The Mists of Pantea

March 19, 2018
The Return to Eastwater

The party continues down the mountain, heading for the Graewood. They eventually run into a clearing littered with the bodies of deceased expedition members. Tawna and Hamas insist on giving them a proper burial, and Loghren helps out to speed along the process. Afterwards, Loghren spots large footprints in the dirt, belonging to at least three large creatures.

The remaining expedition members eventually make it into the Graewood and head for Southwatch Tower. During one of the nights, Andraste spots a light in the distance during her watch, and heads for it (unfortunately snapping every single twig and branch on her way there). Once close enough, she finds that the source of the light is a large campfire, and that four ogres are currently camped out around it.

One of them hears her, and she high-tails it back to camp, warning them so they can prepare for the incoming ogre. When it eventually emerges from the trees, it’s immediately met by Andraste’s arrows (as well as Wyrm Sting), but lucky for it, Andraste’s bowstring snaps. Unlucky for it, Loghren kills it immediately after. No more ogres emerge from the trees, and the expedition appears to be safe for now… At least until the three remaining ogres attack a few hours later. They pose little challenge and die quickly, and the expedition moves on.

It takes the party another two full weeks to reach Eastwater, and once there, the party immediately heads for TIff’s. The party catches up with Tiff and Andraste traumatizes her child and has her upgrade Wyrm Sting as well as make a new bow for Andraste.

During their time there, Andraste seeks out information on the human trafficker Cyna, and encounters a courier named Sufjan. Sufjan, after robbing Andraste of 150 gold, tells her that Cyna has been arrested and locked away.

Ending EXP: 65,500

March 12, 2018
The Aftermath

After a cold, restless night, the party + Hamas and Walton make their way back down to the bridge, the dead priestess and a weak Taman in tow. Before they leave the mountaintop, Alex and Andraste are able to find Taman’s teleport stone, which Andraste promptly gives to Dawn.

Once settled in the building by the bridge, Loghren and Andraste disguise themselves as Drow and interrogate the dead priestess. They learn that something the Drow call “the awakening” is near. She speaks of her brother’s plans, and mentions the name Nauzhor ( Sutrinos). She tells them that the creature dropped into the moonpool was an “essence of a greater whole;” it was an instrument to be bent to their will, one whose power potentially rivals Lolth herself. She tells them that the Drow are hunting their “ancestral kin,” and mentions something about faeries. When Andraste and Loghren drop their disguises, the priestess tells Andraste that her gods aren’t listening, and nothing will save her race.

Outside, the heavy mist that had previously engulfed the mountain range begins to fade. As the party discusses what the priestess said, Loghren notices a figure on the bridge. Using her super awesome raven, Korima, Andraste is able to identify the figure as Tawna, the healer from the expedition, who then decides the best course of action is to launch a crossbow bolt at the completely innocent Andraste.

Hamas diffuses the situation before it can escalate, and the party heads across the bridge with Tawna. Once there, Alex attempts to locate Aedin. However, both locate creature and message appear to fail, and the prince remains lost. Due to lack of components, the party is unable to commune with Selune to confirm whether or not the prince lives (as well as have some other various questions answered).

Their work done in the monastery, the party, along with what little remains of the expedition, decide to first make a trip to Eastwater before returning to Alton, and they all begin to head down the mountain and into the Graewood. On the way down, a soldier falls. Andraste helps him, only to have him die a few minutes later to large carrion birds dropping him off the side of the mountain this is why i shouldn’t try to help people :(.

Ending EXP: 64,500

February 26 + March 5, 2018
How To Cheat Death in Three (3) Easy Steps

The battle for the moon altar rages on, all the while the black ooze from the corrupted moon pool seeps closer and closer the the dark orb and colossal chain. While Alex, Andraste, Loghren, and Taman contend with the Drow on the ground, Dawn and Nostradamus play a deadly game of aerial cat-and-mouse with rathian Rathoriax.

As more of the Drow fall, Sutrinos himself joins the fray, first targeting Loghren before moving on to Alex. Despite some timely healing from Aedin, Alex is felled by the combined strength of Indryss and Sutrinos; though he is still alive, he is only just clinging to life. Sutrinos uses Alex to taunt Loghren, and attempts to force him to back down. When Loghren refuses, Sutrinos finishes Alex off for good, killing our beloved cleric.

In the meantime, Walton cures Andraste of the poison that’s been plaguing her for the entire fight, but ends up in bad shape after a Drow attacks him. Aedin strikes out at a weakened Indryss, killing him for good. Andraste continuously fire arrows at Sutrinos in retaliation, and every arrow tears through his ghastly guard of dark spirits.

