The Mists of Pantea

October 30, 2017
Out of the Frying Pan...

Upon entering the dusty library, Loghren and Alex immediately checks for traps, but (luckily?) don’t find any. Once the library has been established as being trap free, the Red Knot starts doing what they do they best a start looting books from the shelves. Alex find several books about Selune and various other gods and godesses. Loghren finds a much needed self help book.

Taman investigates the bookcases themselves, and finds one oddly tilted. Loghren and Andraste are able to pull it down off the wall… but also get stuck under the falling bookshelf. The now-fallen bookshelf reveals a suspicious wall, which Loghren, Dawn, and Alex are able to break down with the power of a nearby bench. Behind the wall lies a staircase completely blocked by debris and rubble. Unable to clear it at this point in time, the party decides to come back later.

Dawn then finds a strange box, disguised to look like a book. Opening it reveals five colored gems (white, purple, yellow, red, and orange), and each of the party members takes one. Andraste is able to detect that the stone have some sort of magical properties, and Walton is able to figure out that the stones fit into the slots above the depiction of Selune. Placing the stones into the slots does nothing, peering into the eyes, however, reveals a date: 38 Asdiel, 648.

Alex learns that each of the stone represents a heavenly body associated with Selune (white = Acamar, the Great Devourer, purple = Caiphon, the Dream Whisperer, yellow = Delban, the Boreal Watcher, red = Hadar, the Dying Ember, orange = Allabar uh i need a spell check on that one sorry the Opener of the Way). Arranging the stones to match the date in Selune’s eyes unlocks the door.

Loghren and Alex push open the door, and a headless body embedded with shards of broken glass lurches toward them, forcing yet another evil charisma save. Loghrn keeps his wits about him, but Alex sees things that aren’t there and begins attacking his allies. As with the body Taman and Andraste saw, this one also disappears.

As the party is attempting to subdue Alex, a zombie vampire…. thing tentative name: zampire approaches from the now open hallway and attacks. Walton forces it back down the hallway with a gust of wind but totally causes Andraste to miss her shot! Meanwhile Alex has broken free from the other party members and makes a break for the main door and upon seeing Andraste, he regains his composure the power of freindship saves the day once again!. After the zampire terrifies everyone expect Dawn, Walton, Alex, and Andraste, and Walton casts grease on the creature, Andraste sinks an arrow into it, killing it. Its body explodes, hurting Dawn, Loghren, and Alex with its goo hehehe.

The party then moves into the now empty hallway well it’s mostly empty… it’s only occupied by dead bodies. They emerge into a hexagonal room filled with several dead monks. An owl statuette sits in the center of the room, affixed to a pedestal. Taman finds another page from the High Abbot, detailing how he sealed away an artifact of Selune and how Drow freely roam the temple. Alex and Andraste find gouge marks along the walls, suggesting secret passages.

Ending EXP Count: 40,580

October 16, 2017
Bad Decisions Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

To everyone’s immense surprise (and extreme relief), Taman and Andraste don’t immediately die upon stepping into the monastery. They cautiously explore the chamber, checking for traps and other things that might kill them. When none are found, they move to the walls and door, cleaning the dust off of them and revealing a mural. The mural on the wall depicts three travelers, then a massive pile of weapons (like a bonfire of pointy, deadly objects). The door shows the same three travelers, their backs to the viewer, and weaponless.

Finally, the two go to investigate the highly suspicious wooden chest by the door we save the best for last what can i say. The chest itself seems heavier than it should be, and is difficult to move. It has no keyhole, just a clasp. Oddly, dust doesn’t cover the chest as it covers the rest of the room. Opening the chest reveals it is completely and totally empty THe ONE TIME I CHECK A CHEST FOR TRAPs AND IT’S EMPTY?!?!?!. Reaching inside does nothing, and placing a single shortbow into the chest yields no results.

Meanwhile, as the pair have been gone for an hour, Loghren leaves Alex on watch and sets off to find them by himself. After walking for some time, he hears a dragon roar, and proceeds to have a̸̢̒ ̵̲̉l̵̃͜ǒ̴̙v̶̩̈e̷̯͛l̴̬̿y̶̹̕ ̷͎͂c̸̺̅ó̶̞n̶̩͗v̵̤̐e̴̠͒r̶̛͔s̵͉̒å̵̩t̶̟̚i̶̜͐ỏ̷͓n̴̺̆ ̴̮̚ẅ̴̬́ỉ̴̬t̸͚͊h̴̝͝ ̶̡͠Ẁ̵͚ȳ̵̯r̵̬͝m̸͎͠ ̵́ͅŜ̸͚ț̴̓i̶̢͛n̸͇͠g̶̺̊ before he’s violently assaulted by a fireball, severely injuring him and leaving behind terrible scars. He hauls ass to the monastery as Taman and Andraste move to step out.

