2016

    The party, having finally escaped the [[The Netherena | Netherena]], wakes up at on the base of a tall, menacing volcano. As they come to their senses, the portal that deposited them there violently closes in on itself. Off in the distance, the party …

  • October 3, 2016

    The party is about a day away from [[Smuggler's Bay | Smuggler's Bay]], and [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] decides to put the vials he took back, then he takes them again, then he put them back again, only keeping one of the unknown vials. He also …

  • October 17, 2016

    The party takes down the wyvern, saving[[Captain Hamas | Captain Hamas's]] life in the process. As the wyvern dies, the captain collapses with exhaustion. Instead of helping him, [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] and[[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] harvest …

  • October 24, 2016

    After the battle with the wraiths, [[Gery Diggly | Gery]] looks beat up, and exhausted. [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] praises him for his bravery, and asks that he returns to [[Eastwater | Eastwater]] in order to look after [[Genma of Braa'den | …

  • November 14, 2016

    As the sun rises, [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] and [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] are able to successfully identify the vial Andraste grabbed from [[Qiphine | Qiphine]] as a vial of Dust of Dryness -try to say that …

  • Elven Curse Words

    Warg Kisser: Otuuk Fe`Saign Outsider: Gotii Less Than An Outsider: Egotti Elf With No Family/Clan: U`Raanu Mud Crawler: Athuum Fuck: Jukkete Ass: Ud Asshole: Ud`Raan Bastard: Kuu`Datto Tree Slayer: Taig`Sleanra Non-Person Or Non-Elven: N`Tel` …

  • December 8, 2016

    As [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] and [[Gery Diggly | Gery]] get to their feet, they are almost knocked right back down again. Alex recognizes the tornado as a wind elemental from another plane of existence _or is it plain of existence?_. He then casts Aid …

  • December 19, 2016

    The party, after translating the scrap of leather, rests in the cave.[[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] starts talking to his spear again, while[[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] talks to Twobo. Meanwhile [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] casts Detect Magic, and …

  • January 2, 2017

    As [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] trips the giant boulder trap -cue the Indiana Jones theme-, he has a flashback to when the Black Stalker Tribe destroyed his home and killed his parents. As he snaps back to reality, he and Alex are able to avoid the huge …

  • January 9, 2017

    As the party begins to fight the statues, each one exhibits a different elemental magic ([[:andraste-nailo | Andraste's]] is wind, [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman's]] is water, [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex's]] is earth, and [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren's]] is …

  • January 23, 2016

    The party, led by [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]], begin their trek to escape the [[The Red Thicket | Red Thicket]]. As they advance through the forest, [[Genma of Braa'den | Genma]] explains that he and the group of survivors had been searching for the …

  • January 30, 2017

    [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] passes out as the fight with the dog men finishes. When he comes to, he is standing on an ornately decorated stone surface, and is surrounded by shadows. A pair of large talons emerges from the dark, and Loghren is …

  • February 6, 2017

    That night, [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] dreams of his encounter with [[Pelor | Pelor]] -at least I'm 99% sure that old guy was Pelor-, their conversation about faith and vengeance, and the moment when Alex gained the title Justicar -yeah this toottaalllyyy …

  • February 13, 2017

    The night before the eve of the [[The Festival of the Hunt | Festival of the Hunt]], [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] and [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] attempt to use the RIng of Teleportation to teleport to the bowyer and... _reacquire_... the Quiver of …

  • February 20 + March 20, 2017

    At the start of the second round of the[[The Festival of the Hunt | Festival of the Hunt]], [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] encounters a demonic ape creature, along with an unconscious Festival participant. The creature flees through the city, but …

  • March 20, 2017

    A few hours after the hunt, the party moves into [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren's]] room so they can discuss the demon gorilla, as well as [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman's]] kidnapping. [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] reveals to the group that the gorilla …