As the battle rages on, Alex begins to see a light… a roaring inferno of light and energy begins to talk, speaking to Alex about his broken pact, and unfinished business. It is through this entity that Alex is able to wake up once more, though he is forever changed… Though Alex awakens, no one in the party is aware of this just yet, and so the battle continues.

Dawn continues to fight Rathoriax in the air, leading him so that he slams his head through one of the chain links, incapacitating him for a short time.

Sutrinos, perhaps seeing that Aedin is able to scratch and damage the black orb, teleports both himself and the young prince to an unknown location. The only remnant of the prince is his sword, Liberator, which clatters to the ground.

During the fight, the black ooze has slowly been advancing to the orb. In a desperate attempt to stop it, Loghren and Andraste shove their hands into the channel; though this does little but hurt them. Alex is able to rise and heal Loghren, though he still seems dazed and distant.

Rathoriax frees himself from the chain before attacking Dawn and Nostradamus once again, badly wounding the bird. Taman chucks his teleport stone and Dawn, but she fails to notice it, and it lands in one of the chain links. Fearing for the safety of Nostradamus, Dawn lands and sends him away to recover.

Clovis, angered at Aedin’s disappearance, picks up the abandoned Liberator and attacks the orb. In typical Clovis fashion, he absolutely fails to do anything useful, and can’t even scratch the orb. In fact, he’s such a failure, he’s knocked unconscious from the resulting blast and knockback from hitting the orb.

As the ooze gets closer and closer, Andraste makes a last-ditch effort to save the world, and attempts to teleport the orb. Unfortunately, she only succeeds in teleporting herself. A few seconds later, the ooze meets the orb, causing the orb to spin and rotate rapidly.

To add insult to injury, Rathoriax swoops down once again, launching a fireball at the majority of the party. The fireball hits Taman, Hamas, Clovis, Loghren, Dawn, and Walton, instantly killing both Taman and Clovis, as well as knocking out Hamas, Loghren, and Walton. Only Dawn is able to remain standing, and only Andraste and Alex are completely spared from the fireball.

Andraste, in a blind panic, prays to Selune over Taman’s body. Meanwhile, Dawn is able to heal Loghren a small bit, and is in turn able to shatter the orb, but not before a pulse of energy travels up the chain. Rathoriax knocks out Loghren again, but Dawn throws her sword at the dragon, finally killing it.

The battle over, Loghren joins Andraste in her prayers, though he prays to a different being… He trades another two hundred years of servitude to Bel in exchange for resurrecting their fallen companion. Taman is returned to life, though it is unclear whether it was through Selune, Bel, or a twisted combination of both.

As things calm down, the chain links being to rain from the sky, nearly crushing the party. They all make it to safety, and the entire chain collapses. Also, Alex murders a priestess afterward

Ending EXP: 64,000

January 22 + 29, 2018
The Beginning of the End...

Indryss the terrible continues his assault on dear, sweet Loghren, knocking him out and nearly killing him. Unfortunately for him, Alex is out of healing range. Fortunately for him, Taman isn’t, and the ranger is able to stabilize Loghren before he meets his untimely demise. Prince Aedincast Guardian of Faith, and is able to drop Indryss’s polymorph. Dawn climbs to fight Indryss as well, but he Dimension Doors away before she can do much.

The battle over, the party begins to loot the bodies of the dead Drow. With the help of Andraste’s super awesome and super useful raven familiar, Andraste and Alex are able to recover the lost teleport stone, completing the set. Andraste returns the stone to Loghren once again.

Once everything is looted, Aedin gives a wonderful speech that inspires everyone… except for the ever cynical Loghren and Andraste. Aedin decides that resting is for losers, and that charging up the mountain with no plan whatsoever is the BEST IDEA EVER! SPOILER: IT WASN’T The band of merry adventures make their way up the mountain, and eventually emerge into a courtyard covered in webbing. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the party is ambushed and the party begins to fight.

At first, the battle is going in the party’s favor, Drow are falling left and right. It all goes wrong when the Drow performing the ritual around the moonpool are revealed. The party, despite their best efforts, fail to stop the ritual, and the moonpool becomes corrupt (?). Dawn is able to summon Nostradamus…. but Andraste’s raven slams into an invisible barrier and promptly dies why must the good die young??. Things take an even wrose turn when Sutrinos SUMMONS A GOD DAMNED DRAGON (named Rathoriax :D). The big and scary rathian launches a fireball at HAmas, Andraste, and Aedin, badly injuring all of them.


Ending EXP Count: 54,900

January 15, 2018
Happy New Year! Have some BETRAYAL




  1. a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.
  2. RHYS!!!!