As the two turn around to head outside, one of the monks(?) falls from the ceiling, making Taman and Andraste roll FREAKING CHARISMA SAVING THROWS eXCUSE ME BUT IM STILL SATLY ABOUT THAT. Andraste, of course, fails, and becomes paralyzed with fear. In a move reminiscent of the past, Taman is forced to carry Andraste out of a bad situation we REALLY need to stop doing this. As they run out the monastery, Taman hears rustling in the bushes, sets Andraste down, and gets ready to fire. Luckily, it’s just a burn-scarred Loghren, who scoops up Andraste and tells Taman to run for the safety of the monastery. They’re able to shut the door just in the nick of time, and hole up there for the rest of the night.

Alex wakes up Dawn after Loghren has been gone for an hour, and asks for advice. She advises that they wait until morning, and trust that the others are okay. Alex keeps watches for the rest of the night, forgoing his rest for the sake of the others’. They set off for the monastery in the morning. Upon opening the door, they find a wounded Loghren and an unresponsive Andraste, who had been plagued by nightmares throughout the night who is the person she saw?? The world may never know. Alex cures her, and they have a nice moment together.

After tinkering with the door, Alex, Hamas, and Walton are able to get through the door by disarming, while everyone else teleports to the other side with Andraste. They enter a mess hall like area with tables, and two halls going in opposite directions. Taman hears groaning down the right-hand hall.The party seeing a hunched over figure clutching at its stomach; it appears…hungry. When it sees the party, it attacks, but doesn’t last very long (thanks Loghren!). The body has elongated teeth, and puncture marks on it’s abdomen, suggesting vampires i wonder if they sparkle.

In the next room, Taman finds a note describing armored men who were able to get through the door without disarming. After looting the corpses of the monks in the same room, the party moves on to the closed door, which swings open to reveal a library…

Ending EXP Count: 40,080

October 9, 2017
A Labyrinth of Terrible Choices

Much to the party’s disappointment, they are unable to kill off the remaining two Drow, who escape deeper into the mountain. They console themselves by looting the dead Drow and finding an assortment of weapons (including but not limited to: some sweet daggers and a broken crossbow). They gather under the ledge where the Drow vanished and heal up a bit before moving on.

After travelling for a bit, Andraste spots a hanging, collared elven woman this is the worst nat 20 i’ve EVER gotten. The woman’s eyes have been gouged out, and her jaw is broken. As the party debates what to do with the dead woman, Andraste sees a break in the rocks and points it out to Loghren, who casts Moonbeam on the spot (to check for any sneaky Drow, of course), but nothing happens.

Taman casts Speak With Dead on the woman, but it doesn’t seem to work. When Alex attacks to pull the body down to bury it, it lets out a horrendous scream, blasting everyone back into the rock wall (except for Loghren, who was off exploring the break in the wall).

Damaged and bruised, the party calls for a rest, and send Taman and Andraste off to scout ahead. After they leave, Loghren is able to find an invisible path via tossing the dead woman’s severed arm off the cliff face nice. Walton is able to make the path visible, revealing that the path is old and crumbling (we also learn that Loghren is totally afraid of heights-.

Meanwhile, Andraste and Taman are able to find three Drow, two of which are from their previous fight , standing at the door to the monastery WE MADE IT GUYS!. The door is covered in what looks like depictions of the phases of the moon. After conversing, the Drow levitate away. Once the coast is clear, Taman casts Pass Without Trace on himself and Andraste, and they sneak up to the door.

As they cross the clearing to the door, they see more collared bodies being pecked at by crows. Taman casts Speak With Animals and calls one over, offering it honey. Andraste offers it the fake diamond she got ages ago. However, the crow is interested in neither of these things and flies away. Taman tries asking another crow how many Drow have passed through the area, but the crow is kinda dumb and useless.

