The Mists of Pantea

November 13, 2017

Andraste Needs Therapy (or Alcohol)

Unfortunately for Loghren, destroying the spirits doesn’t seem to reverse his age issue, and neither does a lesser restoration from Alex. Walton, on the other hand, claims he can do something to help, and sets to memorizing a spell. Meanwhile Andraste, Taman, and Dawn attempt to open the large sarcophagi downstairs (though Dawn doesn’t help that much and Alex has to take over). Inside, they find the body of the High Abbot, and the final(?) set of owl eyes.

The party prepares to rest in the crypt, and Alex decides to send a message to Gery, asking if he’s still alive. Every watch is super boring, and nothing really happens the whole night. When everyone wakes, Walton casts Greater Restoration on Loghren, restoring his youth and taking away his position as second oldest party member.

With Loghren back to normal, the party returns to the owl room. Slotting in the yellow eyes opens up the northern corridor. The hallway ends in a large door, patterned with concentric, multi-colored circles; the floor below the door is slightly raised. Loghren and Andraste step on it, and their combined weight sinks the floor. A clunk sounds from behind the door, but nothing else happens. Andraste attempts to lock pick the door, but only gets vivid hallucinations for her efforts I WANT TO GO HOME :(((.

She pulls her rapier on Dawn and Alex, but the hallucinations fade before she attacks. She drops the cursed rapier, and Dawn picks it up it really is cursed and they all leave the hallway (but not before Andraste totally fails to convince Alex she’s totally fine).

While Andraste is having a mid-life (technically not mid-life bit whatever) crisis, Taman slots in the red and yellow eyes into the owl, which opens up a north eastern corridor. Down this corridor, the party finds a staircase leading down into a pool of murky, gross water. Loghren and Alex step onto it, and it crumbles, dropping them into the pool. As they disturb the pool, the two bodies resting in the water come to life and attack. Loghren kills the first one, and Andraste takes out the second one; both explode, and coat Alex and Loghren in…. mysterious fluid.

As the zampires die, a spooky ooze emerges from the depths of the pool. Neither Taman nor Andraste are able to hit it, and the spooky ooze vortex tentative name: spoozetex attacks both Loghren and Alex, and downs Alex in one hit honestly? i was about to cry i was so scared. Luckily, Loghren force feeds him a potion and brings him back :D. Andraste, on the other hand, is incapacitated with fear can i go home please i didn’t sign up for this :’(.

Ending EXP Count: 42,680

Andraste’s Nightmare Count: Infinite


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