The Mists of Pantea

May 22, 2017
Parre's Personality Isn't as Cool as His Token

Following the events of Rot’s death, Captain Parre takes the Red Knot into custody, claiming that they committed murder and are up to no good eXCUSE YOU IT WAS SELF DEFENSE. Inside their cell, Loghren has been unusually quiet. When Taman asks him what happened on the boat with Rot, Loghren reveals that he made a deal with the devil Belial, and will serve it for 100 years after his death. Making this deal has turned Loghren’s hair white.

Captain Parre eventually shows up to question the party. Loghren attempts to plead their case, but Parre refuses to listen to him.However, Captain Hamas soon arrives and is able to get Parre to release the party, totally saving the day. Although the party is supposed to be escorted directly to the barracks to be kept under watch, Taman and Andraste are able to convince the Captain to take them to the Hall of the Silver Lady, first. Before they set off, Taman is able to recover some of his equipment, and returns Andraste’s daggers to her. He also gifts her with Wasp Sting it’s definitely not a rip off of Wyrm String.

As the Red Knot and Captain Parre head off, they chit chat about Hamas’s recovery and his arrival in Alton. Alex mentions Thely why. why would you do this and Andraste casts invisibility on herself in order to escape the awful memories.

When the party makes it to the temple, Alex and Hamas go in together, leaving the others behind. Sister Mary lets them in, despite the late hour, and returns the Quiver of Ehlonna to him before he leaves. Everyone is then lead through the city to the barracks, where they crack open Taman’s last bottle of fancy wine. The next morning, Andraste, with the help of Hamas, forces some poor soldier to retrieve her rapiers for her i’m not sorry!.

At the Moon Maiden, Alex gives Andraste the quiver back my preciousssss. Taman is put in charge of navigation, Andraste and Dawn are in charge of ballistae, and Alex and Loghren are bums with no jobs. The skyship has a rocky start, but is able to get airborne. Andraste visits the on board physician, and her hearing is finally FINALLY fixed. Loghren and Dawn talk about the day in Razor-Rock Ridge, and Alex learns about the sword he swiped from the masked man. Andraste attempts to teach Taman thieve’s cant, but he completely fails at learning it.

As the Moon Maiden enters the Graewood, the weather worsens and worsens until the skyship is completely encased in thick mist. In the mist, strange shapes appear to fade in and out… Using his super cool ranger senses, Taman is able to detect tat dragons are nearby. Sure enough, a huge red wyvern appears out of the mist, and it instantly kills one of the crew members. The red wyvern is joined by a pack of smaller but just as deadly wyverns. Captain Hamas 1v1s one of the creatures, but nearly dies in the attempt.

As the wyverns slowly begin to pick off crew members one by one, the big one launches a huge fireball at the ship, knocking everyone except Loghren off their feet and setting the ship on fire.

May 8, 2017
Loghren Finally Remembers Who Rot Is (Then Kills Him)

As Andraste finally conquers her greatest enemy climbs on top of the building, the rest of the party subdues their attackers, who point the party in the direction of the wooden-masked man. They eventually sneak up onto a dock, where the see | Rot | Rot step off a small ship.

At the sight of him, Loghren finally remembers who Rot is took you long enough jeez. He flashes back to the day the Black Falconswere transporting goods through Razor-Rock Ridge. There, the mercenaries are ambushed by warriors (who resemble really pissed off Grim Hornravens). Merric, ever-so noble, saves Kalash before they’re both crushed by a giant rock. Velgrim is killed by one of the warriors. In the midst of the fighting, Loghren seeks out Kallor and they both flee that’s really rude, just saying.

Back in the present, BIlly ( Rosalinde’s son) is dragged out by one of Odain’s men, and is then killed maybe if his mom wasn’t so rude he wouldn’t have died…. Fighting breaks out between Odain’s men and the Red Knot. As they trade blows, one of Odain’s men throws a Molotov at Loghren and Andraste. Andraste, the best quick thinker ever, pulls out the Dust of Dryness pellet and douses the whole party in water no need to thank me, guys.

A bit later, Captain Parre shows up with a squad of Watchers. Loghren and Odain both try to win the Captain over to their side, and Loghren eventually convinces the Captain to help the Red Knot out. At the sight of his men being arrested, Odain flees onto his boat is it a ship or a boat? i don’t care. Loghren chases after him. Meanwhile, Alex goes after the masked man (and completely obliterates one of Odain’s men while he’s at it).