Moving closer to the door, Taman is able to find the tracks of about a few dozen humanoids, but it’s not clear who’s they are. Seeing that the door probably isn’t trapped, they try to push it open, only to realize it’s a pull door. Regardless, they’re able to open the door…

Back at the now-visible invisible path, Alex begins to walk across it. He only makes it a few feet before he slips and falls. At the last second he casts Meld With Stone, and disappears into the rock (confusing the hell out of Loghren). Luckily Walton realizes what happens, and the two wake up a poor, exhausted Dawn. Through the combined might of rope, slow fall, and a TON of luck, they’re able to pull Alex to safety once he emerges from the stone.

Meanwhile, at the monastery, Taman and Andraste are able to get their first looks into the hall. As they peer inside, the crows goad them into entering, telling them that those who enter come back out dead MASSIVE RED FLAG WHY DID WE DO THIS?!. The two can see markings cover the walls, though it’s too dark inside to see. On the opposite side of the hall a large door stands, and a thick layer of dust coats the floor. A lone chest sits in the room, begging to be opened.

Eyes on the chest, the two step into the monastery….

Ending EXP Count: 38,780

October 2, 2017
Encroaching Darkness

As the party watches Nostradamus and the red dragon tumble into the mist, Dawn is reminded of the past… In her memory, she and Nostradamus hunts down a thief who had stolen a crystal rod (something possibly from Loghren’s backstory?? I have no clue but I’m so intrigued).

In present day, both owl and dragon have vanished, leabing behind a distraught Dawn. She tells the others she thought her giant companion was dead, and had no idea he would save them. Andraste promises Dawn that she’ll personally accompany Dawn to look for the owl if he doesn’t return, and she and Taman retrieve one of the owl’s feathers for Dawn.

The party continues their journey as night falls and rain sets in. Alex and Hamas, carrying Walton, slow to an absolute crawl. When Andraste ever so kindly suggests that the group rests and takes a break, Hamas is SUPER RUDE AND MEAN TO HER FINE screw you Hamas! I’m done being nice to you >:( and he insists they keep pushing. Dawn, noticing his obvious exhaustion, feigns needing a rest, forcing Hamas to stop I see how it is, Hamas >:(.

While Dawn, Alex, and Hamas rest, Loghren, Andraste, and Taman move to scout ahead. Hamas protests, but Andraste is able to convince him to put him in his place okay to be completely honest I can’t exactly remember what I said to Hamas? And all my notes say is, in all caps, “BUT ANDRASTE PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE” and I don’t think that’s entirely accurate to be 100% honest. Andraste casts invisibility on Loghren, and Taman casts pass without a trace, but even with their combined effort Loghren is still about as stealthy as an elephant in labor.

As the scouting party pushes on, the rain worsens, becoming a full-blown storm. They eventually come across a gully, and see a bridge a bit ahead of them. They decide this is kinda an okay place to camp, and head back to the others. After Loghren tries, and fails, to steal the dragon tooth off of Loghren, everyone heads back to the bridge, which they decide to cross.

Loghren and Andraste make the crossing first (Loghren almost steps on a rotten plank and falls to his death, but Andraste stops him in time and totally saves him). Seeing as it’s somewhat safe, Andraste goes back for the rest of the party while Loghren waits on the bridge.

Upon returning with the others, Loghren finishes crossing the bridge. When the others start their crossing, however, the party is ambushed by two Drow darkness spells. The Drow, and their weird beastial companions, press their advantage, and things look REALLY REALLY BAD… until Alex dispels the darkness like the awesome Justicar of Pelor he is. With the darkness gone, the Red Knot is able to take on their attackers on equal footing, and manage to kill all but a few…

Ending EXP Count: 37,600

September 25, 2017
Echoes of the Past

The party prepares to rest before following the Drow tracks that Taman finds. Loghren and Andraste decide to tidy the place up and, um, dispose of the Drow woman (they toss her off the ledge). Before rejoining the rest of the group, Loghren pops the question (no, not that question), asking about the tattoo of the black rose on Andraste’s back. She agrees to tell him and him alone once everyone has gone to sleep okay i know i agreed that Loghren would have seen the tattoo during all their time travelling but it’s funnier think he’s a peeping tom.

