The Mists of Pantea

November 27, 2017

We Terrorize and Seriously Injure a Young Boy

The statue attacks Dawn, knocking her out; lucky for her, Alex heals her back into consciousness. Loghren and Andraste continue to hurt the statue, and Taman is the one who puts it down once and for all. As the statue falls, the spirit of the knight reappears, and wordlessly walks through the opening the statue left behind. Before following, Andraste, Alex, and Hamas open up the sarcophagus, revealing the body of the knight for the life of me i can’t remember his name whoops. On the body, the party finds a silver diadem, a sickle, and a longsword. The diadem goes to Dawn, Andraste takes the sickle, and the longsword ends up with Alex.

The party then moves into the hallway, and find a dark set of stairs. Everyone decides to take a quick break on the stairs not the most comfortable of spots to rest, I must say. As everyone recovers, everyone with lunargylps finds their mark begin to burn, and a smaller crescent has appeared on all of them, signifying their initiation into the Covenant of the Crescent Moon. Taman also hears some suspicious noises, but no one else can hear them.

Once everyone has recovered somewhat, Andraste and Taman lead the way, and the two emerge into a crawlspace beneath the floor, where they hear someone drop something. Taman lifts Andraste up, and she is able to peek into the room. Though she is unable to see anyone in the room, she is able to see a figure move in front of the window. Taman lowers her back to the floor and they return to the party.

The party moves as a whole back to the crawlspace, and as Taman is preparing to lift Andraste into the room again, Loghren knocks over some barrels and alerts the stranger above to their presence. Taman launches Andraste into the room as she casts invisibility, and she comes face-to-face with the point of a spear, wielded by a young solider. She reveals herself and attempts to pacify him, but Loghren scares him away.

He runs, and Andraste chases him as the others climb into the room. Andraste is able to catch him, but he elbows her in the face and escapes that hurt! what a jerk. Several attempts to stop the boy fail, until Taman shoots him in the leg gOOD. Only the arrival of Hamas is able to placate the boy. Hamas, Dawn, and Alex pulls the arrow out of the boy’s leg and heal him a bit.

The boy, Mykin (I need a spell check on that :P) leads the party to where what remains of the expedition is. He informs them that many of the expedition members died en route to the monastery; most died in an attack from a dragon (or wyvern…whatever). According to Morrin (again, need a spell check), Ser Clovis and Prince Aedin he’s so brave! are currently “dealing” with the Drow. Alex spends time healing some of the wounded soldiers, and the party moves to join the prince.

Ending EXP Count: 48,900


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