Loghren and Odain fight to the death on the ship. Odain, however, isn’t nearly as cool as Loghren, and is killed we’re totally gonna take Odain’s ship.

April 24, 2017
Come on, Eileen

That night, the party sleeps in the holding area, and Andraste dreams of her past. She dreams of the job with Anderis that ended poorly, resulting in Anderis’s death. She awakens, and notices Loghren isn’t present. She seeks him out and finds him talking to Captain Parre. Parre leaves, and the two talk about their nightmares, and Loghren offers to talk to her anytime we’re totally nightmare buddies now.

That morning, Parre and Eileen talk to the party about what they learned from the Drow (who didn’t survive the experience). In the Drow’s mind, Eileen saw a large gathering of Drow surrounding a platform. On the platform stood a few female Drow around a body on an altar. They are apparently enacting Zin Carla. One of the Drow stood out; one of his arms was scaly and disfigured, and almost appeared draconic if this guy is omyzar i’m going to cry. He was also bearing the symbol that the Drow mage was carrying.

The party also asks Parre about Rot before they leave, and Parre allows them to join the raid on Chum Street (but he makes them promise to follow his commands).

As there is still time before the meeting with Prince Aedin, the party goes shopping i’m gracefully omitting the details of our shopping venture. you’re welcome. Dawn goes off on her own, saying she’ll meet the party later, but Andraste tails her to a building near the bowyer she stole reacquired the quiver from.

Later on, after the party has regrouped, they meet Aedin at the iron manufactory and everyone is impressed by his longsword. Aedin busts open the doors Aragorn style and reveals the Moon Maiden, a ship made of sky iron that can supposedly fly. It’s 1000000% safe and definitely won’t result in anyone’s death.

Alex gives Taman the dagger to give to Andraste yes give me presents. Loghren also gets his spear back. When Andraste brushes up against it, she is suddenly given a vision of a ruby-red eye (as well as a huge migraine). She pulls him aside and tells him she wants to talk to him later.

They then head for the waterfront, chasing the tip given to them by Andraste’s thief friend. There, Andraste sees people from the outskirts of Alton being led off a ship. She also sees the man in the wooden mask Taman described. Figuring that the masked man will probably lead them to Rot, the party gives chase.

As they follow the man and the civilians through the city, they encounter a bearded man who almost gives away their position. In the process of knocking the man out, the party gives away their position, and are attacked by other men.

April 17, 2017
Bad Jokes Conquer All

Taman and Andraste take first watch of the Drow. Since he doesn’t seem to be moving or doing anything, really the two take the time to examine the ring, rapier, and wand they pulled off his body i refuse to reword that. Taman then leaves to wake Dawn for the next shift. As Dawn and Andraste watch over the Drow, the room suddenly goes dark. Andraste tries to cast Light on Dawn, but the spell doesn’t work properly .

The two make their way to the door, and as Andraste moves into the hall, Dawn is yanked backward into the room. Andraste goes back for her and Dawn manages to free herself. They make it out into the hall, and out of the darkness. Dawn goes to wake Loghren and Alex, while Andraste heads for Taman.

Almost immediately, Alex wakes up and casts Sunlight, dispelling the darkness. The room now lit, the party is able to see that what appeared to be a spider escaping out the window. Andraste, Taman, and Alex follow it through the window and onto the roof while Dawn and Loghren make their way to street level.


The party chases the spider/drow across several rooftops as it tears its way through the city. Taman takes several shots at it, but it doesn’t seem fazed. At one point Dawn attempts to climb onto the roof and join the other three, but fails miserably. As the spider tightropes over a canal, Andraste scream the worst joke ever at it, and it collapses laughing.

As the party catches up to it, they discover that the spider/drow is actually one horrible monstrosity. So Taman and Andraste push it off roof. As the party fights it, two Watchers appear, but they don’t intervene. During the fight, Dawn severs several of the Drider’s spider legs i feel so grossed out just writing it, and eventually the spider half seems to melt away. The drow, near death, casts Circle of Death and tries to limp away, only to get smacked by Alex’s battleaxe yeah i don’t think i can word that any better.