Back at the makeshift camp, Dawn sets an alarm around the party, and Loghren and Andraste take first watch. Once everyone has fallen asleep, Andraste tells Loghren about her history with the Black Rose, and a bit about how she joined them in the first place Loghren obviously didn’t read her obsidian portal page. For shame, Loghren!. When Andraste asks about his past, he’s reluctant to share (Andraste doesn’t mind though).

They talk until Loghren’s watch is over, and Hamas joins Andraste. Nothing really happens, except Andraste feels kinda warm THAT SCARED THE HELL OUTTA ME BTW THANKS FOR THAT. Alex and Dawn take next watch, and Dawn immediately falls asleep on the job. Alex lets her sleep, and eventually he hears a… fluidy sound coming from the ledge. He discovers that the oozes have gotten to the dead Drow, and may or may not be eating it (can oozes eat??). He keeps an eye on the oozes until Taman’s watch come around.

In the morning, to the party’s horror, Walton is almost completely unresponsive. Alex is able to heal him in time, and he wakes up WELCOME TO HELL, WALTON!. Still unable to walk, Alex is forced to carry him. The party then uses the communication stone, given to them by the dreamy Prince Aedin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), to relay their current position and status to him. Alex, the big meanie, doesn’t let Andraste or Dawn anywhere near the stone :(.

When that’s done, they start to follow the Drow, with Andraste and Taman leading the way. In a typical Andraste fashion, she trips a hidden wire and is instantly knocked out by Drow poison at this point i’m not even surprised anymore. I’ve accepted my fate as the Person Who Triggers All The Traps And Gets Insta-Killed™. Alex cures the poison, and Loghren wakes her up, making it the shortest time Andraste’s been unconscious.

The party presses on, eventually returning to the outside world. A dense mist hangs in the air. Before following the tracks, and stumbling into an ambush, Andraste and Loghren disguise themselves as Drow, while Andraste casts invisibility on Taman, and the three scout ahead. Instead of finding Drow, they run into a pair of snarling beasts with elf-like features. Loghren drops one down the side of the cliff immediately. When the other appears, Andraste drops her Drow disguise hoping that the creature is a High Elf, like her. HOWEVER, IT’S A DROW. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT IS! Lucky for her, Taman kills it.

Before they can press on, they hear a roar echo throughout the mountain. Recognizing it to be a dragon, the get the hell outta there, returning to the rest of the party. The warn the others, and everyone starts running; Alex and Dawn lead, Loghren, Walton, and Hamas take up the middle, and Andraste ad Taman bring up the rear.

As they run, a giant fireball slams into Alex and Dawn, almost instantly killing Alex. Two figures appear in the sky, a massive red dragon and a smaller yellow wyvern. Both of which had assaulted the Moon Maiden (at least I think they both were?). Dawn forces the red dragon to fight her WHAT A MADWOMAN before rushing in to heal Alex. The red dragon attacks Dawn while Alex is healing himself back to life, but it misses so badly, it chips a tooth off.

Taman and Andraste attack the wyvern, heavily wounding it. The wyvern attacks Andraste tearing into her (but missing with it’s tail CUZ IT SUCKS!). As it pulls away, she casts hideous laughter on it (she didn’t want the fight to drag-on), causing it to laugh so hard, it falls down the cliff my jokes are so funny, they kill wyverns. The wyvern taken care of, the others are free to attack the hell out of the dragon. Which they do, with reckless abandon.

As the wyvern begins to fly away(?), a giant owl swoops in, attacking it. Oddly, it appears that Dawn recognizes the owl… I hereby dub the owl: THOUSANDBOW! (I definitely did NOT steal that joke I never do that).

Ending EXP: 36,600

September 18, 2017
The Leg-End of Walton

The rest of the Red Knot make the harrowing journey across the rest of the bridge of doom while Taman attempts to identify the eyes (spoiler: it wasn’t a dragon). Further investigation reveals that there’s a ledge set into the back wall about seventy feet above the floor of the cavern. After debating the best way to get everyone up, the Red Knot decides to have everyone else except Andraste and Walton make the climb, and have the other two, at Walton’s insistence, teleport up once everyone else has made it DESPITE EVERYONE TELLING WALTON IT WAS PROBABLY A BAD IDEA.