  • April 10, 2017

    Dawn is the first to recover from the explosion, and is able to heal Loghren a bit while [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] readies a bow shot. While Dawn is unable to make out anyone, Taman spots a figure on the rooftop. He tries to communicate to the rest …

  • April 17, 2017

    [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] and [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] take first watch of the Drow. Since he doesn't seem to be moving -or doing anything, really- the two take the time to examine the ring, rapier, and wand they pulled off his body -i refuse …

  • April 24, 2017

    That night, the party sleeps in the holding area, and [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] dreams of her past. She dreams of the job with [[Anderis | Anderis]] that ended poorly, resulting in Anderis's death. She awakens, and notices [[:loghren-valance-1 | …

  • May 8, 2017

    As [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] finally -conquers her greatest enemy- climbs on top of the building, the rest of the party subdues their attackers, who point the party in the direction of the wooden-masked man. They eventually sneak up onto a dock, …

  • May 22, 2017

    Following the events of Rot's death, Captain Parre takes the[[The Red Knot | Red Knot]] into custody, claiming that they committed murder and are up to no good -eXCUSE YOU IT WAS SELF DEFENSE-. Inside their cell, [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] has been …

  • July 10, 2017

    While the party is wondering whether their alive or dead, they are treated to a vision of [[Gery Diggly | Gery Diggly]] running through a dark corridor that drips with strange black ooze (tentacles also come out of the wall). As the vision ends, Gery is …

  • July 25, 2017

    The following morning, [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] is the first among the group to wake up. As he wakes up, he takes a quick head count and discovers that Walton in missing. Alex is unable to find any tracks Walton may have left, but as he scans the forest …

  • August 1, 2017

    Two more dryads appear while [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] approaches the base of the large, beautiful tree. One dryad charms [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]], while the other charms both [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] and Dawn. The three split off from …

  • August 15, 2017

    [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] continues his relentless assault on the evil tree, loosing one of the red gemstones set into its bark. [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] also looses arrows at it, but misses... a lot. Meanwhile, despite being frightened by the …

  • August 30, 2017

    The party awakens the following morning to [[Walton | Walton]], cooking the hell out of their stockpile of potatoes -Walton is the team mom i'm telling ya-. As the party sits to eat their breakfast, [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] confesses to [[:andraste- …

  • September 4, 2017

    The party continues deeper and deeper into the mountain (horizontally, anyway). With [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] and [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] leading, the rest of the party follows behind ([[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]], Dawn, and [[Walton | …

  • September 18, 2017

    The rest of the [[The Red Knot | Red Knot]] make the harrowing journey across the rest of the bridge of doom while [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] attempts to identify the eyes (spoiler: it wasn't a dragon). Further investigation reveals that there's a …

  • September 25, 2017

    The party prepares to rest before following the Drow tracks that [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] finds. [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] and [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] decide to tidy the place up and, um, _dispose_ of the Drow woman (they toss her off …

  • October 2, 2017

    As the party watches Nostradamus and the red dragon tumble into the mist, Dawn is reminded of the past... In her memory, she and Nostradamus hunts down a thief who had stolen a crystal rod (something possibly from [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren's]] …

  • October 9, 2017

    Much to the party's disappointment, they are unable to kill off the remaining two Drow, who escape deeper into the mountain. They console themselves by looting the dead Drow and finding an assortment of weapons (including but not limited to: some sweet …

  • October 16, 2017

    To everyone's immense surprise (and extreme relief), [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] and [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] don't immediately die upon stepping into the monastery. They cautiously explore the chamber, checking for traps and other things that …

  • October 30, 2017

    Upon entering the dusty library, [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] and [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] immediately checks for traps, but (luckily?) don't find any. Once the library has been established as being trap free, the Red Knot starts doing what they do …

  • November 6, 2017

    Upon further investigating the strange owl, Andraste is able to sense a faint arcane aura around the bird's empty eye sockets. The party splits up to more thoroughly search the monastery (Loghren, Andraste, and Hamas go into the study, Alex and Taman …

