The Mists of Pantea

March 20, 2017

Darkest Before the Dawn

A few hours after the hunt, the party moves into Loghren’s room so they can discuss the demon gorilla, as well as Taman’s kidnapping. Andraste reveals to the group that the gorilla was likely drow in origin, and it sounds similar to some of the legends she heard as a child. Taman describes how we was kidnapped, and who did it. Loghren, for the life of him, can’t seem to recall who Rot is, or how Rot is connected to his past. Andraste also tells the group that she was spotted by the bowyer she and Taman stole the Quiver of Ehlonna from, and he likely suspects her for stealing it. The group decides to hide the Quiver in the Hall of the Silver Lady.

Before they leave, Andraste lends Taman a set of very special daggers sentiment wise, at least and several arrows. Loghren and Alex snoop outside the door nosy much?.

As they head for the Hall of the Silver Lady, Andraste spots a thieves’ mark on a nearby building, and follows it alone while the others poorly attempt to look casual. Andraste enters a small garden-like area. There, she encounters a lone man, who warns her that the company she is keeping is attracting a lot of unwanted attention. Before he leaves, he also tells her that there may be something of interest to her by the waterside.

At the temple, Alex attempts to convince Sister Mary to hide the Quiver. Despite Sister Mary’s obvious distaste for Andraste wow. rude. I haven’t even robbed her yet, she agrees to stow the Quiver.

The group heads for the party at the castle is it a castle, or a palace??. On the castle grounds, Andraste spots a row of flowers that seem to emanate a magical aura, a nearby building seems to emanate a similar aura. Inside, the party reluctantly hands over their weapons (save for their daggers).

They take a boat (??) deeper into the palace, and eventually wind up in a grand hall of sorts. As the party is sitting and enjoying the feast, a woman sits next to Loghren and introduces herself as Dawn. As they’re making friendly chatter, an elven man grabs Taman’s attention.

The man introduces himself as Envoy Falondin La’Thom, and claims he works with Taman’s father. According to Falondin, Taman’s father never had children after Taman, as he couldn’t handle the guilt. Falondin agrees to send a message to Taman’s father, and also offers to help in any way he can just wanna say this is suspicious as hell.

Meanwhile Alex and Cathna move the dance floor. Alex is absolutely terrible at dancing, but Cathna probably doesn’t mind. Loghren leaves the group to speak with Droba, leaving Andraste, Taman, and Dawn at the table. Taman pulls out the glaive blade they got from the gnolls in the Red Thicket and asks Andraste to present it to Clovis . Remembering what happened during the Hunt, she politely refuses. Dawn, after some convincing, agrees to present it to him. Afterward, Andraste asks Taman to dance, and they’re also terrible at it i’m starting to think the Red Knot just can’t dance.

King Graewyn soon stops the music, and asks everyone not involved in the Hunt to leave (excluding Dawn, or course). After everyone leaves, Dawn steps forward and shares that Rasdralith (??) is returning. Most, however, seem to dismiss her claim. Taman backs her up, and presents Hamas’s pauldron and the story of the wyvern as proof of the dragons’ return. The two princes, Aeron and Aedin, bicker about what should be done about the dragons. Loghren also tells of his fight with drow demon gorilla, and its drow origins.

Soon after, everyone who doesn’t have a lunarglyph, save for Paito-Maito and Dawn, are told to leave, forcing Andraste and Taman to finally reveal their glyphs we would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kings. After everyone leaves, the party tells the king of Hamas’s missive, and the drow attacks along the King’s Road. Loghren also presents his spear should i rewrite that sentence…? nahhh, which will be studied in the Antiquarium.

The King asks the group to help Aedin scout the monastery Hamas described no need to thank me for remembering the monastery, it’s all in a day’s work before they are led out by the prince. Before they leave, Aedin asks Dawn for help, and she agrees to travel with them. He also asks the party to meet him at the iron manufactury the next day.

On the way out, Taman is stopped from picking one of the magical flowers outside the palace suspicious….

As the party heads back to the Frothy Mug, a light falls in front of them and explodes, severely hurting Loghren and slightly Andraste.


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