Dawn tries to climb first, but fails. Terribly. She falls straight into a, luckily, unoccupied pool. Andraste decides to help her out and give her the climbing pitons i’m helpful like that. Loghren and Taman, on the other hand, make much better progress. As Dawn, Hamas, Loghren, and Taman make progress up the wall, Loghren begins to hear an ominous skittering…

Two spiders appear over the lip of the edge, looking, as all spiders do, gross and terrible. Taman casts Faerie Fire, trying to light up the spiders, but only really succeeds in making an awesome dance floor. He jumps off the wall, landing nicely next to Andraste (and by nicely, I mean he didn’t take as much damage as he could’ve). Walton casts Gust of Wind on the spiders, knocking them down and killing(?) them. However, he also succeeds in knocking down Loghren, who dislocates his shoulder (Alex fixes him up tho so it’s okay).

Ultimately Dawn and Hamas are the only ones who are able to climb all the way to the top. They look for an anchor point to throw down a rope to the others. Taman begins to climb again as Hamas and Dawn find an anchor point and toss down a rope. As they’re doing that, a web latches onto Dawn, and she and Hamas are attacked.

As soon as Taman makes it onto the ledge, Andraste begins to teleport herself, Walton, Loghren, and Alex. They make it onto the ledge… however, they’re accompanied by the sound of Walton screaming it was at this moment Andraste knew… she fucked up. Walton’s leg is kinda… stuck… in the stone wall, causing immense pain NOT MY FAULT. Dawn immediately tries to chip the wall around him away, to little success. Loghren, however, with his special eyes, is able to see their attacker, a Drow woman, and kills her. Instantly. I’m pretty sure he killed her faster than we’ve ever killed anything else. Like, ever SO PROUD OF YOU NIGHTMARE BUDDY!

Hamas, with the immediate threat gone, yells at Andraste to fix Walton, blaming her EVEN THOUGH IT WASN’T HER FAULT. Walton agrees to being teleported again, and Andraste obliges, teleporting him somewhat successfully out of the wall he still has his leg, i count that as a success. Hamas comforts him while Alex and Dawn pour a probably unhealthy amount of holy magic into Walton. On the bright side, he’s kinda better! on the down side, he may have a hard time walking again.

While that’s happening, Andraste loots the Drow body what? loot makes me feel better about my life choices!, finding a shiny new breastplate that’s perfectly Andraste-sized, a snake-headed whip (it’s dead and pretty much useless), and a sigil with the Drow letter “B” on it. She gives the whip to Loghren and the sigil to Taman, keeping the breastplate for herself.

While Dawn is spacing out, and Andraste hides in a corridor to put on her fancy new breastplate, Taman and Loghren are planning to talk to the almost-naked dead Drow lady kinda weird out of context to be honest. Loghren disguises himself as a Drow female (adorned with a throat wound), and uses Taman to speak for him.

From the Drow, they learn that a whole army of Drow are on the move, and that this particular Drow was guarding their retreat. She mentions a Warden, but knows nothing about our dear friend Gery, or about the dragons.

Ending EXP Count: 36,220

September 4, 2017
The Red Knot vs Dex Saves

The party continues deeper and deeper into the mountain (horizontally, anyway). With Andraste and Taman leading, the rest of the party follows behind (Loghren, Dawn, and Walton spot veins of obsidian, and Dawn won’t let Loghren attempt to take any :( ). Eventually Taman and Andraste come across a fork in the road. When the party regroups with them, they decide to head down the path leading left, toward sounds of water.

They emerge into a large cavern some time later; the floor here is covered in a slimy…. substance, and pools of water are scattered across the cavern floor its a pretty dank cave bruh. A huge river splits the cave in two, with only a rock bridge connecting the two.

Taman and Andraste are the first to venture into the cave the inappropriate joke potential in this session is insane just a heads up, and being the graceful rogue she is, Andraste almost face plants into one of the pools. Luckily, Taman catches her and saves her thanks taman!. Unfortunately, the water seems to be moving on its own, and a glob of…. something emerges.

Dawn catches up, and attempts to poke the evil glob with a spare dagger. When she does so, the dagger hilt fizzes and smokes, ruining her dagger. Meanwhile Andraste backs away from the first glob, and manages to backpedal… straight into another pool. Taman pulls her out again, saving her from a second glob creature of doom.

