The Mists of Pantea

October 2, 2017

Encroaching Darkness

As the party watches Nostradamus and the red dragon tumble into the mist, Dawn is reminded of the past… In her memory, she and Nostradamus hunts down a thief who had stolen a crystal rod (something possibly from Loghren’s backstory?? I have no clue but I’m so intrigued).

In present day, both owl and dragon have vanished, leabing behind a distraught Dawn. She tells the others she thought her giant companion was dead, and had no idea he would save them. Andraste promises Dawn that she’ll personally accompany Dawn to look for the owl if he doesn’t return, and she and Taman retrieve one of the owl’s feathers for Dawn.

The party continues their journey as night falls and rain sets in. Alex and Hamas, carrying Walton, slow to an absolute crawl. When Andraste ever so kindly suggests that the group rests and takes a break, Hamas is SUPER RUDE AND MEAN TO HER FINE screw you Hamas! I’m done being nice to you >:( and he insists they keep pushing. Dawn, noticing his obvious exhaustion, feigns needing a rest, forcing Hamas to stop I see how it is, Hamas >:(.

While Dawn, Alex, and Hamas rest, Loghren, Andraste, and Taman move to scout ahead. Hamas protests, but Andraste is able to convince him to put him in his place okay to be completely honest I can’t exactly remember what I said to Hamas? And all my notes say is, in all caps, “BUT ANDRASTE PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE” and I don’t think that’s entirely accurate to be 100% honest. Andraste casts invisibility on Loghren, and Taman casts pass without a trace, but even with their combined effort Loghren is still about as stealthy as an elephant in labor.

As the scouting party pushes on, the rain worsens, becoming a full-blown storm. They eventually come across a gully, and see a bridge a bit ahead of them. They decide this is kinda an okay place to camp, and head back to the others. After Loghren tries, and fails, to steal the dragon tooth off of Loghren, everyone heads back to the bridge, which they decide to cross.

Loghren and Andraste make the crossing first (Loghren almost steps on a rotten plank and falls to his death, but Andraste stops him in time and totally saves him). Seeing as it’s somewhat safe, Andraste goes back for the rest of the party while Loghren waits on the bridge.

Upon returning with the others, Loghren finishes crossing the bridge. When the others start their crossing, however, the party is ambushed by two Drow darkness spells. The Drow, and their weird beastial companions, press their advantage, and things look REALLY REALLY BAD… until Alex dispels the darkness like the awesome Justicar of Pelor he is. With the darkness gone, the Red Knot is able to take on their attackers on equal footing, and manage to kill all but a few…

Ending EXP Count: 37,600


robertgrew37 VoidyMcVoidster

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