  • November 13, 2017

    Unfortunately for [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]], destroying the spirits doesn't seem to reverse his age issue, and neither does a lesser restoration from [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]]. Walton, on the other hand, claims he can do something to help, and …

  • November 20, 2017

    [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] and Dawn are able to put an end to the spoozetex once and for all, freeing [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] from the spoozetex's mental clutches. Dawn jumps down to join [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] and Loghren, but messes up …

  • November 27, 2017

    The statue attacks Dawn, knocking her out; lucky for her, Alex heals her back into consciousness. Loghren and Andraste continue to hurt the statue, and Taman is the one who puts it down once and for all. As the statue falls, the spirit of the knight …

  • December 11, 2017

    Morrin leads the party to where the rest of the expedition force is fighting the drow, eventually leading them to the lovely and wonderful Prince Aedin and the horrible and mean Ser -Jerkface- Clovis. Loghren and Andraste team up with their minor …

  • January 22 + 29, 2018

    Indryss the terrible continues his assault on dear, sweet [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]], knocking him out and nearly killing him. Unfortunately for him, [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] is out of healing range. Fortunately for him, [[:taman-amastacia-1 | …

  • March 12, 2018

    After a cold, restless night, the party + [[Captain Hamas | Hamas]] and [[Walton | Walton]] make their way back down to the bridge, the dead priestess and a weak [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] in tow. Before they leave the mountaintop, Alex and Andraste …

  • Home Page

    [[File:641765 | class=media-item-align-center | Fantasy-Landscape-Wallpaper-Free-HD.jpg]] The timbers of the small vessel creak and groan in protest of the sea's relentless onslaught. As you glance across the deck, you watch silently as one of your …

  • Main Page

    House Rules

    • [[Weapon and Armour Condition | Weapon and Armour Condition]]
    • [[Lingering Injuries | Lingering Injuries]]
    • [[System Shock | System Shock]]

    The Most Important Page

    • [[ …

  • Lunarglyphs

    Known Info

    Lunarglyphs appear as white, scar-like tattoos on bodies of people born on nights where [[Selune | Selune's]] gaze is strongest, also known as nights where the moon is at its largest and fullest. These nights only occur once or …

  • Selune

    Known Info

    Selune is the deity of the moon. She is highly worshiped and revered throughout Pantea, and is seen as being very powerful. Those who are born on the nights where her gaze is strongest are gifted with a [[Lunarglyphs | lunarglyph]] …

  • Pantea

    Known Info

    Pantea is a continent steeped in mystery. The residents of Pantea don't rely heavily on magic, as Pantea is a place where magic is uncommon. The people of Pantea trust more in steel and weapons than in magic. As rare as magic-users …

  • Itana

    Known Info

    There is little to no information of Itana at this time.

    Relevance to Characters

    At this time, it is unknown if any characters have a connection with Itana, and if they do, what that connection is.

  • The Netherena

    Known Info

    Little is known about the Netherena, except that it is where dark deeds took place, and may still currently be taking place. Even the Netherena's location is unknown.

    Relevance to Characters

    [[:alex-harlgen-2 | …

  • Bibiki

    Known Info

    Bibiki is a small volcanic island somewhere in between[[Pantea | Pantea]] and[[Itana | Itana]]. The island has an uncomfortably hot, tropical climate. Because of this climate, palm trees grow in an abundance on the island, and …

  • The Silver Sea

    Known Info

    The Silver Sea presumably spans the distance between [[Pantea | Pantea]] and[[Itana | Itana]]. According to [[Gert | Gert]], there has been a strange mist that aggravates the sea life, causing them to attack sailors. the Silver …

  • Aldor

    Known Info

    Little is known about Aldor. Aldor is a predominately human kingdom set in [[Pantea | Pantea]].