Walton shows up next, but slips and slams straight into Taman, because he’s graceful like that. Meanwhile the first ooze attacks Dawn, making her armor smoke RIP Dawn’s armor. Luckily, Andraste and Taman completely obliterate the ooze, saving Dawn. As Loghren moves deeper into the cavern, he slips and falls, sliding down into the river. As he holds onto the river bank, he realizes he’s lost Wyrm Sting

Andraste goes to help Loghren, and manages to pull him out of the river. While he’s recovering, Andraste retrieves Wyrm Sting for him. However, this time, when she grabs it she sense Wyrm Sting’s power and bloodlust, and doesn’t necessarily want to give Wyrm Sting back to Loghren… When she hands it back, she warns him not to lose it again, or else this is what happens when i try to be nice :(.

When Loghren goes to cross he bridge, Wyrm Sting whispers to him…s̶̢̰̞̦̙̒̔h̴̝͔̬̼̐̅̌͘ͅȩ̶̠̎͋̈́̏̈́͘ ̸̰̬̬̲̙̾̈́͑͜w̶̲͔̦͕̻̗̾̉̀͒ḁ̵̤̮̝̙̓̄ǹ̸͙̜̭̗̑̊̽͊t̵͉͙͔̫͑̀̅s̴͍̰̯͆ ̸̙̝̊͜m̷̤̘̻̙͑͆͂̕͝ḙ̸̞͐̊̿̎̇̀.̸̘̲̒̈̄.̷̟̗̤̆͂̋͝ͅ.̴͈̎́ ̴̝̽s̷̢̧͇͔̖̏̓͠͝ͅh̷̛̲̭̉̔e̵̘̗͍̦̻̓͜’̴̣̈́̐̕ṡ̴̗̝̰̥̝̹͘ ̵̱̜͖̣̥͗̿̚͝ͅn̷͍͚͕͍̥̗̏̍̾͆̔o̶̹̗̰̥͚̓̊͛ͅẗ̶̳͉̰̇͊ ̶͇̥̇͗w̸͓̻̺͆͋̇̊ö̷̱̯́r̵̩̬͎̦̳̠̂̿̕͘ť̶͉̠͚͊̔́̚h̶̼͚̎̐̎̏́͜ẏ̴̼̰̈͒̓͘… NEITHER OF WHICH IS TRUE, FYI

Anyway, he trips over the bridge and falls on his face again (but it’s okay, Andraste helps him out again). Hamas and Alex also trip, and fall, multiple times. They start to make their way across the bridge, Taman makes it first, and Loghren, Dawn, Alex, Hamas, and Walton are close behind (Andraste is all the way at the other end).

Loghren, once near the other end of the bridge, falls again, and completely slips off the bridge. He catches himself on the edge, but is slipping. As that’s happening, a orb of light descends from the ceiling, slamming into the bridge and hurting everyone, except Andraste :D Andraste runs across the bridge next, and pulls up Loghren it’s kinda like that one scene from the lion king, saving him once again.

In the distance, in the darkness, Taman sees a set of glowing eyes…

Exp Count: 34,820

August 30, 2017
Happy One Year Anniversary <3

The party awakens the following morning to Walton, cooking the hell out of their stockpile of potatoes Walton is the team mom i’m telling ya. As the party sits to eat their breakfast, Taman confesses to Andraste as well as the rest of the party cuz they’re nosy that he’s had a strange dream, and that he believes that the spirits of the forest have granted him some strange power, as long as he swears to protect them meanwhile Andraste had the even stranger dream of Loghren teaching her how to shoot bows better.

Afterward, Alex decides to go for a nice swim in the pool, and notices that there seems to be a place where the water is draining. Everyone in turn begins to investigate the pool while Andraste keeps watch. Alex takes off all his armor, with help from Loghren, and wades into the pool, eventually swimming under the waterfall and emerging into a cavern on the other side. Taman tries to follow Alex first, and makes it only after nearly drowning.

Before Loghren goes to follow, Andraste offers to hold Alex’s armor and Wyrm Sting for him. It takes a bit of willpower, and effort, but Loghren is able to hand her Wyrm Sting. Dawn notices that something passes between them, and questions Andraste about it, who lies and says nothing is odd about the weapon. Dawn sees through her lie, and resolves to ask Loghren about it I’M SORRY I TRIED TO KEEP IT SECRET.

Loghren goes through the waterfall easily making taman totally jealous, and Andraste prepares to teleport herself, Dawn, Twobo, Walton, and Hamas over to the other side of the waterfall. Though she’s able to successfully teleport, she’s slightly off target, causing herself and everyone else she teleported to fall into the water.