That definition isn’t a lie, you know. Look up the definition of traitor, and you’ll see a a picture of Rhys next to it! The noble and valiant Red Knot continue to fight off the Drow horde, managing to keep themselves and Prince Aedin alive (though the same can’t be said for the poor, defenseless spearmen). Stran Strhan? Strahn?? Whatever. Traitors don’t their names spelled right! disappears, only to reappear next to the fleeing Drow commander. There, he reveals the truth: he is a Drow named Indryss, and he played the Red Knot like a god damn fiddle. He vanishes again, remaining as a Drow this time.

Meanwhile, the commander sends a another Drow to get reinforcements (?) before fleeing like a COWARD to the second floor. He blocks the way he went, but unfortunately for him, Andraste chases him up the stairs and puts an arrow through him, ending his life. Alex, Aedin, and Dawn join her shortly, only to be cast into Darkness.

While this has been happening, Loghren and Clovis fight their way to the second floor, and evidently get caught up in the darkness as well. Before Alex disspells it, our dear traitor Indryss polymorphs himself into a drider and attacks Loghren… but misses. Three times. Andraste casts invisibility on herself, and Alex dispels the darkness (Aedin, not used to Andraste’s disappearing acts, kinda freaks out. Poor dude).

Loghren chases one of the fleeing Drow further up the mountain…

This ended up being really short, sorry!

Ending EXP Count: 48,900

December 11, 2017
Everything Goes According to Plan

Morrin leads the party to where the rest of the expedition force is fighting the drow, eventually leading them to the lovely and wonderful Prince Aedin and the horrible and mean Ser Jerkface Clovis. Loghren and Andraste team up with their minor illusions and put on an awesome retelling of their journey most of it is up to interpretation, but we tried our best. After being totally amazing and astounded by Loghren and Andraste’s laser light show, Aedin and Clovis brief them on the situation: the expedition is currently holed up on one side of the bridge, with Drow barricaded on the opposite end. A scouting party had gone to investigate, but only one came back: Stran aka the best (N)PC ever.

Stran talks about how he and the rest of the group were assaulted by large, wolf-like creatures, similar to the ones Loghren launched off the mountain a few days prior. He then guides the party to the depressed quartermaster suck it up, buttercup!, where they resupply and get ready for the attack on the drow. They scout out the bridge next, and can hear the tortured screams of someone from all the way across the bridge.

Nothing attacks the party just yet, so they make for the mess hall, where Ser Clovis tries to be mean to the party but just ends up looking dumb NICE TRY SER JERKFACE. They rest, and in the morning Andraste summons her raven familiar so they can enact the Super Amazing Totally Won’t Fail Plan™ spoiler alert: the plan failed. The party walks onto the bridge, and Andraste gives her raven Loghren’s teleport stone. She send it across the bridge, but the poor innocent raven is murdered before it fully makes it across.

Despite the risks, the party makes the teleport anyway, and end up in front of the barricade rather than behind it. They’re attacked immediately by drow on the other side, and the party starts to break through the barricade (or in Loghren, Taman, and Andraste’s case, climb over it). As they begin to take out the Drow, more appear, and are join by a giant spider as well as even more wolf creatures.

Ending EXP Count: 48,900

November 27, 2017
We Terrorize and Seriously Injure a Young Boy

The statue attacks Dawn, knocking her out; lucky for her, Alex heals her back into consciousness. Loghren and Andraste continue to hurt the statue, and Taman is the one who puts it down once and for all. As the statue falls, the spirit of the knight reappears, and wordlessly walks through the opening the statue left behind. Before following, Andraste, Alex, and Hamas open up the sarcophagus, revealing the body of the knight for the life of me i can’t remember his name whoops. On the body, the party finds a silver diadem, a sickle, and a longsword. The diadem goes to Dawn, Andraste takes the sickle, and the longsword ends up with Alex.

The party then moves into the hallway, and find a dark set of stairs. Everyone decides to take a quick break on the stairs not the most comfortable of spots to rest, I must say. As everyone recovers, everyone with lunargylps finds their mark begin to burn, and a smaller crescent has appeared on all of them, signifying their initiation into the Covenant of the Crescent Moon. Taman also hears some suspicious noises, but no one else can hear them.

Once everyone has recovered somewhat, Andraste and Taman lead the way, and the two emerge into a crawlspace beneath the floor, where they hear someone drop something. Taman lifts Andraste up, and she is able to peek into the room. Though she is unable to see anyone in the room, she is able to see a figure move in front of the window. Taman lowers her back to the floor and they return to the party.