    Relevance to Characters

    After fleeing [[Bibiki | Bibiki]], [[Gert | Gert]] sets sail for [[Smuggler's Bay | …

  • Smuggler's Bay

    Known Info

    Smuggler's Bay is located in [[Aldor | Aldor]]. It is a shanty style town built into the edge of The Graewood. The buildings are built around the large trees, and are built with different, distinct building styles.

  • Omazyr Mizzrym

    Known Info

    While traveling through the [[The Netherena | Netherena]], the party was unable to gather much information on the drow necromancer. However, it is likely he took part in dragging them into the Netherena. After his death, his body …

  • Jorge

    Known Info

    Jorge was placed in the [[The Netherena | Netherena]] along with [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]], [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]], [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]], and [[:taman-amastacia | Taman]]. However, he wasn't able to make it out …

  • Gert

    Known Info

    Gert is a smuggler who smuggles good from [[Pantea | Pantea]] to [[Itana | Itana]]. He frequently makes stops at [[Bibiki | Bibiki]], where he trades with the locals. He is trusted by the people of Bibiki, and even taught the Chief …

  • Bert

    Known Info

    Bert is [[Gert | Gert's]] son. He smuggled goods across the[[The Silver Sea | Silver Sea]] with his father. He died as they were sailing to [[Pantea | Pantea]] with [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]], [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]], [[: …

  • Vicram

    Known Info

    Vicram worked on [[Gert | Gert's]] ship. However, Gert never seemed to care about Vicram, even in death. He died in the merfolk attack around the same time [[Bert | Bert]] died.

    Relevance to Characters

    Vicram …

  • Twobo

    Known Info

    Twobo was found on the island of [[Bibiki | Bibiki]], where [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] (with a bit of help from [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]]) traded two bows for her. She is a small tawny owl -and is absolutely adorable-.

  • Eastwater

    Known Info

    Eastwater is a town located in[[Aldor | Aldor]], about a three days walk from [[Smuggler's Bay | Smuggler's Bay]]. The town is wealthier than Smuggler's Bay, but its people stay indoors due to a string of disappearances in town. …

  • Alton

    Known Info

    Alton is the capital city if [[Aldor | Aldor]]. Alton is about an eight day walk from[[Smuggler's Bay | Smuggler's Bay]]. According to local legend, there is a dungeon located somewhere in Alton that allows for direct access to …

  • Pelor

    Known Info

    Pelor is the god of light, and the father to[[Selune | Selune]]. Pelor was once well-worshipped, but his influence has waned over time as Selune became the most worshipped deity.

    Relevance to Characters

    [[:alex …

  • The Royal Charter

    Known Info

    The Royal Charter, issued by [[King Graewyn | King Graewin]], calls for all able-bodied adventurers with [[Lunarglyphs | lunarglyphs]] to report to [[Alton | Alton]], although his reasons for doing so are unknown. [[Nils | Nils]] …

  • Gery Diggly

    Known Info

    Gery is the sole member of the [[Smuggler's Bay Town Watch | Smuggler's Bay Town Watch]]. He is a stout halfling who appears to be in his forties. Gery often neglects his duties, as he feels like the townspeople see him as a joke ( …

  • Eyrbjorn

    Known Info

    Eyrbjorn is a human male, dressed and equipped like a rogue. In contrast to his dark demeanor, he has blond hair and hazel colored eyes.

    Relevance to Characters

    [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] approached …

  • Vera

    Known Info

    Vera is an elf paladin, who follows [[Selune | Selune]]. She is a red head with green eyes. She is kind but serious, and it's best not to get on her bad side.

    Relevance to Characters

    Vera is a approached by ( …

  • Thely

    Known Info

    -I have never been so deeply disturbed by an NPC- Thely is a male dwarf, with brown hair and hazel eyes (and let's not forget the messy moustache). He wears chainmail, and carries around a battleaxe. He comes from [[Merritt's Fall …

  • King Graewyn

    Known Info

    King Graewyn is the king of [[Aldor | Aldor]]. According to[[Nils | Nils]] he is wise and benevolent.