They carry the unconscious Drow to the Watcher’s base of operation, where he is subsequently locked into a holding cell. Taman tries to bribe Captain Parre to let them go and avoid questioning, but the Captain doesn’t take too kindly to it Taman plz. The party is allowed to rest, but they will be held for questioning.

April 10, 2017
I Get a Drow Mage Hostage for My Birthday

Dawn is the first to recover from the explosion, and is able to heal Loghren a bit while Taman readies a bow shot. While Dawn is unable to make out anyone, Taman spots a figure on the rooftop. He tries to communicate to the rest of the party, but notices that no one seems to be able to hear. Only Andraste and Loghren can see the figure in the darkness.

Loghren, by some miracle, lives, and heals himself pretty much back to full with little to no effort lucky…. He then takes cover beneath the roof the attacker is on. Andraste looses an arrow at the figure, but misses, then throws a Sanctuary Potion toward Loghren. Loghren, however, completely fails to notice the potion soaring toward him, and it slams into his face IT WAS THE DROW GUY NOT ME.

The attacker coats the area in thick webbing, but everyone manages to escape. Loghren scales the building the attacker is on. Taman and Dawn also scale the building, but Taman fails miserably and makes a ton of noise in the process i’m disappointed in your failure to stealth, taman. Meanwhile Andraste attempts to fire an ignited arrow, but to her surprise, it doesn’t light (she does hit the figure, however). She starts to climb the building closest to her.

Loghren, despite his lack of armor and usual weapons, tears into their attacker, severely hurting him. The section of roof under the man begins to glow, and the Drow disappears. He reappears on a roof a couple dozen feet away from the party, but Taman brings him down and the Drow crashes into the street below. He is near death, but Alex is able to stabilize him.

On his body, the party finds a rapier, a sigil of a spider bearing the Drow letter “M,” and a ring. Andraste finds his wand on the roof he was standing on. The party debate about what to do with the unconscious, bloody Drow, and end up taking him to the Frothy Mug.

Loghren and Andraste enter first to try and convince Kallor to let them keep the Drow in one of the spare rooms. He agrees to let them use one of the empty bedrooms, as long as they “keep it down.” Loghren shows his gratitude with gold, while ANdraste shows hers with her girlish charm.

The party bickers about what they should do with the Drow, and in the end they decide to trick him into giving up information. Andraste heals him, Dawn alarms the room, and the party rests for the night.

March 20, 2017
Darkest Before the Dawn

A few hours after the hunt, the party moves into Loghren’s room so they can discuss the demon gorilla, as well as Taman’s kidnapping. Andraste reveals to the group that the gorilla was likely drow in origin, and it sounds similar to some of the legends she heard as a child. Taman describes how we was kidnapped, and who did it. Loghren, for the life of him, can’t seem to recall who Rot is, or how Rot is connected to his past. Andraste also tells the group that she was spotted by the bowyer she and Taman stole the Quiver of Ehlonna from, and he likely suspects her for stealing it. The group decides to hide the Quiver in the Hall of the Silver Lady.

Before they leave, Andraste lends Taman a set of very special daggers sentiment wise, at least and several arrows. Loghren and Alex snoop outside the door nosy much?.

As they head for the Hall of the Silver Lady, Andraste spots a thieves’ mark on a nearby building, and follows it alone while the others poorly attempt to look casual. Andraste enters a small garden-like area. There, she encounters a lone man, who warns her that the company she is keeping is attracting a lot of unwanted attention. Before he leaves, he also tells her that there may be something of interest to her by the waterside.

At the temple, Alex attempts to convince Sister Mary to hide the Quiver. Despite Sister Mary’s obvious distaste for Andraste wow. rude. I haven’t even robbed her yet, she agrees to stow the Quiver.

The group heads for the party at the castle is it a castle, or a palace??. On the castle grounds, Andraste spots a row of flowers that seem to emanate a magical aura, a nearby building seems to emanate a similar aura. Inside, the party reluctantly hands over their weapons (save for their daggers).

They take a boat (??) deeper into the palace, and eventually wind up in a grand hall of sorts. As the party is sitting and enjoying the feast, a woman sits next to Loghren and introduces herself as Dawn. As they’re making friendly chatter, an elven man grabs Taman’s attention.

