The Mists of Pantea

June 4, 2018
Running of the Gnolls

After concluding their business in the observatorium, the party decides to return to the Hunter’s Hold and take the job in the Red Thicket. There, they meet with Salazar, who is able to arrange stealthy transport out of the city for them via boat. Once done, they head for the Frothy Mug, and convince Kallor to allow them to use the cellar for teleportation purposes.

Once the teleport stone is placed, the party stealth their way to the Squeeze, and are able to drop the Watcher following them. Once they make it to the docks, they meet up with the transport Salazar arranged and are smuggled safely out of Alton. The ride to the Red Thicket is uneventful, save for Taman turning into a house cat.

Once in the thicket, they seek out William, who tells them that around a dozen, oddly vicious and violent gnolls have been attacking people. The party plans to gather everyone in the barn and keep watch over night. However, screaming in the woods interrupts those plans, and the party rushes to the aid of whoever’s screaming.

They eventually come across a horse drawn wagon. The humans driving the cart, unfortunately, didn’t make it, and died to gnolls. The party attacks the remaining gnolls, and are able to kill all but three. The three living gnolls flee into the forest, possibly to sound the alarm. After brief debate, Dawn charges in after them, and the rest of the party follows.

Ending EXP: 70,000

May 28, 2018
By the Moon and the Stars

Andraste, awoken by Alex’s nightmare, rushes to help him. He tells her a bit about his nightmare and the demon haunting him. She tells him that, while she doesn’t know exactly what the demon is, it might be trying to communicate with him on something else’s behalf. The next morning, the party head’s for the house where Dawn last met with her contact. They have some difficulty getting in, but Dawn is eventually able to get the door open with her ring. they find no one in the house, and the house itself seems to have been uninhabited for some time, so Dawn leaves the Convoker’s seal, stamped in wax, behind.

Next, they travel to the Hunter’s Hold and meet Salazar. While interested in the jobs, the party worries about leaving before the king meets with them again, and decide not to take any of them for now. The Frist Embassy is next, and learn that the territory around Orphan is slowly being annexed by orcs, and Falondin is pleading with the King for aid. They learn that royalty f Alton has learned of something that can change the tide of war, but aren’t inclined to share what exactly it is they found. They plan to join the caravan to Frist, and have Falondin inform the King of their intentions.

The party then delivers Turgen’s letter to Norin, and despite Taman’s efforts, don’t get paid. At all. Next, they go to the antiquarium by the palace. There, Alex learns a bit more about the demon haunting him, and Scholar Clarette gives him a power to ward off the effects of the demon. While Alex is off talking to her, Andraste tells the rest of the party members about his nightmare, and they decide to keep a close eye on Alex. When he returns, Andraste asks the scholars about Selune’s Shards. The scholar tells her that Shar and Selune were once one, and something separated them. He also tells her that Selune’s Shards are supposed blue-haired females who bestow gifts and protect Selune’s worshipers.

Finally, the party goes to the observatorium,and meet the High Seer. He tells them that two of the heavenly bodies, Acamar (the Great Devourer) and Allabar (the Opener of the Way), are shining oddly brightly, and no one seems to know what it means. He also shows them a sketch of Selune, and Andraste is able to see that the marks scarring Selune’s face looks nearly identical to the chain they collapsed on top of the mountain. They leave, and the High Seer promises to keep in touch.

Ending EXP: 69,600

May 14, 2018
The Truth Will Set You Free

The party, escorted by the Cardinal Guard, makes the journey to Alton unaccosted. They’re met by a large gathering of people, but instead of getting the hero’s welcome they totally deserve, they’re met with solemn, grim silence. They’re brought to the palace to report to the king, and Dawn give their account of what happened in the monastery. The however, doesn’t seem to hold much faith in the combined drow and dragon threat, and isn’t particularly happy with the party okay so MAYBE we lost his son but we killed a DRAGON!! It was totally worth it . After Andraste tells the king about her and Loghren’s lunar abilities Selune abilites?, the king dismisses them.

