The Mists of Pantea

October 31, 2016

A Pyrric Victory

Pyrric Victory

[pir·ik vik·to·ry]


  1. a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat
  2. a victory in which the victor’s losses are as great as those of the defeated
  3. an empty victory, where the victor hasn’t truly won anything

As Alex slams the cottage’s door shut, he is consumed by a flashback of his past. He sees the people who ransacked his village and killed his family. Reliving what’s probably the most traumatic experience of his life, he resolves that he won’t let any of the children die oh god this already hurts… can someone else write the summary this week? and that he will kill Quirora. He casts Guiding Bolt at the hag like a total badass, and advances toward her as she screams in pain.

Loghren, pleased that his initial suspicions are correct, attacks her immediately. As she takes a massive amount of damage, she vanishes. Alex casts Detect Magic, lighting up the cabin like the Fourth of July ’Murica. He is unable to determine er exact location, however, and goes to where he thinks she is.

Loghren, on the other hand, throws his javelin at where he thinks she might be and misses by a mile. He then senses something over his shoulder, and turns to see Quirora standing over one of the children, her claws at their throat. Loghren tells her that she’ll have one chance to leave unharmed, and they won’t pursue her if she flees immediately, which displeases Alex.

Quirora doesn’t respond, but her image shimmers, like a ripple of water, and she disappears again. This time, she reappears next to Loghren and attempts to cast Hold Person on him, but fails. She then grabs one of the children, and rips her throat out before Loghren can do anything.

Meanwhile, Taman is rushing towards the cottage, still carrying a semi-conscious Andraste. Taman heals her does he touch her ass? the world may never know…, and she is able to recover a small bit.

Back at the cottage, Alex sees the girl Quirora killed, and attempts to heal her. Fortunately he is able to stabilize her it’s so sad thinking about how futile this was. He then throws a Light Hammer at the hag, and it slams into her face ha! serves her right.

Alex and Loghren continue to trade blows with Quirora, and Taman and Andraste finally make it back to the cottage. Taman sets Andraste down who is still soaked to the bone with nasty lake water and enters the cottage, joining the fight.

Before Andraste can join, Quirora summons a set of orbs, like the ones that guided the party to the cottage. Andraste attempts to shoot one but misses. She then hides behind a tree. However, she hears something moving from within the tree line, but something seems off to her… her hearing isn’t as sharp as it was before she regained consciousness out of all the disabilities to give Andraste she just had to get the one I have in real life.

As the fight continues, she moves through the open window, and warns the party of the movement behind her. She then looses an arrow straight into Quirora’s face, killing her god damn that’s badass. As she dies, the orbs disappear.

In their limited prep time, Alex gives Andraste his Superior Health Potion, Taman gives Loghren his Potion of Invincibility, and Alex checks up on the child, who is alive in breathing. Andraste, in a move of ultimate grace, falls to the dirt as she attempts to climb out the window, smacking into the shutter and making more noise than Alex. Unfortunately, she draws the gaze of Qiphine. Andraste feels an intense fear fill her heart, but is able to shake it off, and become determined to take the hag down. This conviction lasts approximately two seconds, as Qiphine approaches and claws Andraste, knocking her unconscious god damn you’d think I killed her puppy or something what did I do to this lady to make her hate me so much.

Taman hops out the window and feeds Andraste the Superior Health Potion, getting her back up to her feet, while Alex moves closer to the window and attacks with his Spiritual Weapon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a lot of damage. Loghren meanwhile attacks her fishy henchmen. One tries to grab him, but fails miserably. The other tries to cast Bane on Loghren, Andraste, and Alex, but Alex uses the Crystal Rod to absorb the spell, negating it completely.

Andraste looses a scream arrow, taking an incredibly wild, but powerful, shot. The had is completely annihilated, and is blasted back. Unfortunately for the hag, her path takes her straight into Alex’s Spiritual Weapon, where she is impaled HAHA BITCH TAKE THAT THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR KNOCKING ME OUT TWICE AND MAKING ME DEAF IN ONE EAR. As Qiphine’s life force fades, the sky darkens and massive thunderstorm rolls in. Everything organic begins to shimmer, then fade as the demiplane collapses. Even the ground below the party’s feet begins to rupture and shake.