The man introduces himself as Envoy Falondin La’Thom, and claims he works with Taman’s father. According to Falondin, Taman’s father never had children after Taman, as he couldn’t handle the guilt. Falondin agrees to send a message to Taman’s father, and also offers to help in any way he can just wanna say this is suspicious as hell.

Meanwhile Alex and Cathna move the dance floor. Alex is absolutely terrible at dancing, but Cathna probably doesn’t mind. Loghren leaves the group to speak with Droba, leaving Andraste, Taman, and Dawn at the table. Taman pulls out the glaive blade they got from the gnolls in the Red Thicket and asks Andraste to present it to Clovis . Remembering what happened during the Hunt, she politely refuses. Dawn, after some convincing, agrees to present it to him. Afterward, Andraste asks Taman to dance, and they’re also terrible at it i’m starting to think the Red Knot just can’t dance.

King Graewyn soon stops the music, and asks everyone not involved in the Hunt to leave (excluding Dawn, or course). After everyone leaves, Dawn steps forward and shares that Rasdralith (??) is returning. Most, however, seem to dismiss her claim. Taman backs her up, and presents Hamas’s pauldron and the story of the wyvern as proof of the dragons’ return. The two princes, Aeron and Aedin, bicker about what should be done about the dragons. Loghren also tells of his fight with drow demon gorilla, and its drow origins.

Soon after, everyone who doesn’t have a lunarglyph, save for Paito-Maito and Dawn, are told to leave, forcing Andraste and Taman to finally reveal their glyphs we would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kings. After everyone leaves, the party tells the king of Hamas’s missive, and the drow attacks along the King’s Road. Loghren also presents his spear should i rewrite that sentence…? nahhh, which will be studied in the Antiquarium.

The King asks the group to help Aedin scout the monastery Hamas described no need to thank me for remembering the monastery, it’s all in a day’s work before they are led out by the prince. Before they leave, Aedin asks Dawn for help, and she agrees to travel with them. He also asks the party to meet him at the iron manufactury the next day.

On the way out, Taman is stopped from picking one of the magical flowers outside the palace suspicious….

As the party heads back to the Frothy Mug, a light falls in front of them and explodes, severely hurting Loghren and slightly Andraste.

February 20 + March 13, 2017
The Red Knot is Defeated by Paito-Fuckin-Maito

At the start of the second round of the Festival of the Hunt, Loghren encounters a demonic ape creature, along with an unconscious Festival participant. The creature flees through the city, but Loghren chases after it. As he fights it, the other members of the Red Knot have various other encounters throughout the city, including : an endless horde of goblins, giant wasps, several cockatrices, an owlbear or two, an ogre, and a gnoll that gnoll was EVIL. Alex is saved from a life as a statue by Cathna, who agrees to team up with him Alex and Cathna sittin in tree…. At one point, Andraste attempts to teleport to Alex for some much needed healing, but instead winds up on a cliff side.

Towards the end of the Hunt, Taman is stopped by a man wearing a strange wooden mask and his partner. They demand to know where Loghren is. When Taman doesn’t tell them anything, they decide to send Loghren a message, and chase Taman down. Despite a casting of Spike Growth, the strange men eventually catch up to Taman, at knock him out _rest in pieces Taman it was nice knowing you-.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Andraste sees the man who sold her the Burning Bow in the crowd – I honestly can’t, for the life of me, remember this guy’s name-. He doesn’t say anything to her, but he gives her a look that says “I totally know you stole my stuff” _ITS FINE GUYS I HAVE AN ALIBI- before disappearing into the crowd.

Taman eventually wakes up, and realizes he’s being dragged through the city.He’s left tied up alone(?) in a dark room, until a dwarf with super-gross teeth enters. He introduces himself as Rot somehow I don’t think that’s the name his mom gave him, and offers Taman a deal: he’ll set Taman free if he lures Loghren to Rot. Taman “agrees” and is set free, minus his fancy new handaxe, and all his ammunition.

In the last round of the Hunt, Andraste is murdered by evil emus, and Alex and Cathna run into a giant wolf (as well as a dying Q’yantee). Alex saves Q’yantee, and after an epic, long, and totally amazing battle that I was definitely there for, Alex kills the wolf thing, marking the end of the Hunt.

