The Mists of Pantea

May 22, 2017

Parre's Personality Isn't as Cool as His Token

Following the events of Rot’s death, Captain Parre takes the Red Knot into custody, claiming that they committed murder and are up to no good eXCUSE YOU IT WAS SELF DEFENSE. Inside their cell, Loghren has been unusually quiet. When Taman asks him what happened on the boat with Rot, Loghren reveals that he made a deal with the devil Belial, and will serve it for 100 years after his death. Making this deal has turned Loghren’s hair white.

Captain Parre eventually shows up to question the party. Loghren attempts to plead their case, but Parre refuses to listen to him.However, Captain Hamas soon arrives and is able to get Parre to release the party, totally saving the day. Although the party is supposed to be escorted directly to the barracks to be kept under watch, Taman and Andraste are able to convince the Captain to take them to the Hall of the Silver Lady, first. Before they set off, Taman is able to recover some of his equipment, and returns Andraste’s daggers to her. He also gifts her with Wasp Sting it’s definitely not a rip off of Wyrm String.

As the Red Knot and Captain Parre head off, they chit chat about Hamas’s recovery and his arrival in Alton. Alex mentions Thely why. why would you do this and Andraste casts invisibility on herself in order to escape the awful memories.

When the party makes it to the temple, Alex and Hamas go in together, leaving the others behind. Sister Mary lets them in, despite the late hour, and returns the Quiver of Ehlonna to him before he leaves. Everyone is then lead through the city to the barracks, where they crack open Taman’s last bottle of fancy wine. The next morning, Andraste, with the help of Hamas, forces some poor soldier to retrieve her rapiers for her i’m not sorry!.

At the Moon Maiden, Alex gives Andraste the quiver back my preciousssss. Taman is put in charge of navigation, Andraste and Dawn are in charge of ballistae, and Alex and Loghren are bums with no jobs. The skyship has a rocky start, but is able to get airborne. Andraste visits the on board physician, and her hearing is finally FINALLY fixed. Loghren and Dawn talk about the day in Razor-Rock Ridge, and Alex learns about the sword he swiped from the masked man. Andraste attempts to teach Taman thieve’s cant, but he completely fails at learning it.

As the Moon Maiden enters the Graewood, the weather worsens and worsens until the skyship is completely encased in thick mist. In the mist, strange shapes appear to fade in and out… Using his super cool ranger senses, Taman is able to detect tat dragons are nearby. Sure enough, a huge red wyvern appears out of the mist, and it instantly kills one of the crew members. The red wyvern is joined by a pack of smaller but just as deadly wyverns. Captain Hamas 1v1s one of the creatures, but nearly dies in the attempt.

As the wyverns slowly begin to pick off crew members one by one, the big one launches a huge fireball at the ship, knocking everyone except Loghren off their feet and setting the ship on fire.


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