The Mists of Pantea

October 16, 2017

Bad Decisions Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

To everyone’s immense surprise (and extreme relief), Taman and Andraste don’t immediately die upon stepping into the monastery. They cautiously explore the chamber, checking for traps and other things that might kill them. When none are found, they move to the walls and door, cleaning the dust off of them and revealing a mural. The mural on the wall depicts three travelers, then a massive pile of weapons (like a bonfire of pointy, deadly objects). The door shows the same three travelers, their backs to the viewer, and weaponless.

Finally, the two go to investigate the highly suspicious wooden chest by the door we save the best for last what can i say. The chest itself seems heavier than it should be, and is difficult to move. It has no keyhole, just a clasp. Oddly, dust doesn’t cover the chest as it covers the rest of the room. Opening the chest reveals it is completely and totally empty THe ONE TIME I CHECK A CHEST FOR TRAPs AND IT’S EMPTY?!?!?!. Reaching inside does nothing, and placing a single shortbow into the chest yields no results.

Meanwhile, as the pair have been gone for an hour, Loghren leaves Alex on watch and sets off to find them by himself. After walking for some time, he hears a dragon roar, and proceeds to have a̸̢̒ ̵̲̉l̵̃͜ǒ̴̙v̶̩̈e̷̯͛l̴̬̿y̶̹̕ ̷͎͂c̸̺̅ó̶̞n̶̩͗v̵̤̐e̴̠͒r̶̛͔s̵͉̒å̵̩t̶̟̚i̶̜͐ỏ̷͓n̴̺̆ ̴̮̚ẅ̴̬́ỉ̴̬t̸͚͊h̴̝͝ ̶̡͠Ẁ̵͚ȳ̵̯r̵̬͝m̸͎͠ ̵́ͅŜ̸͚ț̴̓i̶̢͛n̸͇͠g̶̺̊ before he’s violently assaulted by a fireball, severely injuring him and leaving behind terrible scars. He hauls ass to the monastery as Taman and Andraste move to step out.

As the two turn around to head outside, one of the monks(?) falls from the ceiling, making Taman and Andraste roll FREAKING CHARISMA SAVING THROWS eXCUSE ME BUT IM STILL SATLY ABOUT THAT. Andraste, of course, fails, and becomes paralyzed with fear. In a move reminiscent of the past, Taman is forced to carry Andraste out of a bad situation we REALLY need to stop doing this. As they run out the monastery, Taman hears rustling in the bushes, sets Andraste down, and gets ready to fire. Luckily, it’s just a burn-scarred Loghren, who scoops up Andraste and tells Taman to run for the safety of the monastery. They’re able to shut the door just in the nick of time, and hole up there for the rest of the night.

Alex wakes up Dawn after Loghren has been gone for an hour, and asks for advice. She advises that they wait until morning, and trust that the others are okay. Alex keeps watches for the rest of the night, forgoing his rest for the sake of the others’. They set off for the monastery in the morning. Upon opening the door, they find a wounded Loghren and an unresponsive Andraste, who had been plagued by nightmares throughout the night who is the person she saw?? The world may never know. Alex cures her, and they have a nice moment together.

After tinkering with the door, Alex, Hamas, and Walton are able to get through the door by disarming, while everyone else teleports to the other side with Andraste. They enter a mess hall like area with tables, and two halls going in opposite directions. Taman hears groaning down the right-hand hall.The party seeing a hunched over figure clutching at its stomach; it appears…hungry. When it sees the party, it attacks, but doesn’t last very long (thanks Loghren!). The body has elongated teeth, and puncture marks on it’s abdomen, suggesting vampires i wonder if they sparkle.

In the next room, Taman finds a note describing armored men who were able to get through the door without disarming. After looting the corpses of the monks in the same room, the party moves on to the closed door, which swings open to reveal a library…

Ending EXP Count: 40,080


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