The Mists of Pantea

April 24, 2017

Come on, Eileen

That night, the party sleeps in the holding area, and Andraste dreams of her past. She dreams of the job with Anderis that ended poorly, resulting in Anderis’s death. She awakens, and notices Loghren isn’t present. She seeks him out and finds him talking to Captain Parre. Parre leaves, and the two talk about their nightmares, and Loghren offers to talk to her anytime we’re totally nightmare buddies now.

That morning, Parre and Eileen talk to the party about what they learned from the Drow (who didn’t survive the experience). In the Drow’s mind, Eileen saw a large gathering of Drow surrounding a platform. On the platform stood a few female Drow around a body on an altar. They are apparently enacting Zin Carla. One of the Drow stood out; one of his arms was scaly and disfigured, and almost appeared draconic if this guy is omyzar i’m going to cry. He was also bearing the symbol that the Drow mage was carrying.

The party also asks Parre about Rot before they leave, and Parre allows them to join the raid on Chum Street (but he makes them promise to follow his commands).

As there is still time before the meeting with Prince Aedin, the party goes shopping i’m gracefully omitting the details of our shopping venture. you’re welcome. Dawn goes off on her own, saying she’ll meet the party later, but Andraste tails her to a building near the bowyer she stole reacquired the quiver from.

Later on, after the party has regrouped, they meet Aedin at the iron manufactory and everyone is impressed by his longsword. Aedin busts open the doors Aragorn style and reveals the Moon Maiden, a ship made of sky iron that can supposedly fly. It’s 1000000% safe and definitely won’t result in anyone’s death.

Alex gives Taman the dagger to give to Andraste yes give me presents. Loghren also gets his spear back. When Andraste brushes up against it, she is suddenly given a vision of a ruby-red eye (as well as a huge migraine). She pulls him aside and tells him she wants to talk to him later.

They then head for the waterfront, chasing the tip given to them by Andraste’s thief friend. There, Andraste sees people from the outskirts of Alton being led off a ship. She also sees the man in the wooden mask Taman described. Figuring that the masked man will probably lead them to Rot, the party gives chase.

As they follow the man and the civilians through the city, they encounter a bearded man who almost gives away their position. In the process of knocking the man out, the party gives away their position, and are attacked by other men.


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