Andraste Naïlo

High Elf Rogue



X Inspiration

+2 Proficiency Bonus

_ +1 Strength
X +5 Dexterity
_ +2 Consitution
X +4 Intelligence
_ +0 Wisdom
_ -1 Charisma
Saving Throws

_ +3 Acrobatics (Dex)
_ +0 Animal Handling (Wis)
_ +2 Arcana (Int)
_ +1 Athletics (Str)
X +3 Deception (Dex)
_ +2 History (Int)
X +2 Insight (Wis)
_ -1 Intimidation (Cha)
X +4 Investigation (Int)
_ +0 Medicine (Wis)
_ +2 Nature (Int)
X +4 Perception (Wis)
_ -1 Performance (Cha)
X +1 Persuasion (Cha)
_ +2 Religion (Int)
X +5 Slight of Hand (Dex)
X +5 Stealth (Dex)
_ +0 Survival (Wis)














Andraste stands at just over five feet tall. Her eyes and hair and shades of silver and white. A tattoo of a solitary black rose sits in between her shoulder blades. Her back is covered in scar tissue that not even time was able to heal. Oe of the only places untouched is the area around the tattoo. She is lithe and nimble; ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.


Andraste was born as Syllin Naïlo in the poorest area of her village, along with her fraternal twin sister Lia. Abandoned at a young age, the two were left to their own devices in order to survive. Together, Syllin and Lia learned unsavory skills, stealing from those more fortunate from them.

Around their thirtieth birthdays, Syllin’s and Lia’s paths diverged. Syllin was taken under the wing of a thieves guild, The Black Rose, where she honed her stealth skills and weapons training. Lia, utilizing her natural beauty, became a courtesan. Despite their different vocations, the two remained close.

The guild master, Theren, took a special interest in the young Syllin, and personally mentored her. He was the closest thing she ever had to a father.

Around the time she joined, Syllin met Anderis, a young male around her age. The two quickly became close and often took jobs together.When she turned fifty, the two got engaged, and planned to marry and leave the guild on Syllin’s one-hundredth birthday.

Forty years passed with little incident, until Syllin – along with Anderis – had taken a job to steal from the leaders of the village. However, as they neared their goal, Syllin made a fatal error, and the pair got captured. They were thrown into prison, and expected no help from the guild. Syllin and Anderis attempted to remain together and stay alive, but to no avail. Anderis died a few months after their capture, and Syllin was soon scheduled to be executed.

Two weeks beforehand, however, she managed to escape, and fled for her life -but not before returning to the Black Rose and taking her belongings, as well as some of the guild’s funds. She was never able to recover hers or Anderis’s engagement rings, despite a return trip to the prison.

Outcasted from Elven society, she found herself living among humans. Just like as a child, she stole from the rich, taking as she pleased. Just after her hundredth birthday, Syllin finally managed to make contact with her old village, and learned devastating news. Her old guild was after her, hoping to drag her back into their fold. Even worse, when the elders had leaned of her escape, they had gone after Lia, and executed her in Syllin’s stead. After learning this, Syllin declared adulthood, giving herself the name Andraste, hoping to cut all ties with her past.

Andraste Naïlo

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