Taman, Andraste, and Loghren continue on to the next room, following the current that runs through the cavern. They find a much larger pool, which Loghren dives into first. He’s able to find a tunnel that forks before he runs our of air. Andraste takes over, following the left tunnel, and almost running out of air, before finding the next cavern.

Alex dives in after her and makes it safely. Loghren, Hamas, and Walton make it over also, though Hamas might have gotten kicked in the face by a certain someone. When Dawn starts her swim, however, her sword belt gets stuck, and she gets forcibly pulled up by Andraste and Alex. Dawn, when safely in the cavern, realizes she lost Redemption in the water. Taman stores Twobo safely in the pouch of holding before starting his swim, and gets pulled along by the rope when Alex and Andraste pull Dawn up. He makes it safely, and Dawn resummons Redemption to her side.

Once everyone is safe, the party sets off, Loghren and Andraste taking point. They enter more tunnels, with stalactites and straw formations hanging from the ceiling. Wen Taman brushes up against one, it grabs him. Luckily, he’s freed by Walton. Another creature grabs Dawn, and when Loghren attempts to pull her free, they both get stuck, and yanked upward toward the ceiling. Loghren is able to free himself, but falls painfully to the floor. Andraste looses two arrows that the filament holding Dawn, cutting her free and making her fall on top of Wyrm Sting.

Another strange creature attempts to attack Andraste, but misses her. Alex, seeing it, summons his spiritual weapon and attacks it. Walton launches a fireball at the one who attacked Dawn, destroying it and a bit of the ceiling. As the party continues to assault the creatures, one attempts to escape, and barely manages it. The other is killed by Andraste.

Ending EXP: 34,620

Wow I can’t believe I’ve been writing these for almost a year now. I can’t believe I’ve been playing this awesome campaign with you all for a year now! Time flies when you’re having fun right? It’s been so a wonderful to share this adventure with you all. So, thanks guys! Thanks for reading these silly summaries I write every week! Here’s to all our future adventures (and future adventure logs)! See you soon! (~Anna)

August 15, 2017
Loghren and Andraste FINALLY TALK

Taman continues his relentless assault on the evil tree, loosing one of the red gemstones set into its bark. Andraste also looses arrows at it, but misses… a lot. Meanwhile, despite being frightened by the tree, Loghren is able to frighten the tree in return i find this whole situation very treeifying. Hamas also continues to attack the tree before finding an opening in its roots and disappearing into it. When Dawn trees to go after him, she only succeeds at bumping into Alex, who is also searching for an opening in the tree.

The tree attacks both Dawn and Alex next, and through Alex is able to dodge it easily, Dawn is grabbed by the tree and leafted into the air. The tree, with Dawn in its embrace, uses it’s roots to stand. It leafs it’s spot and heads toward Andraste. The tree, as it is moving, attempts to eat Dawn as it did before, but completely fails, as it usualeaf does. In the crevice where the tree once stood, there are several, unmoving bodies, a few of which look humanoid.

As it is moving toward her, Andraste tells the tree the best joke ever, of all time, and trees to cast Hideous Laughter on the monster. However, it doesn’t atreeciate her sense of humor, and is unaffected. The ridge Andraste and Dawn had climbed down earlier suddenly becomes covered in a wild tangle of thorns and spikes.

Alex attempts to hit the creature with Inflict Wounds, but misses. Luckily, Loghren, who definitely did not back away from the tree that is not a thing that happened, saves the day and throws two javelins at the tree, killing it finally. It drops Dawn and collapses, releafing a hand that is sticking out if it’s body. Loghren and Alex work to free the trapped person, and eventualtree they are able to have free the person, who turns out to tree Walton okay that pun was kinda a stretch. Alex and Dawn heal him; he wakes up, but is very weak.

Meanwhile, Taman and Andraste investigate the bodies the tree leafed behind, and discover that the bodies were men that were under Hamas’s command when they were attacked by the wyvern. When Hamas discovers his deleafed men this pun’s a stretch too but #SorryNotSorry he becomes enraged, and begins shouted for the dryads to show themselves.

The party debates about what to do next. Alex, Loghren, and Hamas argue for killing the dryads, while Andraste, Taman, and Dawn (who is still charmed) argue for talking to them and collecting a reward for saving them. Andraste, Taman, and Dawn leaf to try and talk to them, while the others watch Walton, who is a bit more alert now.