The party moves as a whole back to the crawlspace, and as Taman is preparing to lift Andraste into the room again, Loghren knocks over some barrels and alerts the stranger above to their presence. Taman launches Andraste into the room as she casts invisibility, and she comes face-to-face with the point of a spear, wielded by a young solider. She reveals herself and attempts to pacify him, but Loghren scares him away.

He runs, and Andraste chases him as the others climb into the room. Andraste is able to catch him, but he elbows her in the face and escapes that hurt! what a jerk. Several attempts to stop the boy fail, until Taman shoots him in the leg gOOD. Only the arrival of Hamas is able to placate the boy. Hamas, Dawn, and Alex pulls the arrow out of the boy’s leg and heal him a bit.

The boy, Mykin (I need a spell check on that :P) leads the party to where what remains of the expedition is. He informs them that many of the expedition members died en route to the monastery; most died in an attack from a dragon (or wyvern…whatever). According to Morrin (again, need a spell check), Ser Clovis and Prince Aedin he’s so brave! are currently “dealing” with the Drow. Alex spends time healing some of the wounded soldiers, and the party moves to join the prince.

Ending EXP Count: 48,900

November 20, 2017
We Join the Spoon Cult

Loghren and Dawn are able to put an end to the spoozetex once and for all, freeing Andraste from the spoozetex’s mental clutches. Dawn jumps down to join Alex and Loghren, but messes up the landing and falls flat on her face I can’t say anything, I fell on my face too. Meanwhile Taman becomes the Prince of Persia and wall runs over the broken section of stairs. In the pool, Loghren tries to harvest some of the spoozetex’s acid, but just winds up destroying the dagger he was using.

After recovering for a bit, Andraste jumps down to join the others, and gets her rapier back from Dawn. She, Dawn, and Taman begin searching the rubble for anything interesting, and Andraste finds a key in the mouth of a partially destroyed tiger.Everyone makes their way back up onto the stairs above the pool (with some difficulty). Upon returning to the owl room, Andraste expresses her doubts about their mission, and everyone just assumes something is wrong with her (though they do their best to alleviate her fears).

They party slots in the blue and yellow eyes into the owl, and the northwest corridor opens to reveal a room that is the mirror to the room with the Spoozetex, save for a metal bar spanning the room. A single body lies in the pool below. Taman, believing Andraste to not be in a fit state of mind, barges across the bar before she can, and ends up cracking the family jewels and falling into the pool below well I guess Taman doesn’t have to worry about siring children anymore.

Upon Taman disturbing the pool, the body reanimates, attacking the poor, recovering Taman. Luckily, he’s able to kill it with the help of Alex. While he’s recovering down below, Andraste runs across the bar with no issues, and makes it to the opposite wall. Seeing the head of a stone tiger with a key clenched in it’s mouth, she attempts to grab the key with mage hand. However, the key is stuck, so she jumps over to the ledge. She calls over Taman, who manages to make it across this time. Together, their combined weight is enough to trigger the pressure plate and open the tiger’s mouth.

Both keys in hand, everyone returns to the owl room once again. They slot in both yellow eyes, opening the north passage once again. Loghren and Andraste are the first to the door, and though Andraste hesitates they both insert the keys and turn both at the same time, opening the door. The party heads down the staircase, and enters a wide, open room. A large sarcophagus sits at the north end, and a large font lies in the center of the room. Scones adorn each corner, and two carvings of knights decorate the back wall.

Taman lights the candle in the font, and a ghost emerges, claiming to be a Knight of the Sickle Moon. He asks why they trespass upon Selune’s temple, and Taman explains who they are and why they’re there. The knight then tells them of the Knights of the Sickle Moon, and asks if they are up to the challenge. Taman, Alex, Andraste, and Loghren all step forward, though Dawn, Hamas, and Walton are all silent. The knight carving on the right comes to life, and begins to attack the party (even the members who didn’t step forward).

Ending EXP Count: 46,000… 2,000 more exp to go!

November 13, 2017
Andraste Needs Therapy (or Alcohol)

Unfortunately for Loghren, destroying the spirits doesn’t seem to reverse his age issue, and neither does a lesser restoration from Alex. Walton, on the other hand, claims he can do something to help, and sets to memorizing a spell. Meanwhile Andraste, Taman, and Dawn attempt to open the large sarcophagi downstairs (though Dawn doesn’t help that much and Alex has to take over). Inside, they find the body of the High Abbot, and the final(?) set of owl eyes.

The party prepares to rest in the crypt, and Alex decides to send a message to Gery, asking if he’s still alive. Every watch is super boring, and nothing really happens the whole night. When everyone wakes, Walton casts Greater Restoration on Loghren, restoring his youth and taking away his position as second oldest party member.

