The Mists of Pantea

April 10, 2017

I Get a Drow Mage Hostage for My Birthday

Dawn is the first to recover from the explosion, and is able to heal Loghren a bit while Taman readies a bow shot. While Dawn is unable to make out anyone, Taman spots a figure on the rooftop. He tries to communicate to the rest of the party, but notices that no one seems to be able to hear. Only Andraste and Loghren can see the figure in the darkness.

Loghren, by some miracle, lives, and heals himself pretty much back to full with little to no effort lucky…. He then takes cover beneath the roof the attacker is on. Andraste looses an arrow at the figure, but misses, then throws a Sanctuary Potion toward Loghren. Loghren, however, completely fails to notice the potion soaring toward him, and it slams into his face IT WAS THE DROW GUY NOT ME.

The attacker coats the area in thick webbing, but everyone manages to escape. Loghren scales the building the attacker is on. Taman and Dawn also scale the building, but Taman fails miserably and makes a ton of noise in the process i’m disappointed in your failure to stealth, taman. Meanwhile Andraste attempts to fire an ignited arrow, but to her surprise, it doesn’t light (she does hit the figure, however). She starts to climb the building closest to her.

Loghren, despite his lack of armor and usual weapons, tears into their attacker, severely hurting him. The section of roof under the man begins to glow, and the Drow disappears. He reappears on a roof a couple dozen feet away from the party, but Taman brings him down and the Drow crashes into the street below. He is near death, but Alex is able to stabilize him.

On his body, the party finds a rapier, a sigil of a spider bearing the Drow letter “M,” and a ring. Andraste finds his wand on the roof he was standing on. The party debate about what to do with the unconscious, bloody Drow, and end up taking him to the Frothy Mug.

Loghren and Andraste enter first to try and convince Kallor to let them keep the Drow in one of the spare rooms. He agrees to let them use one of the empty bedrooms, as long as they “keep it down.” Loghren shows his gratitude with gold, while ANdraste shows hers with her girlish charm.

The party bickers about what they should do with the Drow, and in the end they decide to trick him into giving up information. Andraste heals him, Dawn alarms the room, and the party rests for the night.


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