Rordin gives the party their pardon, but doesn’t actually pay them anything, and the party unanimously agrees that the king sucks and he’s not their king. They head for the Frothy Mug, but are followed by some guards. They’re able to lose them and make it safely to the inn. Kallor welcomes them, and allows them to use a private room to discuss what Dawn hasn’t told them.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Dawn breaks down, and tells everyone the truth about who she is. Her real name is Ramira, and she was a bandit arrested by the real Dawn. When they’re attacked, as the real Dawn is dying, she implores Ramira to warn the world of the impending dragon threat. Ramira assumes Dawn’s identity, and does her best to carry out Dawn’s final wish. Everyone reacts positively, and assures her that they think no less of her.

The party then celebrates their sort-of victory on the mountain, and drink. A few minutes into their drinks, a man approaches them, and demands to know what their so happy about. Everyone tells him to fuck off, but he persists, and eventually lashes out at Alex, punching him. Ramira is able to diffuse the situation, and sends him and his friends home. Loghren then proceeds to get drunk enough to pass out, and Alex and Ramira carry him upstairs.

That night, Andraste tells Dawn the truth about her own name and why she changed it. As the party goes to sleep, Alex has a nightmare about a spooky demon thing and his family. He wakes up screaming, though only Andraste hears him.

Ending EXP: 68,600

April 30, 2018
Destroying an Inn for Fun and Profit

That night, Andraste has (yet another) nightmare, and both she and Taman awaken to dementor-like spirits hovering over them. Weaponless and unarmored, the two make do with what they have; Taman uses his newfangled druid abilities and shifts into a lion, while Andraste manages to grab Branzencord and shoot the spirit attacking her, and though she hits it, the arrow goes through it and slams into the opposite wall fire arrow + wooden wall = recipe for disaster.

Lion Taman, meanwhile, tries to get out of his room and into the hall. However, he soon learns that lions, in fact, do not have opposable thumbs, and therefore, cannot turn doorknobs or open doors, forcing him to attempt to instead destroy the door. He roars, waking up the rest of the party and alerting them to the attack.

Andraste attempts to shoot the spirit again, but her bowstring snaps again. She dodges the spirit’s attacks and runs out into the hall thanks to her opposable thumbs and runs for her friends’ rooms. Alex is the first to wake up and come to her aid, healing her and attacking the spirit. Loghren is the next to help her. Despite her friends joining the fray, the spirit ignores them and continues to attack Andraste.

Meanwhile, Dawn goes to assist Taman, who has managed to finally break his door down, and one shots the damn thing in a burst of holy radiance. Loghren kills the one attacking Andraste, but she unfortunately remains weakened. Alex is completely unresponisve, and Loghren has to push him into his room. Back in Andraste’s room, the fire arrow in the wall has, predictably, caught fire, but Taman and Dawn are able to put it out before it causes too much damage.

The party decide to all sleep in Loghren’s room, in case it happens again. The party rests while a worried Dawn takes watch. The next morning, Andraste and Taman are looking like their normal selves, but Alex is still unresponsive. Taman, Andraste, and Loghren then go to the garrison to report to Hamas and Rordin about the attack After some heckling, they’re allowed in, and force themselves into a meeting. Thankfully, Rordin believes them and sends some of his men to investigate. Walton, on the other hand, is a bit more skeptical, though he listens to them. They return to the inn and have breakfast, but are approached by a dwarf, named Torgen, admiring Brazencord. He asks them to deliver a letter to his cousin, Norin Blackbelly, who works in the mines, and takes his leave. The party prepares to leave later in the day.

April 23, 2019
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Rordin enters the bar and speaks to Hamas about the death of his brother. After informing Rordin of Clovis’s fate, the two go to talk privately. After some time, the presence of the party is requested and, once there, Andraste and Loghren report to Rordin the dead Drow priestess’s final words, as well as what they know about Prince Aedin’s disappearance i.e. nothing.

Once the party is dismissed, Loghren and Dawn visit Tiff one final time; Dawn, to pick up her shield, and Loghren to say his goodbyes (whatever that may entail…). Meanwhile, Andraste attempts to teach Taman thieves’ cant once again. However, just like every other time they’ve tried, it was a total failure.