    [[File:663962 | class=media-item-align-center | 282x413px | King_Graewyn.jpg]]

    Relevance to Characters

  • Nils

    Known Info

    Neiles is the innkeeper/barkeep at the [[The Sapphire Flask | Sapphire Flask]].

    Relevance to Characters

    Neiles serves the party when they arrive at the Sapphire Flask. He gives them info about the people in the …

  • Arwendel

    Known Info

    Arwendel is a tall half-elf, who owns and operates [[Arwendel's Oddities | Arwendel's Oddities]] in [[Smuggler's Bay | Smuggler's Bay]]. She is well-known for selling weapons, armor, and oddities. According to [[Gert | Gert]], she …

  • Cyna

    Known Info

    Cyna is a thief, as well an infamous human trafficker. [[Vera | Vera]] is currently on the hunt for her, and she was last seen in [[Alton | Alton]].

    Relevance to Characters

    The party will be keeping an eye out …

  • Captain Hamas

    Known Info

    Captain Hamas led a scouting party into the[[Graewood | Graewood]], by order of[[King Graewyn | King Graewyn]], in order to investigate the strange mist and other phenomena that is occurring in the region. He and his party were …

  • Genma of Braa'den

    Known Info

    Genma is from a nomadic tribe who lives in the desert. He was tasked with travelling to [[Pantea | Pantea]] in order to search for the tribe's stolen ewer. He deals in goods and information. He searches for the ewer not out of …

  • Droba

    Known Info

    Drober Pyley is a human paladin of [[Tithereon | Tithereon]] who lives in[[Eastwater | Eastwater]] (although he was born in [[Alton | Alton]]) as it houses a special place in his heart.

    [[File:663959 | class=media-item- …

  • Tiff Mirrel

    Known Info

    Tiff Mirrel works in the [[Eaterwater Forge | Eastwater forge]]. Her son has gone missing, and her father recently died.

    Known Info

    [[:alex-harlgen-2 | Alex]] talked to her after entering her forge, -and then he …

  • The Happy Medium

    Known Info

    The Happy Medium is an inn in[[Eastwater | Eastwater]], and is run by the elderly [[Finian | Finian]].

    Relevance to Characters

    [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] and [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] visit the …

  • Finian

    Known Info

    Finian is an eldery human who runs the [[The Happy Medium | Happy Medium]] in [[Eastwater | Eastwater]].

    Relevance to Characters

    Finian tells [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman]] and [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren]] …

  • Southwatch Tower

    Known Info

    The Southwatch Tower is located in the [[Graewood | Graewood]].[[Captain Hamas | Captain Hamas]] and his unit were going to use the tower as a camp, but were attacked by a wyvern before they could reach it.

    Relevance to …

  • The Red Knot

    Known Info

    The party has begun to call themselves the Red Knot, hoping that it will catch on. Unfortunately, it hasn't. At least, not yet.

    Relevance to Characters

    All of the party members in the Red Knot are associated …

  • Qiphine

    Known Information

    Qiphine lives in a[[Qiphine's Lake | lake]], in the[[The Purple Realm | purple realm world thingy]], and is sisters with [[Quirora | Quirora]]. She is a master at illusion magic, and is hideous inside and out.

  • Quirora

    Known Information

    Although Quirora first appeared as beautiful, she later reveals herself to be nearly as hideous as her sister, [[Qiphine | Qiphine]]. She is probably just as adept at illusions as her sister, and just as evil. She led the …

  • Trithereon

    Known Info

    Tithereon is the marital god of individuality, liberty, and retribution. He appears as a young man with red-gold hair, chain mail, clothes of blue and violet, and a spear. His love of freedom often leads to conflict, but he is …

  • Gylas's Forge

    Known Info

    Gylas's forge is located in [[Alton | Alton]]. The owner, Gylas, is a friend of [[Tiff Mirrel | Tiff's]]

    Relevance to Characters

    Tiff is sending some of the things the party requested to Gylas once she's …

  • Rosalinde

    Known Info

    A terribly rude elderly woman disguised as a humanitarian. You aren't fooling anyone, Rosalinde. She helps those who got stranded on their way to Alton.