Everyone is gathered up in a backstage kind of area, and Loghren, Alex, and Taman reunite. They find Andraste in the infirmary, nursing her wounds. As Loghren tells the party, about the strange gorilla demon monstrosity, Andraste is able to recognize it as a creature summoned from another world. She tells Loghren she’ll tell him more about them later on, when they aren’t surrounded by strangers.

They’re then led to a stage and the winners are announced. To everyone’s eternal disappointment, Paito Maito takes first place, followed by Bruga of Tarth that’s totally her name, then the Red Knot’s very own Alex. Before they head off to drink away their sorrows, the party is informed of a party being held for all participants of the Hunt. You know, we may not have won. but the important thing is that at least one of us placed higher than Clovis!

February 13, 2017
The Festival of the Hunt (And Mission Impossible)

The night before the eve of the Festival of the Hunt, Andraste and Taman attempt to use the RIng of Teleportation to teleport to the bowyer and… reacquire… the Quiver of Ehlunna. To the surprise of literally everyone, they are able to teleport successfully. The two find the quiver in the back storeroom, but Andraste forgets to check for traps while opening a chest and triggers an alarm in my defense it was a tense moment! and every time i’ve checked for traps before there weren’t any!. The two, panicked, knock random stuff off the shelves before desperately teleporting back to Andraste’s room in the Frothy Mug.

Later that night, Kallor provides the party with the names of all of the other participants in the hunt, as well as their odds. Loghren (9:1), bets 50 gold on himself, and secretly bets 10 gold on everyone else, as well as 5 gold on Ser Boros Loghren you traitor. Taman (50:1), bets 10 gold on the other party members and 20 gold on himself. Andraste (45:1) bets 50 gold on herself and no one else. Alex (45:1) bets 10 gold on Loghren and Taman, but not Andraste i’ll remember this, Alex…

We’re then treated to a lovely cutscene, where a totally-not-suspicious hooded person watches the party, then leaves the Frothy Mug, travels through the city into the Squeeze, and reports to a shadowy figure of Loghren’s presence in Alton. The party is, of course, totally unaware of this oh boy i can’t wait for this!.

The next morning, the party heads for Brewed Awakening. There, they sell a bunch of stuff, and Andraste buys a map that supposedly leads to treasure. Alex asks Anila about the broken crystal rod, but she is unable to repair it. The party then heads for Gylas’s smithy, and Loghren buys Andraste new pitons.

They then make their way toward the palace, but are stopped by some Watchers.They’re able to convince the guards to let them through after showing them Hamas’ pauldron, but the party is told that the king is not seeing visitors that day. Disappointed, they head back to the Frothy Mug.

As everyone is drinking and celebrating, Taman, with some help from Andraste, slips some of the drow poison into Cragul’s drink he’ll probably live! it’s fiinneeee before we’re treated to another lovely cutscene two in one session? you’re spoiling us. The same dark figure as before begins what appears to be a summoning ritual of some kind, and summons a gross creature of some kind -knowing my luck this thing is gonna attack me instead of Loghren…_.

The next morning, the Festival of the Hunt finally starts. In the first round, Andraste slays a gnoll after much, much struggle, Taman kills a couple of goblins, Loghren chases after a huge beast, and Alex get petrified by some strange, bird-snake things someone will help you eventually!

February 6, 2017
We Discuss Bows for An Hour

That night, Alex dreams of his encounter with Pelor at least I’m 99% sure that old guy was Pelor, their conversation about faith and vengeance, and the moment when Alex gained the title Justicar yeah this toottaalllyyy ins’t gonna go to his head. In the morning, everyone gathers for breakfast. Loghren kinda sorta explains his reasons for his distance and his nightmares, and Genma finally pays the party. He gives the Ring of Teleportation to Taman, who then gives it to Andraste to investigate sorry Taman it’s mine forever now. She attempts to teleport to Loghren, and although the room tremors and shakes, she isn’t able to teleport.

Kallor informs the party that they will need to get sponsors in order to participate in the Festival of the Hunt. Kellor agrees to sponsor Loghren in return for a promo for the Frothy Mug. Genma agrees to sponsor Andraste in return for a favor oh boy I can’t wait for this one…. Kellor recommends that Taman asks his friend Sabien i really hope this is how you spell her name at “Token of my Confection” to sponsor him. Alex, on the other hand, decides to ask the local temple to sponsor him.

