The Mists of Pantea

November 20, 2017

We Join the Spoon Cult

Loghren and Dawn are able to put an end to the spoozetex once and for all, freeing Andraste from the spoozetex’s mental clutches. Dawn jumps down to join Alex and Loghren, but messes up the landing and falls flat on her face I can’t say anything, I fell on my face too. Meanwhile Taman becomes the Prince of Persia and wall runs over the broken section of stairs. In the pool, Loghren tries to harvest some of the spoozetex’s acid, but just winds up destroying the dagger he was using.

After recovering for a bit, Andraste jumps down to join the others, and gets her rapier back from Dawn. She, Dawn, and Taman begin searching the rubble for anything interesting, and Andraste finds a key in the mouth of a partially destroyed tiger.Everyone makes their way back up onto the stairs above the pool (with some difficulty). Upon returning to the owl room, Andraste expresses her doubts about their mission, and everyone just assumes something is wrong with her (though they do their best to alleviate her fears).

They party slots in the blue and yellow eyes into the owl, and the northwest corridor opens to reveal a room that is the mirror to the room with the Spoozetex, save for a metal bar spanning the room. A single body lies in the pool below. Taman, believing Andraste to not be in a fit state of mind, barges across the bar before she can, and ends up cracking the family jewels and falling into the pool below well I guess Taman doesn’t have to worry about siring children anymore.

Upon Taman disturbing the pool, the body reanimates, attacking the poor, recovering Taman. Luckily, he’s able to kill it with the help of Alex. While he’s recovering down below, Andraste runs across the bar with no issues, and makes it to the opposite wall. Seeing the head of a stone tiger with a key clenched in it’s mouth, she attempts to grab the key with mage hand. However, the key is stuck, so she jumps over to the ledge. She calls over Taman, who manages to make it across this time. Together, their combined weight is enough to trigger the pressure plate and open the tiger’s mouth.

Both keys in hand, everyone returns to the owl room once again. They slot in both yellow eyes, opening the north passage once again. Loghren and Andraste are the first to the door, and though Andraste hesitates they both insert the keys and turn both at the same time, opening the door. The party heads down the staircase, and enters a wide, open room. A large sarcophagus sits at the north end, and a large font lies in the center of the room. Scones adorn each corner, and two carvings of knights decorate the back wall.

Taman lights the candle in the font, and a ghost emerges, claiming to be a Knight of the Sickle Moon. He asks why they trespass upon Selune’s temple, and Taman explains who they are and why they’re there. The knight then tells them of the Knights of the Sickle Moon, and asks if they are up to the challenge. Taman, Alex, Andraste, and Loghren all step forward, though Dawn, Hamas, and Walton are all silent. The knight carving on the right comes to life, and begins to attack the party (even the members who didn’t step forward).

Ending EXP Count: 46,000… 2,000 more exp to go!


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