    Relevance to Characters

    She told the party about the …

  • The Red Thicket

    Known Info

    A strange thicket that lies on the way to [[Alton | Alton]]. It's trees are covered in white bark, and all of the foliage is a crimson color. There are dire warnings concerning the Red Thicket, and the warnings even come with a …

  • Everan

    Known Info

    -FINALLY- Everan had made some sort of promise to [[:andraste-nailo | Syllin/Andraste]] and [[Anderis | Anderis]], possibly to save them if the job they were on went sour. However, he never showed, and Andreris died.

    [[File: …

  • Charmgrass

    A pollen that causes either positive or negative hallucinations, depending on the mindset of the afflicted person.

    The spell is broken once one of the afflicted parties realises that they are charmed [[File:681775 | class=media-item-align- …

  • Erathis

    Known Info

    Erathis is the Gnomish goddess of creation and and invention.

    Relevance to Characters


  • The Festival of the Hunt

    Known Info

    The Festival of the Hunt is held every year in [[Alton | Alton]]. During the festival, monsters are released into controlled areas of the city and contenders from across the realm vie to slay the most and be named 'Master Hunter'. …

  • House Rothsburn

    Known Info

    House Rothsburn is one of the noble houses of [[Alton | Alton]]. The sigil of House Rothsburn is a constellation of stars on an open tome.

    Relevance to CHaracters

    None at the moment

  • House Valegencia

    Known Information

    House Valegencia is one of the noble houses of [[Alton | Alton]]. Their sigil is a soaring albatross.

    Known Information

    [[Captain Hamas | Captain Hamas]] had the symbol of House Valegencia emblazoned onto …

  • Wyrm String

    Known Info

    A seven foot longspear crafted from the sharpened stinger of a Wyvern encountered in the Graewood, socketed into the well honed shaft of Loghren's faithful glaive. The blade is rugged and crude looking, despite its supreme …

  • Kallor

    Known Info

    Kallor is one of Loghren's old friends. He is an ex monster/bounty hunter who now runs the [[The Frothy Mug | Frothy Mug]].

    He, along with Loghren, were members of the Black Falcons who fled during the ambush that led to the …

  • Aedin

    Known Info

    Aedin is one of the princes of [[Alton | Alton]], and is one of[[King Graewyn | King Graewyn's]] sons. He has an impressive sword [[Liberator | Liberator]] that makes all the women (and even some men) swoon.

    [[File:741802 | …

  • Aeren

    Known Info

    Aeren is one of the princes of [[Alton | Alton]], and the second son of [[King Graewyn | King Graewyn]]. -He seems a lot more uptight than [[Aedin | Aedin]]-

    [[File:741804 | class=media-item-align-center | Prince_Aeren.jpg]] …

  • Falondin

    Known Info

    Envoy Falondin La'Thorn works with [[:taman-amastacia-1 | Taman's]] father, who was last seen assisting with ceasefire talks between the halflings of Orphan and the Orcish hoarde currently annexing southern Fryst.

  • Anderis

    Known Info

    Anderis was [[:andraste-nailo | Syllin/Andraste's]] fiancee, and partner in the [[The Black Rose | Black Rose]]. He and Andraste were on a job to retrieve a large chunk of Selunium from one of the noble estates, but both were …

  • Liberator

    Liberator is a magical longsword carried by Prince [[Aedin | Aedin]]. It is an important heirloom of King Graewyn's royal bloodline, said to have been gifted to his forebears in the years following the Great Scorching, when the race of men fought back the …

  • Lingering Injuries

    A creature might sustain a lingering injury under the following conditions: * When it drops to 0 hit points but isn't killed outright * When it fails a death saving throw by 5 or more The DM rolls on the expanded lingering injuries table (d100) to …

  • System Shock

    When a creature takes damage from a single source equal to or greater than half its HP maximum, it must succeed a DC15 constitution saving throw or suffer the following: * The creature can't take reactions until the end of its next turn.

