The Mists of Pantea

October 3, 2016
We Finally FIght a Dragon

The party is about a day away from Smuggler’s Bay, and Taman decides to put the vials he took back, then he takes them again, then he put them back again, only keeping one of the unknown vials. He also teaches Twobo to carry health vials to those who need them. The rest of the journey passes without incident.

After the party docks, Gert leads the party to the Sapphire Flask, but they get side-tracked after seeing a store called Arwendel’s Oddities. They enter and see a plethora of things, including armor, weapons, and a dragon’s skull. Alex attempts to greet Arwendel, but she appears wary and doesn’t reciprocate his greeting. Prepare for several paragraphs recounting the various deals the party makes.

Alex andLoghren attempt to trade for her potion of invulnerability, but she doesn’t seem impressed. Taman shows her Grote’s arcane focus in exchange for identifying Gert’s potion (as well as eight gold). She accepts and identifies it as a sanctuary potion. Alex then offers his shield, and although Arwendel doesn’t believe it’s magical, she is willing to trade for it. In exchange for the shield, she appraises the crystal rod he recieved from the Netherena, and they discover that the rod has the power to store arcane energy, but is broken and will only work once.

Taman decides ti tell her the tale of the merfolk, and sells a lot of the stuff he’d grabbed. He also offers the green gemstone, and although she initially offers a low price he is able to convince her to raise it. Meanwhile, Loghren goes off to explore the dragon’s skull.

Alex sees a set of ornate chain mail. It is well-worked, and very high-quality, and very expensive. Seeing that the party can’t afford that particular set, she offers a cheaper one. However, Taman has to pitch in, and now Loghren owes Taman two-hundred and fifty gold pieces it’s ok Loghren I owe him money too.

Arwendel offers Taman a set of strengthened, screaming arrows. Andraste pays for half, and the two split the set. Alex sees and longsword and a dagger, and asks how much they cost. Arwendel tell the tale of the dagger, which apparently once belonged to the leader of Brione’s Falcons. Unfortunately, both were out of the party’s price range.

As Andraste is about to buy a component pouch, Taman steps in, and offers the tooth of the goblin that had killed his parents, and the promise that if Arwendel needs the party, she can call them anytime. (Andraste also owes Taman money now; twenty-five gold) I’m still not quite sure why he did that but hey more gold for me. Arwendel then warns the party that if she calls in the favor and they don’t show up, there will be consequences.

They finally leave the store and head for the Sapphire Flask, and Andraste reveals her plan to obtain all of their gold back from Arwendel, as well as some things they couldn’t afford. Alex doesn’t quite like the idea, but doesn’t say anything. The others approve, and Taman asks her to get the tooth back, and suggests they don’t try anything until after they’re gone for good.

As they walk, they see a small chapel, inscribed with “The Maiden’s Mission,” as well as stables and a building for the town watch.

The Sapphire Flask is a two-story brick building, with high ceilings. The innkeeper, Nils, is a reserved male halfling. Around the inn the party sees the following: a male stout halfing, a male human, a female elf, and a male dwarf.

They meet with Gert at the bar, and Loghren cracks a loud joke, trying to make his presence known. As the party receives their drinks, Alex chugs his, then he chugs another, then a third RIP Alex’s liver.Nils notices Loghren’s lunarglyph and tells the party about the royal charter. Although every party member has a lunarglyph, none of them reveal it to the others.

Alex completely smashed, gives Nils a gold piece, paying for everyone’s bed for the night as well as information on the patrons. Nils serves the party more pints and dinner, then tells them about Gery, Eyrbjorn, Vera, and Thely. Vera catches Alex’s attention, and winks at her, making Andraste, Taman, and Twobo all roll their eyes Alex you’re a married man what are you doing.

At Taman’s suggestion, the party splits up to talk to the patrons. Taman talks to Gery, Loghren talks to Eyrbjorn, Andraste talks to Thely, and Alex talks to Vera.

