The Mists of Pantea

January 30, 2017

We Finally Get to Freaking Alton Jeez

Loghren passes out as the fight with the dog men finishes. When he comes to, he is standing on an ornately decorated stone surface, and is surrounded by shadows. A pair of large talons emerges from the dark, and Loghren is eventually surrounded on all sides by pairs of talons. A voice speaks to him, telling him he is unworthy of the power of his spear. Loghren is then attacked, but passes out. When he comes to, he wakes up to Andraste staring at him.

She scolds him for napping when she can’t yeah man not fair and helps him up. The two then head down the cliff and toward the dead owlbear. They skin it, as well as take its… quadricles lovely just lovely.

The party pushes onward, but in the following nights Loghren experiences intense nightmares. Concerned, both Taman and Alex confront him about it, but Loghren remains aloof and doesn’t really tell them what’s wrong. Andraste, kind as she is, respects his privacy and leaves him be.

After a few days, the party finally breaks the tree line and emerge into a grassy valley. Lucky for them, the King’s Road stretches bellow them, and they’re only a half day away from Alton. Unluckily, there’s a huge amount of traffic on the road.

The party heads towards a gathering of refugees, hoping to get food and water. As they approach the barn, Sir Jerk Face makes his grand appearance, shoving aside an innocent farmer before heading off we shoulda robbed him im just sayin.

The party moves on, and finally FINALLY make it to Alton. They leave the survivors outside of the gates, promising to fin a way to let them inside before they enter the city with Genma. As they’re walking through the gates, Taman is stopped by one of the Watchers, and is told to keep his companions in line, and is totally racist and rude IF I RUN INTO THIS GUY IM FIGHTING HIM also why is everyone in the Watchers terrible.

The first place the party heads to is the Frothy Mug, which according to Loghren is the best bar in town. He leads the way inside, and is soon enthusiastically greeted by his old friend, Kallor. The two catch up, and they eventually get the rest of the party to play Boast, Roast, and Toast.

Taman shows off his “wings,” Andraste shows off her incredible drinking skills, Loghren shows off his spear, and Alex shows off his experience with Pelor. They all roast Loghren sorry Loghren lol before toasting and heading off to bed for the night.


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