The Mists of Pantea

May 8, 2017

Loghren Finally Remembers Who Rot Is (Then Kills Him)

As Andraste finally conquers her greatest enemy climbs on top of the building, the rest of the party subdues their attackers, who point the party in the direction of the wooden-masked man. They eventually sneak up onto a dock, where the see | Rot | Rot step off a small ship.

At the sight of him, Loghren finally remembers who Rot is took you long enough jeez. He flashes back to the day the Black Falconswere transporting goods through Razor-Rock Ridge. There, the mercenaries are ambushed by warriors (who resemble really pissed off Grim Hornravens). Merric, ever-so noble, saves Kalash before they’re both crushed by a giant rock. Velgrim is killed by one of the warriors. In the midst of the fighting, Loghren seeks out Kallor and they both flee that’s really rude, just saying.

Back in the present, BIlly ( Rosalinde’s son) is dragged out by one of Odain’s men, and is then killed maybe if his mom wasn’t so rude he wouldn’t have died…. Fighting breaks out between Odain’s men and the Red Knot. As they trade blows, one of Odain’s men throws a Molotov at Loghren and Andraste. Andraste, the best quick thinker ever, pulls out the Dust of Dryness pellet and douses the whole party in water no need to thank me, guys.

A bit later, Captain Parre shows up with a squad of Watchers. Loghren and Odain both try to win the Captain over to their side, and Loghren eventually convinces the Captain to help the Red Knot out. At the sight of his men being arrested, Odain flees onto his boat is it a ship or a boat? i don’t care. Loghren chases after him. Meanwhile, Alex goes after the masked man (and completely obliterates one of Odain’s men while he’s at it).

Loghren and Odain fight to the death on the ship. Odain, however, isn’t nearly as cool as Loghren, and is killed we’re totally gonna take Odain’s ship.


robertgrew37 VoidyMcVoidster

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