The Mists of Pantea

February 6, 2017

We Discuss Bows for An Hour

That night, Alex dreams of his encounter with Pelor at least I’m 99% sure that old guy was Pelor, their conversation about faith and vengeance, and the moment when Alex gained the title Justicar yeah this toottaalllyyy ins’t gonna go to his head. In the morning, everyone gathers for breakfast. Loghren kinda sorta explains his reasons for his distance and his nightmares, and Genma finally pays the party. He gives the Ring of Teleportation to Taman, who then gives it to Andraste to investigate sorry Taman it’s mine forever now. She attempts to teleport to Loghren, and although the room tremors and shakes, she isn’t able to teleport.

Kallor informs the party that they will need to get sponsors in order to participate in the Festival of the Hunt. Kellor agrees to sponsor Loghren in return for a promo for the Frothy Mug. Genma agrees to sponsor Andraste in return for a favor oh boy I can’t wait for this one…. Kellor recommends that Taman asks his friend Sabien i really hope this is how you spell her name at “Token of my Confection” to sponsor him. Alex, on the other hand, decides to ask the local temple to sponsor him.

Alex manages to extort convince the Hall of the Silver Lady to sponsor him, and agrees to pay his own way into the Hunt. The party then heads toward a tailor to buy Loghren a new set of clothes unfortunately he doesn’t buy the tight pants…. After he orders his clothes, everyone sets off for a much needed bath.

The party, refreshed, heads toward “Token of my Confection” and pick up a bouquet of lavender for Sabien. But as they’re leaving the florist, Taman spots a cat sitting on top of a carpet stall. He tries to pet it, but to the party’s surprise the cat talks. It offers them a “magic” carpet, and Taman shows the other party members the time travel potion and suggests trading the two. However, the other party members are upset with Taman for hiding the time travel potion from them, and Taman calls out Loghren and Andraste on hiding information from the party in my defense you haven’t asked about Everan yet!.

They decide to leave it at that, but before they leave Taman tries to pet the cat one last time, and it calls the Watchers on them. They run, and manage to escape in the crowd.At Token of my Confection, Sabien agrees to sponsor Taman NO. COMMENT..

The party then goes on an intense shopping spree. They first stop off at the blacksmith, where Alex picks up his new armor, Andraste gets a new rapier and a new set of armor, Loghren gets his glaive back no need to thank me, Loghren!, and Taman gets a new set of hand axes.

They then head to a bowyer, who offers a large sum of money for the Quiver of Ehlunna. Andraste winds up trading it for the Bow of Burning and and a bow set with lapis lazuli, but not before Taman slips one of the teleportation ring’s stones into the stitching on the quiver.

the party then heads towards the Blood Sands to sign up for the Hunt. They manage to sign up successfully, although the clerk makrs something on both Loghren’s and Andraste’s forms. AS they leave, they notice one of the potential applicants causing a commotion about his sponsor being rejected. Loghren being ever so kind, decides to help out and get the man’s application approved THANKS LOGHREN.

As the man introduces himself as Grim Hornraven, the sixth bell tolls and the applications close. The party heads toward the Frothy Mug, and inside they see: a large man with green skin and a massive under-bite, a male elf with an eye patch more like Andraste’s not as cool male counterpart amiright, and a woman with a battle-scarred wolf at her feet.


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