The timbers of the small vessel creak and groan in protest of the sea’s relentless onslaught. As you glance across the deck, you watch silently as one of your fellow travelers, clings to the side of the ship, concentrating intently on saving the contents of their stomach. How long have you been at sea now? …a week? …two? You’re beginning to doubt the old smuggler can deliver on his promise. Silly ol’ fool.

Pantea. A realm of opportunity, adventure, fortune and more than it’s fair share of danger. And you can’t deny that the prospect of all four of those things excites you.

There’s no looking back for you anyway. Driven across the sea in a desperate attempt to escape a fiery death, you sail toward this new land. A land where a man can escape his past and find glory by his deeds.

What lies ahead is anyone’s guess. But whatever it is, you’ll meet it head on. Your mind is resolved. You WILL have a new life, or lose yours trying.

The Mists of Pantea

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