Alex manages to extort convince the Hall of the Silver Lady to sponsor him, and agrees to pay his own way into the Hunt. The party then heads toward a tailor to buy Loghren a new set of clothes unfortunately he doesn’t buy the tight pants…. After he orders his clothes, everyone sets off for a much needed bath.

The party, refreshed, heads toward “Token of my Confection” and pick up a bouquet of lavender for Sabien. But as they’re leaving the florist, Taman spots a cat sitting on top of a carpet stall. He tries to pet it, but to the party’s surprise the cat talks. It offers them a “magic” carpet, and Taman shows the other party members the time travel potion and suggests trading the two. However, the other party members are upset with Taman for hiding the time travel potion from them, and Taman calls out Loghren and Andraste on hiding information from the party in my defense you haven’t asked about Everan yet!.

They decide to leave it at that, but before they leave Taman tries to pet the cat one last time, and it calls the Watchers on them. They run, and manage to escape in the crowd.At Token of my Confection, Sabien agrees to sponsor Taman NO. COMMENT..

The party then goes on an intense shopping spree. They first stop off at the blacksmith, where Alex picks up his new armor, Andraste gets a new rapier and a new set of armor, Loghren gets his glaive back no need to thank me, Loghren!, and Taman gets a new set of hand axes.

They then head to a bowyer, who offers a large sum of money for the Quiver of Ehlunna. Andraste winds up trading it for the Bow of Burning and and a bow set with lapis lazuli, but not before Taman slips one of the teleportation ring’s stones into the stitching on the quiver.

the party then heads towards the Blood Sands to sign up for the Hunt. They manage to sign up successfully, although the clerk makrs something on both Loghren’s and Andraste’s forms. AS they leave, they notice one of the potential applicants causing a commotion about his sponsor being rejected. Loghren being ever so kind, decides to help out and get the man’s application approved THANKS LOGHREN.

As the man introduces himself as Grim Hornraven, the sixth bell tolls and the applications close. The party heads toward the Frothy Mug, and inside they see: a large man with green skin and a massive under-bite, a male elf with an eye patch more like Andraste’s not as cool male counterpart amiright, and a woman with a battle-scarred wolf at her feet.

January 30, 2017
We Finally Get to Freaking Alton Jeez

Loghren passes out as the fight with the dog men finishes. When he comes to, he is standing on an ornately decorated stone surface, and is surrounded by shadows. A pair of large talons emerges from the dark, and Loghren is eventually surrounded on all sides by pairs of talons. A voice speaks to him, telling him he is unworthy of the power of his spear. Loghren is then attacked, but passes out. When he comes to, he wakes up to Andraste staring at him.

She scolds him for napping when she can’t yeah man not fair and helps him up. The two then head down the cliff and toward the dead owlbear. They skin it, as well as take its… quadricles lovely just lovely.

The party pushes onward, but in the following nights Loghren experiences intense nightmares. Concerned, both Taman and Alex confront him about it, but Loghren remains aloof and doesn’t really tell them what’s wrong. Andraste, kind as she is, respects his privacy and leaves him be.

After a few days, the party finally breaks the tree line and emerge into a grassy valley. Lucky for them, the King’s Road stretches bellow them, and they’re only a half day away from Alton. Unluckily, there’s a huge amount of traffic on the road.

The party heads towards a gathering of refugees, hoping to get food and water. As they approach the barn, Sir Jerk Face makes his grand appearance, shoving aside an innocent farmer before heading off we shoulda robbed him im just sayin.

The party moves on, and finally FINALLY make it to Alton. They leave the survivors outside of the gates, promising to fin a way to let them inside before they enter the city with Genma. As they’re walking through the gates, Taman is stopped by one of the Watchers, and is told to keep his companions in line, and is totally racist and rude IF I RUN INTO THIS GUY IM FIGHTING HIM also why is everyone in the Watchers terrible.

The first place the party heads to is the Frothy Mug, which according to Loghren is the best bar in town. He leads the way inside, and is soon enthusiastically greeted by his old friend, Kallor. The two catch up, and they eventually get the rest of the party to play Boast, Roast, and Toast.

Taman shows off his “wings,” Andraste shows off her incredible drinking skills, Loghren shows off his spear, and Alex shows off his experience with Pelor. They all roast Loghren sorry Loghren lol before toasting and heading off to bed for the night.


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