Gery talks to Taman about the strange occurrences in Smuggler’s Bay, such as caravans getting attacked, missing people, massive floods, and the strange mist over the Silver Sea. Gery revelas that he wants a life of adventure, and asks Taman if he can join the group. Taman says he’ll consider it with the others, uplifting Gery’s spirits.

Loghren attempts to strike a conversation with Eyrbjorn, and they end up talking. Eyrbjorn considers the party, then offers Loghren a shady job. He tells Loghren of a secret dungeon under Alton that leads directly to the palace. He tells Loghren that if they should find it, to ask for Bodbisln at the Weary Wanderer.

Andraste talks to Thely, but completely fails at starting a normal conversation and accidentally creates the most awkward situation ever. Andraste learns about Merritt’s Fall and the strange trader, Genma, who is apparently at the stables.

Finally, Alex approaches Vera. They talk a bit, and she reveals that she is staying at the chapel. She asks him about Pelor, and eventually tells him that she is after the human trafficker Cyna. She gives him an opal-like trinket, telling him to use it to contact her if the party should find out any information on her quarry. She then says her good-byes and leaves.

After the party meets up at the bar, Gery approaches them and asks if they had considered letting him join them. BEfore anyone else can say anything, Taman cuts in and says that they will meet up with him tomorrow. Gery, hopes and dreams finally about to be fulfilled, goes home. Unfortunately for him Taman is a liar and no one in the party had any interest in ever letting him join.

A bit after Gery leaves, a bloody hand slams open the door, and a bloodied solider covered in deep lacerations falls to the floor, begging for someone to help his unit. Alex heals him, and the soldier directs the party to the Graewood, and the party immediately rushes off.

In the forest, Taman fiddles in the trees by himself spots a blood trail going deeper into the dark woods, and he and Andraste sneak off while Loghren tries to draw attention to himself (Alex also tries to sneak, but fails miserably). The party follows the blood trail as the forest becomes denser and denser, and they eventually stumble across the dead body of a soldier.

Taman hears fighting in the distance, and a deep, guttural growling. He sends Twobo to scout ahead, and she reports that two humans are fighting a large flying creature. The party begins to fight it, along with the help of Captain Hamas. Loghren is hurt, but is able to trip up the wyvern and send it crashing to the ground.

Alex manages to help out a bit before he too, is badly wounded before Loghren is finally able to tear it apart. Alex is healed, and the wyvern is defeated.

September 26, 2016
To Pantea!

The party, having finally escaped the Netherena, wakes up at on the base of a tall, menacing volcano. As they come to their senses, the portal that deposited them there violently closes in on itself. Off in the distance, the party can see a small village composed of mismatched shapes and sizes. Beyond that lies a tall, wooden watchtower.

At Loghren’s suggestion, the party begins to head toward the village, putting away their weapons as they approach. As they near the village, they are stopped by six strong and burly men wielding harpoons. They surround the party, speaking in a foreign tongue none of the party members recognize. An older, smaller, and much frailer man soon comes. He wears a large headdress adorned with white feathers and seashells. Surprisingly, the old man speaks common, and asks the party who they are.

After some confusion, the party manages to convince him that they are here to trade which is silly they obviously don’t have any goods with which to trade. The elder leads the party deeper into the village, and they are soon joined by another man. This man, while slightly younger than the elder, is missing his right leg. He speaks common, and introduces himself as Gert. Gert reveals that he trades with the natives, and is quiet friendly with them.

Together, the Elder, Gert, and all the Party members sit down and talk. Taman offers their experiences in the Netherena in return for a place to rest. As he’s about to tell Gert the story, the volcano emanates a loud booming noise, shaking the ground beneath the party’s’ feet. Gert says that he’s never seen the volcano that active; it’s been dormant ever since he had discovered the island. As the they talk, Gert also reveals that he is a smuggler who constantly travels between Pantea and Itana, and uses Bibiki as a stopping point.