With Loghren back to normal, the party returns to the owl room. Slotting in the yellow eyes opens up the northern corridor. The hallway ends in a large door, patterned with concentric, multi-colored circles; the floor below the door is slightly raised. Loghren and Andraste step on it, and their combined weight sinks the floor. A clunk sounds from behind the door, but nothing else happens. Andraste attempts to lock pick the door, but only gets vivid hallucinations for her efforts I WANT TO GO HOME :(((.

She pulls her rapier on Dawn and Alex, but the hallucinations fade before she attacks. She drops the cursed rapier, and Dawn picks it up it really is cursed and they all leave the hallway (but not before Andraste totally fails to convince Alex she’s totally fine).

While Andraste is having a mid-life (technically not mid-life bit whatever) crisis, Taman slots in the red and yellow eyes into the owl, which opens up a north eastern corridor. Down this corridor, the party finds a staircase leading down into a pool of murky, gross water. Loghren and Alex step onto it, and it crumbles, dropping them into the pool. As they disturb the pool, the two bodies resting in the water come to life and attack. Loghren kills the first one, and Andraste takes out the second one; both explode, and coat Alex and Loghren in…. mysterious fluid.

As the zampires die, a spooky ooze emerges from the depths of the pool. Neither Taman nor Andraste are able to hit it, and the spooky ooze vortex tentative name: spoozetex attacks both Loghren and Alex, and downs Alex in one hit honestly? i was about to cry i was so scared. Luckily, Loghren force feeds him a potion and brings him back :D. Andraste, on the other hand, is incapacitated with fear can i go home please i didn’t sign up for this :’(.

Ending EXP Count: 42,680

Andraste’s Nightmare Count: Infinite

November 6, 2017
...Into the Spooky Cube!

Upon further investigating the strange owl, Andraste is able to sense a faint arcane aura around the bird’s empty eye sockets. The party splits up to more thoroughly search the monastery (Loghren, Andraste, and Hamas go into the study, Alex and Taman remain in the owl room, and Dawn and Walton move back to the library).

Loghren and Hamas, through moving the desk in the study, are able to find a secret compartment in the desk. Loghren opens it, but has Andraste grab whatever is inside. Luckily the secret drawer didn’t contain any bear traps, and Andraste recovers two blue, ovalish objects without losing a hand. Then Loghren tries to steal her crowbar but he fails so badly even a blind person would’ve caught him

Everyone moves back into the chamber with the owl, and Andraste slots the blue orbs into the owl’s eyes. The owl’s head rotates and the passage behind them closes, followed by the hall on the west side opening. The new door way reveals a straight hall that diverges into two paths: left and right. The party splits again, Andraste, Taman and Dawn go right while the others go left.

Before the party completely reconvenes, a terrifying and horrible monster out of my worst nightmares descends from the ceiling and attacks Andraste. She’s able to dodge the wrath of the spooky cube now called Spobe and moves back down the hallway. Dawn, Taman, and Andraste all attack the Spobe, hurting it, until Dawn firebolts it to death Walton totally helped by poking it with his mage hand.

Loghren finds red versions of the blue eyes Andraste found within the hands of a statue. Alex finds a locked chest, and ANDRASTE FINALLY GETS TO PICK A LOCK! In true Andraste fashion, she doesn’t check for traps, and almost gets a finger sliced off, BUT ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Inside the chest they find Hamas’s and Alex’s weapons.

Once Alex and Hamas are reequipped, everyone moves back to the owl room again. Andraste removes the blue eyes and Loghren fits in the red ones. The west door closes, and the east door opens. Unlike the previous hallway, this one splits into two staircases rather than hallways. Loghren and Andraste go down one, while Alex and Taman go down the other. They emerge into a chamber full of sarcophagi with the names of notable monks written on them.

Another small staircase leads to a large sarcophagus with a curled up figure huddled next to it. Taman, Andraste, and Alex head down the stairway while everyone else remains on the upper level. The sarcophagus belonged to High Abbot Tholiam, according to the writing on it. The figure curled up next to it is completely dead, and doesn’t appear to be a zampire. Taman find a rosary on the body, with a large symbol in the shape of a lunarglyph on it. As he takes it, wispy entities emerge from some of the sarcophagi, and one emerges from the body.

The party begins to fight the spirits, and in the midst of the chaos, one of the spirits frightens Loghren, and somehow magically ages him 40 years he is now the second oldest party member!. Killing the spirit doesn’t seem to reverse the effects. The party fights off the spirits trying to possess them, and are able to defeat them (but not before the one downstairs almost murders Andraste).

Ending EXP Count: 42,680


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