The Mists of Pantea

November 6, 2017

...Into the Spooky Cube!

Upon further investigating the strange owl, Andraste is able to sense a faint arcane aura around the bird’s empty eye sockets. The party splits up to more thoroughly search the monastery (Loghren, Andraste, and Hamas go into the study, Alex and Taman remain in the owl room, and Dawn and Walton move back to the library).

Loghren and Hamas, through moving the desk in the study, are able to find a secret compartment in the desk. Loghren opens it, but has Andraste grab whatever is inside. Luckily the secret drawer didn’t contain any bear traps, and Andraste recovers two blue, ovalish objects without losing a hand. Then Loghren tries to steal her crowbar but he fails so badly even a blind person would’ve caught him

Everyone moves back into the chamber with the owl, and Andraste slots the blue orbs into the owl’s eyes. The owl’s head rotates and the passage behind them closes, followed by the hall on the west side opening. The new door way reveals a straight hall that diverges into two paths: left and right. The party splits again, Andraste, Taman and Dawn go right while the others go left.

Before the party completely reconvenes, a terrifying and horrible monster out of my worst nightmares descends from the ceiling and attacks Andraste. She’s able to dodge the wrath of the spooky cube now called Spobe and moves back down the hallway. Dawn, Taman, and Andraste all attack the Spobe, hurting it, until Dawn firebolts it to death Walton totally helped by poking it with his mage hand.

Loghren finds red versions of the blue eyes Andraste found within the hands of a statue. Alex finds a locked chest, and ANDRASTE FINALLY GETS TO PICK A LOCK! In true Andraste fashion, she doesn’t check for traps, and almost gets a finger sliced off, BUT ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT! Inside the chest they find Hamas’s and Alex’s weapons.

Once Alex and Hamas are reequipped, everyone moves back to the owl room again. Andraste removes the blue eyes and Loghren fits in the red ones. The west door closes, and the east door opens. Unlike the previous hallway, this one splits into two staircases rather than hallways. Loghren and Andraste go down one, while Alex and Taman go down the other. They emerge into a chamber full of sarcophagi with the names of notable monks written on them.

Another small staircase leads to a large sarcophagus with a curled up figure huddled next to it. Taman, Andraste, and Alex head down the stairway while everyone else remains on the upper level. The sarcophagus belonged to High Abbot Tholiam, according to the writing on it. The figure curled up next to it is completely dead, and doesn’t appear to be a zampire. Taman find a rosary on the body, with a large symbol in the shape of a lunarglyph on it. As he takes it, wispy entities emerge from some of the sarcophagi, and one emerges from the body.

The party begins to fight the spirits, and in the midst of the chaos, one of the spirits frightens Loghren, and somehow magically ages him 40 years he is now the second oldest party member!. Killing the spirit doesn’t seem to reverse the effects. The party fights off the spirits trying to possess them, and are able to defeat them (but not before the one downstairs almost murders Andraste).

Ending EXP Count: 42,680


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