The next morning, they join Rordin’s host of soldiers, the Cardinal Guard, and are each given a horse for the journey. While Dawn proves to be a natural at riding, Loghren is… not so much, and the ride proves to be quite harrowing. Days later, after passing through the area where they lost Gery, they encounter a father and son stranded by their broken wagon. Even after totally helping them fix their cart, they don’t reward the party and are super rude and mean.

A while later they make it too Cripps Corner, a small town that lies in the crossroads between Alton and Cassandra. While there, Andraste and Taman gamble, and Andraste manages to win gold (though a portion of it immediately goes back to her party members…). As the sun sets, Dawn spots a meteor shower while attempting to care for Nostradamus.

The party goes to sleep, completely unaware of the creatures waiting to pounce…

Ending EXP: 66,600

April 9, 2018
Reunions and Relaxation

Taman, while standing on the border of life and death, experiences a vision of Selune. Her face appears cracked, like a porcelain doll’s, and does not speak to Taman when he asks how they can help her. He is later awoken by Captain Hamas, who catches him up to speed on the rest of the party’s whereabouts. He runs into Alex first, at Mary Sunseeker’s, then the two set off for the market.

Once there, they encounter what appears to be a woman stealing from a jeweler (the very same jeweler that Andraste robbed so very long ago). They confront her about it, and Taman even goes as far as to grab her, but quickly learn that the jeweler gave her the jewelry, and she wasn’t stealing anything. They make a hasty exit, and run into Dawn and Andraste. The four of them talk for a bit until they’re approaches by a strange halfling who tries to sell them blue flowers.

They turn her down and move on, eventually encountering a familiar face; they find Arwendel telling stories to children. She’s apparently packed up her shop in order to travel and write stories. Alex invites her to join them at the tavern later, and she accepts. Meanwhile, Loghren visits Mary’s to buy incense and holy water.

Later on in the tavern, Arwendel shows the party various magical items she grabbed while travelling, and offers to sell them for stupidly high prices, hough the only thing the party ends up buying is a magical backpack. The party tells Arwendel the stories of their travels, and she tells them that she plans to write about them (though Andraste asks that Arwendel keeps her last name out of it).

That night, Loghren communes with Selune without telling the others. From the questions he asks, he learns that:

  • Bel was the one who resurrected Taman
  • Wyrm Sting is, in fact, a threat
  • While is Taman is cut off from some of Selune’s powers, he is still one of her champions
  • He is able to get his soul back (though how remains a mystery)

During Andraste’s commune with her the next night, the party learns that

  • Aedin’s location and condition is unknown, even to Selune
  • While the dragon threat hasn’t been stopped, the party is on the correct path to possibly stopping it
  • Alex is still in Selune’s favor
  • The party is, in some way, related to Selune’s Shards

The next morning, they are awoken by an armored man entering the tavern. Based on how Hamas addresses him, he is Clovis’s brother, Rordin. His intentions and reasons for showing up are unknown.

Ending EXP: 66,100

March 19, 2018
The Return to Eastwater

The party continues down the mountain, heading for the Graewood. They eventually run into a clearing littered with the bodies of deceased expedition members. Tawna and Hamas insist on giving them a proper burial, and Loghren helps out to speed along the process. Afterwards, Loghren spots large footprints in the dirt, belonging to at least three large creatures.

The remaining expedition members eventually make it into the Graewood and head for Southwatch Tower. During one of the nights, Andraste spots a light in the distance during her watch, and heads for it (unfortunately snapping every single twig and branch on her way there). Once close enough, she finds that the source of the light is a large campfire, and that four ogres are currently camped out around it.

One of them hears her, and she high-tails it back to camp, warning them so they can prepare for the incoming ogre. When it eventually emerges from the trees, it’s immediately met by Andraste’s arrows (as well as Wyrm Sting), but lucky for it, Andraste’s bowstring snaps. Unlucky for it, Loghren kills it immediately after. No more ogres emerge from the trees, and the expedition appears to be safe for now… At least until the three remaining ogres attack a few hours later. They pose little challenge and die quickly, and the expedition moves on.