  • The Whispering Ward

    Known Info

    The Whispering Ward is the powerful arcane prison created to seal the great wyrms within the Abyss and prevent their return to the material plane. Its creation brought about the end of The Great Scorching, and the dawn of the Third …

  • Rot

    Known Info

    Odain was once a member of the pugnacious mercenary company the Black Falcons, alongside: Kalash, Merric, Velgrim, [[:loghren-valance-1 | Loghren Valance]], [[Kallor | Kallor]], and Hlammat. Supposedley he, and his fellow …

  • Walton

    Known Info

    Walton was sent with the party on the Moon Maiden to travel and investigate the monastery. He is one of the only crew members that survived the resulting crash.

    Relevance to Characters

    Walton traveled with the …

  • Avrendel

    h2. Known Info [[:andraste-nailo | Andraste]] once lived here when she worked for the[[The Black Rose | Black Rose]], who are based in the city. h2. Relevance to Characters Andraste has a home somewhere in the city, though she doubts she'll ever …

  • Nostradamus

    Known Info

    A GIANT OWL HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! Apparently they're the standard mount for [[The Convocation | Convokers]]. -please fill out more Dawn I NEED TO KNOW MORE-

    Relevance to Characters

    Dawn and Nostradamus are BFFs, …

  • Redemption

    Redemption is the awakened magical longsword carried by Dawn Fireheart. *Physical Description* A series of runes are emblazoned along its blade that flare with an intense orange-red glow in tune with Dawn's temper in battle. *Weapon properties* …

  • Sutrinos

    First encountered

    [[The Red Knot | The Red Knot]] encounter Sutrinos atop a weather-beaten crag in the Silverpeak Mountains; commanding a hostile force some 80 strong comprised of Drow and feral beasts known as quaggoth.

  • Rathoriax

    First encountered

    [[The Red Knot | The Red Knot]] first encountered Rathoriax aboard The Moonmaiden; an experimental airship created by the Iron Manufactory in [[Alton | Alton]], while flying through the mists above the [[Graewood | …

  • Archduke Bel

    Known Info

    Bel is an extremely powerful devil, who commands the armies of Hell in their eternal war against the demons of the Abyss. He is a conniving, intelligent being who offers his favour to valuable mortals in exchange for things they …

  • Shar

    Known Info

    Shar is the (twin?) sister to Selune. Unlike her sister, who is revered and worshiped across Pantea, Shar feel out of favor, and battles with Selune every month. New moons mark Shar's victory, while full moons mark Selune's …

  • The Shards

    Known Info

    The Shards act as Selune's guardians, and watch over Selune's followers. There are four known shards.

    Relevance to Characters

    [[Aedin | Aedin's]] sword, [[Liberator | Liberator]], has been described as a " …

  • Indryss

    Known Info

    Indryss was a drow infiltrator who disguised himself as the lovable Stran. When the party, joined with Alton forces, began the battle to take over the bridge, he revelaled his true colors, abandoning the party and rejoining the …

  • The Udying Light

    Alex has said his name multiple times, but you haven’t heard it in a while. Until the recent battle a top the Silverpeak mountains near the moon alter, where something about Alex was a little off.

    Relevance To Characters

    Alex briefly asked …

  • Andraste Naïlo

    Syllin Naïlo was born in the small elven village Anareithel, along with her twin sister, Lia. Both children were born with Lunarglyphs, and would've been considered Lunarblessed... had they been born in a different village. The people of Anareithel …

  • Taman Amastacia

    Tamen is the bastard offspring of a powerful high-elf and a lowly human woman who he believes died in childbirth. For shame of raising a child of mixed blood, a servant was instructed by the high-elf to leave Tamen for the wolves. However the servant who …

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