The Mists of Pantea

February 13, 2017

The Festival of the Hunt (And Mission Impossible)

The night before the eve of the Festival of the Hunt, Andraste and Taman attempt to use the RIng of Teleportation to teleport to the bowyer and… reacquire… the Quiver of Ehlunna. To the surprise of literally everyone, they are able to teleport successfully. The two find the quiver in the back storeroom, but Andraste forgets to check for traps while opening a chest and triggers an alarm in my defense it was a tense moment! and every time i’ve checked for traps before there weren’t any!. The two, panicked, knock random stuff off the shelves before desperately teleporting back to Andraste’s room in the Frothy Mug.

Later that night, Kallor provides the party with the names of all of the other participants in the hunt, as well as their odds. Loghren (9:1), bets 50 gold on himself, and secretly bets 10 gold on everyone else, as well as 5 gold on Ser Boros Loghren you traitor. Taman (50:1), bets 10 gold on the other party members and 20 gold on himself. Andraste (45:1) bets 50 gold on herself and no one else. Alex (45:1) bets 10 gold on Loghren and Taman, but not Andraste i’ll remember this, Alex…

We’re then treated to a lovely cutscene, where a totally-not-suspicious hooded person watches the party, then leaves the Frothy Mug, travels through the city into the Squeeze, and reports to a shadowy figure of Loghren’s presence in Alton. The party is, of course, totally unaware of this oh boy i can’t wait for this!.

The next morning, the party heads for Brewed Awakening. There, they sell a bunch of stuff, and Andraste buys a map that supposedly leads to treasure. Alex asks Anila about the broken crystal rod, but she is unable to repair it. The party then heads for Gylas’s smithy, and Loghren buys Andraste new pitons.

They then make their way toward the palace, but are stopped by some Watchers.They’re able to convince the guards to let them through after showing them Hamas’ pauldron, but the party is told that the king is not seeing visitors that day. Disappointed, they head back to the Frothy Mug.

As everyone is drinking and celebrating, Taman, with some help from Andraste, slips some of the drow poison into Cragul’s drink he’ll probably live! it’s fiinneeee before we’re treated to another lovely cutscene two in one session? you’re spoiling us. The same dark figure as before begins what appears to be a summoning ritual of some kind, and summons a gross creature of some kind -knowing my luck this thing is gonna attack me instead of Loghren…_.

The next morning, the Festival of the Hunt finally starts. In the first round, Andraste slays a gnoll after much, much struggle, Taman kills a couple of goblins, Loghren chases after a huge beast, and Alex get petrified by some strange, bird-snake things someone will help you eventually!


The same dark figure?

February 13, 2017
robertgrew37 VoidyMcVoidster

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