It takes the party another two full weeks to reach Eastwater, and once there, the party immediately heads for TIff’s. The party catches up with Tiff and Andraste traumatizes her child and has her upgrade Wyrm Sting as well as make a new bow for Andraste.

During their time there, Andraste seeks out information on the human trafficker Cyna, and encounters a courier named Sufjan. Sufjan, after robbing Andraste of 150 gold, tells her that Cyna has been arrested and locked away.

Ending EXP: 65,500

March 12, 2018
The Aftermath

After a cold, restless night, the party + Hamas and Walton make their way back down to the bridge, the dead priestess and a weak Taman in tow. Before they leave the mountaintop, Alex and Andraste are able to find Taman’s teleport stone, which Andraste promptly gives to Dawn.

Once settled in the building by the bridge, Loghren and Andraste disguise themselves as Drow and interrogate the dead priestess. They learn that something the Drow call “the awakening” is near. She speaks of her brother’s plans, and mentions the name Nauzhor ( Sutrinos). She tells them that the creature dropped into the moonpool was an “essence of a greater whole;” it was an instrument to be bent to their will, one whose power potentially rivals Lolth herself. She tells them that the Drow are hunting their “ancestral kin,” and mentions something about faeries. When Andraste and Loghren drop their disguises, the priestess tells Andraste that her gods aren’t listening, and nothing will save her race.

Outside, the heavy mist that had previously engulfed the mountain range begins to fade. As the party discusses what the priestess said, Loghren notices a figure on the bridge. Using her super awesome raven, Korima, Andraste is able to identify the figure as Tawna, the healer from the expedition, who then decides the best course of action is to launch a crossbow bolt at the completely innocent Andraste.

Hamas diffuses the situation before it can escalate, and the party heads across the bridge with Tawna. Once there, Alex attempts to locate Aedin. However, both locate creature and message appear to fail, and the prince remains lost. Due to lack of components, the party is unable to commune with Selune to confirm whether or not the prince lives (as well as have some other various questions answered).

Their work done in the monastery, the party, along with what little remains of the expedition, decide to first make a trip to Eastwater before returning to Alton, and they all begin to head down the mountain and into the Graewood. On the way down, a soldier falls. Andraste helps him, only to have him die a few minutes later to large carrion birds dropping him off the side of the mountain this is why i shouldn’t try to help people :(.

Ending EXP: 64,500

February 26 + March 5, 2018
How To Cheat Death in Three (3) Easy Steps

The battle for the moon altar rages on, all the while the black ooze from the corrupted moon pool seeps closer and closer the the dark orb and colossal chain. While Alex, Andraste, Loghren, and Taman contend with the Drow on the ground, Dawn and Nostradamus play a deadly game of aerial cat-and-mouse with rathian Rathoriax.

As more of the Drow fall, Sutrinos himself joins the fray, first targeting Loghren before moving on to Alex. Despite some timely healing from Aedin, Alex is felled by the combined strength of Indryss and Sutrinos; though he is still alive, he is only just clinging to life. Sutrinos uses Alex to taunt Loghren, and attempts to force him to back down. When Loghren refuses, Sutrinos finishes Alex off for good, killing our beloved cleric.

In the meantime, Walton cures Andraste of the poison that’s been plaguing her for the entire fight, but ends up in bad shape after a Drow attacks him. Aedin strikes out at a weakened Indryss, killing him for good. Andraste continuously fire arrows at Sutrinos in retaliation, and every arrow tears through his ghastly guard of dark spirits.

As the battle rages on, Alex begins to see a light… a roaring inferno of light and energy begins to talk, speaking to Alex about his broken pact, and unfinished business. It is through this entity that Alex is able to wake up once more, though he is forever changed… Though Alex awakens, no one in the party is aware of this just yet, and so the battle continues.

Dawn continues to fight Rathoriax in the air, leading him so that he slams his head through one of the chain links, incapacitating him for a short time.