Taman begins to tell the story, and Alex and Loghren show of their spoils from the Netherena as proof. Gert, impressed, says he’ll offer them passage to Pantea for 10 gold, each. Alex immediately surrenders his money, but the others wait and see. They continue to talk, and Gert tells of how he constructed the wooden watchtower. He also tells of how the Silver Sea has become very dangerous as of late.They soon leave to rest, but are sidetracked by the trader.

The trader, who is surrounded by giggling women, takes immediate interest in the party as they approach. Loghren is the first to trade, and he offers two rations in exchange for fish. Meanwhile, a scrawny, tawny owl that sits behind the tradesman catches Taman’s eye, and he offers the tradesman his scimitar and shortbow in exchange for the bird.Although the trader seems interested in the bow, he refuses, and Loghren steps in, offering his own shortbow along with Taman’s.

Just as Andraste is about to step in and offer her shortbow as well, the tradesman accepts, and Taman receives the bird, which he names his little pustule Twobo. Satisfied, the party moves into a vacant hut to rest. However, their rest is short-lived. They are awoken by the sound of screaming, and the earth shaking. Thick, black acrid smoke rises into the heavens, blotting out the sky.

To the party’s surprise, they see the locals run toward the volcano, instead of away from it.Boulders begin to fly through the air, slamming into the beach and various huts. Gert appears, telling the party that they needed to head for his ship and escape. As they’re running Andraste somehow fails a dex throw gets hit by a bit of boulder, but is helped by Loghren.

As the party runs down to the beach, they see the villagers appearing to worship the volcano instead of fear it. Before they can make it to the ship, they are stopped by one of the burly men from before, who brandishes his spear at them. He is joined by another spear-wielding man. They proceed to blame the party for the volcano, and appear to have every intent to kill them.

They begin to fight, eventually slaying the two and quickly moving on. As they escape, Taman is nearly hit by a boulder, but nimbly dodges at the last second. The instant they board the ship, they set sail for Pantea, leaving the burning island behind.

A week passed aboard Gert’s ship, and the party is sitting and drinking with the him. Taman asks how much his green gemstone is worth. Gert offers him a price, but Andraste comes up with a better plan to steal get his gold, and signals to Taman to hold off. Meanwhile, Gert introduces his son, Bert, and one of his crew members, Vicram.

Gert eventually drinks himself to sleep, and Taman and the others signal to Andraste to check out the cargo and steal what she can. The others head above deck, while the others head below. While above, the party notes that the ship is surrounded in a thick, white mist. As Andraste prepares to trick Bert into leaving the hold, Taman spots something strange climbing onto the deck.

Taman, seeing that it’s a hideous monster, shouts to the others. Loghren tells Andraste to abandon the hold for now and go above deck with him. Upon their arrival, they see strange ugly creatures. The creatures were wet, slimy, and had coral embedding into their skin. All of them had long, fish-like tails.

As they fight above deck, screams suddenly sound from below. After Loghren takes care of a few of the merfolk, he rushes below deck to see Bert being attack by even more merfolk. He also notes two holes in the hull of the ship. Vicram attempts to fight the merfolk as well, but gets killed quickly and brutally, and not even Alex could save him. Soon after, Bert is also slain.

As the battle ends, Gert attempts to come to terms with his son’s death, but finds it very difficult. Meanwhile, Alex and Andraste squabble over sliver. Alex throws the money overboard, much to Andraste’s dismay. Alex also becomes much more wary of Andraste.

Gert, with the help of Alex and Loghren, throws Bert’s body overboard, returning him to the see where he Gert felt he belonged. With much less heart, Gert also tosses Vicrams’s body overboard. Afterwards, Loghren goes below deck to fix the hull, and the others search the cargo and find foodstuffs and vials of red liquid.

As they approach Smuggler’s Bay, Gert laments on the loss of his son.

Too be continued…

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