Walton is able to see the dryads because of his glasses, which Alex borrows and uses to point out the dryads’ locations to a vengeful Loghren, who succeeds in hitting one. Angered, the dryads petrify Loghren, then communicate to Dawn that the party must leaf… or suffer the consequences. Andraste, Dawn, and Taman carrying Loghren off and the party heads to the monastery okay no more bad tree puns from here on out I promise.

As they travel for the monastery, Loghren and Andraste finally have the chat they’ve been trying to have since Alton YES! FINALLY! I’VE WAITED SO LONG. Andraste asks Loghren about Wyrm Sting, and he tells her about its link to the dragons. He promises that if it becomes a danger, he’ll tell her immediately, and Andraste promises that she won’t tell the rest of the party; she’ll leave it up to Loghren to tell the others. In return, Loghren asks Andraste about her past: how she became what she is, and why she’s travelling with them. Her answers are frustratingly vague, though she does reveal that the town she was born in wasn’t very kind to those with lunargylphs. Loghren vows to one day learn all her secrets.

Meanwhile Alex asks Walton to investigate the gemstone the tree dropped See: the top of this adventure log. Walton discerns that the gem is a Ioun Stone uhhh i think that’s how it’s spelled?? that has the power to store magic. He also has Walton look at the crystal rod from the Netherena, though Walton tells him it is permanently broken. Loghren asks Andraste to examine the small burned branch he picked up from the tree. Although she is unable to tell what enchantment the branch has on it, and holds onto it for later (she promises to give it back).

The party eventually comes across a large waterfall, and set up camp at the lake bellow it. They all rest for the night, and prepare to enter the monastery soon.

August 1, 2017
A Bush With Danger

Two more dryads appear while Taman approaches the base of the large, beautiful tree. One dryad charms Loghren, while the other charms both Andraste and Dawn. The three split off from Alex and Hamas, following their respective dryads. Meanwhile, as the dryads are guiding the three to the tree, Taman is preparing to light it on fire. Before he can do so, one of the tree’s roots slams into him, and wraps around his waist.

Before Loghren strays too far, Alex casts Dispel Magic on him, and Loghren is freed from the dryad’s spell. Now free, he immediately attacks the creature (sounding just a wee bit creepy while he’s at it) it turns out my Nightmare Buddy causes nightmares. However, it does not attack him back, it merely vanishes. As Dawn is following her dryad, she speaks, loud enough for Andraste to hear, “I don’t have to lie to you.” INTERESTING.

Meanwhile, the tree has fully grasped Taman. A mouth-like shape appears in the tree’s trunk, and it attempts to eat Taman. Luckily for Taman, and the party, it fails it’s attempt, miserably. The roots then turn their attention to Loghren as Taman successfully lights the tree on fire.

As Andraste approaches the tree, Alex casts Dispel Magic on her as well, freeing her from the dryad’s charm (Meanwhile, Loghren continues to assail his former waifu the poor dryad who just wanted his help). Hamas attempts to free Taman from his bark-y prison, but is disarmed in the process – i told you he was a liability-. Dawn is also heading for the large tree, and although she is unable to discern what the dryad wants, she knows it is scared.

Roots slam into both Loghren and Andraste, pulling them towards the large tree while the tree once again fails to eat Taman it’s not a very smart tree, apparently, and he’s able to slip free.

Andraste, stealing improving upon Alex’s idea, asks the dryad if it needs help, except in Sylvan instead of Elven. It replies “protect us” before fading away. Loghren, meanwhile, continues his rampage of carnage and casts burning hands on the evil tree. When Dawn attempts to hit the tree with a firebolt, however, the tree seems to absorb the fire, and the firebolts have no effect. So instead, she decides to climb the tree, which attempts to bite her in retaliation.

As the party continues to chip away at the tree, Alex casts Locate Object on Walton’s glasses, of all things, which leads him to believe that Walton is inside the tree keep burning the tree, i say!. He looks for any openings where Walton may be hiding, but can’t find any, or any traces of Walton, for that matter. Dawn assaults the tree with Redemption, but hurts herself, which forces her to let go of her weapon. She then summons it back like two seconds later and it’s awesome. Before the tree can get any hits in, she casts shield, protecting herself.


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