Sutrinos, perhaps seeing that Aedin is able to scratch and damage the black orb, teleports both himself and the young prince to an unknown location. The only remnant of the prince is his sword, Liberator, which clatters to the ground.

During the fight, the black ooze has slowly been advancing to the orb. In a desperate attempt to stop it, Loghren and Andraste shove their hands into the channel; though this does little but hurt them. Alex is able to rise and heal Loghren, though he still seems dazed and distant.

Rathoriax frees himself from the chain before attacking Dawn and Nostradamus once again, badly wounding the bird. Taman chucks his teleport stone and Dawn, but she fails to notice it, and it lands in one of the chain links. Fearing for the safety of Nostradamus, Dawn lands and sends him away to recover.

Clovis, angered at Aedin’s disappearance, picks up the abandoned Liberator and attacks the orb. In typical Clovis fashion, he absolutely fails to do anything useful, and can’t even scratch the orb. In fact, he’s such a failure, he’s knocked unconscious from the resulting blast and knockback from hitting the orb.

As the ooze gets closer and closer, Andraste makes a last-ditch effort to save the world, and attempts to teleport the orb. Unfortunately, she only succeeds in teleporting herself. A few seconds later, the ooze meets the orb, causing the orb to spin and rotate rapidly.

To add insult to injury, Rathoriax swoops down once again, launching a fireball at the majority of the party. The fireball hits Taman, Hamas, Clovis, Loghren, Dawn, and Walton, instantly killing both Taman and Clovis, as well as knocking out Hamas, Loghren, and Walton. Only Dawn is able to remain standing, and only Andraste and Alex are completely spared from the fireball.

Andraste, in a blind panic, prays to Selune over Taman’s body. Meanwhile, Dawn is able to heal Loghren a small bit, and is in turn able to shatter the orb, but not before a pulse of energy travels up the chain. Rathoriax knocks out Loghren again, but Dawn throws her sword at the dragon, finally killing it.

The battle over, Loghren joins Andraste in her prayers, though he prays to a different being… He trades another two hundred years of servitude to Bel in exchange for resurrecting their fallen companion. Taman is returned to life, though it is unclear whether it was through Selune, Bel, or a twisted combination of both.

As things calm down, the chain links being to rain from the sky, nearly crushing the party. They all make it to safety, and the entire chain collapses. Also, Alex murders a priestess afterward

Ending EXP: 64,000

January 22 + 29, 2018
The Beginning of the End...

Indryss the terrible continues his assault on dear, sweet Loghren, knocking him out and nearly killing him. Unfortunately for him, Alex is out of healing range. Fortunately for him, Taman isn’t, and the ranger is able to stabilize Loghren before he meets his untimely demise. Prince Aedincast Guardian of Faith, and is able to drop Indryss’s polymorph. Dawn climbs to fight Indryss as well, but he Dimension Doors away before she can do much.

The battle over, the party begins to loot the bodies of the dead Drow. With the help of Andraste’s super awesome and super useful raven familiar, Andraste and Alex are able to recover the lost teleport stone, completing the set. Andraste returns the stone to Loghren once again.

Once everything is looted, Aedin gives a wonderful speech that inspires everyone… except for the ever cynical Loghren and Andraste. Aedin decides that resting is for losers, and that charging up the mountain with no plan whatsoever is the BEST IDEA EVER! SPOILER: IT WASN’T The band of merry adventures make their way up the mountain, and eventually emerge into a courtyard covered in webbing. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the party is ambushed and the party begins to fight.

At first, the battle is going in the party’s favor, Drow are falling left and right. It all goes wrong when the Drow performing the ritual around the moonpool are revealed. The party, despite their best efforts, fail to stop the ritual, and the moonpool becomes corrupt (?). Dawn is able to summon Nostradamus…. but Andraste’s raven slams into an invisible barrier and promptly dies why must the good die young??. Things take an even wrose turn when Sutrinos SUMMONS A GOD DAMNED DRAGON (named Rathoriax :D). The big and scary rathian launches a fireball at HAmas, Andraste, and Aedin, badly injuring all of them.


Ending EXP Count: 54,900


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