As this is happening, a giant figure rushes in from where the party came. The man stands about seven feet tall, and he appears heavily armored. An aura taking the shape of Trithereon surrounds the man, making him appear bigger than he actually is. He also appears to be cloaked in flames. Andraste and Loghren actually recognize the man from previous encounters.

The man, Droba, runs into the house, and pierces of of the fishy henchmen with his halberd hey dude I like your halberd, killing it. He warns the party that there isn’t much time, and that they have to leave immediately. Loghren, possibly feeling up-staged, ignores him and attacks the remaining fishy henchmen. However, he then gets himself grabbed by the creature.

Taman tries to get Loghren to leave, but is unsuccessful. Alex then picks up the wounded girl, and gets the other two to follow him out the window. Andraste, seeing that Loghren is in trouble, shoots an arrow at the fish thing, hurting it but not killing it. After she looses the arrow, the ground violently shakes AND SHE GETS HIT BY FUCKING LIGHTING but like a total badass it doesn’t really hurt her and she shrugs it off.

Loghren successfully kills the final fishy butt, decapitates Quirora’s corpse, and grabs one of the children. Taman and Alex also grab a child The Red Knot child delivery service, anyone?. Before they leave, Andraste loots Qiphine, and stuffs whatever she finds into her pocket.

Andraste takes point as the party runs back the way they came. As they run, Loghren becomes weighed down, and slows. He makes the difficult decision to drop his beloved glaive but yet he still keeps the hag’s head. Andraste notices this, and stops and doubles back. She casts Mage Hand, and grabs Loghren’s glaive. However, she is now just as behind as Loghren is, about sixty feet back from everyone else.

As the party runs, a massive fissure opens up in the ground. Gery and Droba are able to make it, as well as Taman and Alex; although they experience some difficulty. Taman then gives the child he’s holding to Gery, and waits at the fissure, ready to help in case someone cough cough Andraste can’t make it across. Loghren, of course, makes the jump no problem, but Andraste falls short. Taman is able to grab the other end of Loghren’s glaive, and swing her up to safety jeez Taman we’re really making this a habit aren’t we.

They run, and eventually see the portal that leads to the normal cottage. Gery and Droba make it through the noticeably smaller portal, and Andraste clears it as well.Alex, Taman, and Loghren, however, experience difficulty and barely make it.

In the cottage, everything is shaking and appears to be shrinking smaller and smaller.Gery and Droba make it through the shrunken door just fine I’m noticing a trend here…. But Andraste, Loghren, Taman, and Alex are all hurt by the demiplane’s collapse. The girl in Alex’s arms dies .

Oh god i can’t do this On the other side, Alex cradles the child, murmuring healing word over and over, even though it’s futile. Alex is distraught, as all he can think about is the murder of his own family. Taman approaches, and tries to take the body, but Alex refuses to surrender it. Seeing the state he’s in, he sits with Alex.

Loghren, seemingly emotionless, carries the other child and.begins to leave the Black Swamp. Andraste, still clutching Loghren’s glaive, sees the state Alex is in and decides to sit next next to him, offering him her presence.

Taman leaves them to thank Gery, and explains how they felt like they’d only been gone hours, not days. Alex rises and claims the responsibility of telling the parents of the girl’s death.

As the party begins their solemn march through the swamp, Twobo flies to each of the party members, trying to comfort them as best she can Twobo is the real MVP. After walking to the edge of the swamp, Taman and Andraste suggest they make camp, but Loghren protests Loghren this isn’t like you….

Loghren reluctantly agrees, and they set up camp. Alex wraps the girl in his bedroll. Andraste, wordless, hands Loghren his glaive back, and he responds in a bashful manner it’s ok Loghren it’s not everyday you almost lose your glaive. Taman, meanwhile, brands himself with a solid line, adding to the other two present lines. Loghren begins to clean Quirora’s skull, and Alex questions him about it in an accusatory tone. They argue, and Alex gets physical before Andraste can intervene.

Droba and Andraste begin to speak, and he introduces himself. Loghren and Alex continue to make snide comments, despite Andraste’s interventions god damn guys listen to your elders . Taman thanks Gery once again, and even compliments him honestly my entire viewpoint of Gery has changed. Taman learns that Genma is still waiting for the party, and that he is the one who introduced Gery and Droba.

Droba, meanwhile, attempts to comfort Alex, and even heals him. Unfortunately, Alex doesn’t feel any better, and is content to wallow in his sorrow…


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